10 Benefits and Features of McGuire’s Barrier Lip Leveler

McGuire Barrier Lip leveler

McGuire’s Barrier Lip Leveler is a type of loading dock safety barrier that keeps lift trucks from driving off the edge of the dock. The barrier lip offers a smooth transition between the platform and lip when in use in the back of a trailer. McGuire’s Barrier Lip Leveler Concord gives a full time of protection while it allows end load operations. When utilized with a McGuire’s Barrier Lip Leveler Rock Hill. 

If you are looking for a company that gives the best McGuire’s Barrier Lip Leveler Mooresville, Overhead Door Company of Charlotte, a division of DuraServ Corp, is the one you are looking for. 

The barrier lip offers the best combination for unsurpassed dock safety when utilized with a McGuire hydraulic leveler and vehicle restraint.  

The following are the features and benefits of McGuire’s Barrier Lip Leveler.  


A McGuire Barrier Lip leveler comes with a standard of 5’’ high barrier on the dock edge to assist in the prevention of accidentally driving or backing up off the edge of the dock. This is one of the safety features that is easily added to any hydraulic or air dock leveler.  

Full time protection with the McGuire Barrier Lip 

-constructed in a position to provide full time protection while allowing end loading of a trailer with the unit in a below dock position. McGuire Barrier Lip Leveler Fort Mill is unlike any other wherein a safety barrier lip is stored in position. The end load can still be achieved with the lip in a safe position.  

Expanded steel metal grid to close off the opening 

-the McGuire Barrier Lip Leveler Huntersville is stored in a cross position that allows the grid to either fall through the grid or swept into this area for it to pit floors. The lip offers a smooth transition between the platform and the lip while in use in a trailer.  

Complete availability of any of the optional features for a Hydraulic Leveler 

-the usefulness of the McGuire barrier lip leveler allows you to utilize anything from a single push button control panel all the way up to a full featured control panel. Auto return to dock is also installed and has an independent and mushroom style emergency stop button.  


  • Limits Accidental Run-off Equipment and Personnel at Dock 
  • Smooth Transition 
  • End load achievable 
  • Standard Barrier Height of 5’’ with option for 7’’ 
  • Self-cleaning Recessed Hinged Pocket 
  • Automatic recycle to stored position from above deck 
  • One button control of leveler and lip 
  • Barrier provides full time protection even during end loads 
  • Full hydraulic operations 
  • High visibility yellow paint highlights barrier lip

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