What are the Features of Overhead Door – Model 511 Aluminum Sectional Door That Suits Maximum Light Infiltration or Visibility Requirement of Commercial Buildings

Many commercial buildings like firehouses, service stations, retail environments, professional facilities are looking for commercial doors that provide good light infiltration and high visibility requirement. Overhead Door commercial sectional doors  like the Overhead Door- Model 511 Aluminum Sectional Door that offers a variety of glazing materials, stile widths, finish options and track styles. This commercial sectional door in New Orleans LA emphasizes handsome style as well as durable practicality, providing low maintenance and long service life.  

The 511 Series doors are designed in sizes up to 16’2” wide and 16’1” high (4928 mm and 4902 mm). Featuring a narrow center stile width of 21/32” (17 mm), these doors are sleek, attractive and permit maximum visibility. An array of glazing choices, top- and bottom-rail widths, finishes, and special options customizes the 511 Series to satisfy nearly any project requirement. 

Standard Features at a Glance:

  • Panel thickness 1 3/4” (45 mm)
  • Maximum standard width 16’2” (6147 mm)
  • Maximum standard height 16’1” (4902 mm)
  • Material 6063-T6
  •  aluminum
  • Standard finish 204R-1
  •  clear anodized
  • Center stile width 21/32″ (17 mm)
  • End stile width 2 3/4″ (70 mm)
  • Top rail width 2 3/8″ (60 mm)
  •  or 3 3/4″ (95 mm)
  • Top intermediate rail width 3/4″ (19 mm)
  • Bottom intermediate rail width 5⁄8″ (16 mm)
  • Bottom rail width 2 3/8″ (60 mm) or
  •  3 3/4″ (95 mm) or
  •  4 1/2″ (114 mm)
  • Weatherseals Bottom, flexible
  •  PVC
  • Standard springs 10,000 cycle
  • Track 2″ (51 mm)
  • Mounting Angle
  • Operation Manual pull rope
  • Hinges and fixtures Galvanized steel
  • Lock Galvanized,
  •  interior-mounted
  •  single unitarbonate, wire glass, and insulated glass.


  • Glazing options*: 1⁄8” (3 mm) DSB; 1⁄8” (3 mm) or 1⁄4” (6 mm) plexiglass; 1⁄8” (3 mm) or 1⁄4” (6 mm) tempered; 1⁄8” (3 mm) or 1⁄4” (6 mm) clear Lexan®
  •  1⁄4” (6 mm) wire glass; 1⁄2” (12 mm) insulated glass
  • Electric operator or chain hoist
  • Bottom sensing edge
  • 3” track
  • Bracket mounting (not available on full vertical door tracks)
  • Higher-cycle springs in 25k, 50k, 75k, 100k cycles
  • Exhaust ports

Old commercial doors are utilitarian and, well, drab. Overhead Door Company of New Orleans, a Division of DuraServ  has applied its door expertise to create stylish doors for commercial and industrial applications. It turns out that attractive styling can be carried over to the commercial market. Overhead Door of New Orleans and other manufacturers can build very large commercial doors incorporating aluminum or steel, glass, and special finishes

Commercial doors engineered with aluminum, glass and powder coatings create new esthetic possibilities for businesses and other organizations. The selection of stylish commercial doors is bound to grow over time as more buyers demand doors that work well and look good. Servicing all of Louisiana including New Orleans, Metairie, Slidell, Belle Chasse, and Kenner. With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles and the team of factory-trained service technicians, we work around the clock to keep your loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently. Dial 504-822-0345. 

How Dock Seals & Shelters Work to Improve Loading Dock System in New Orleans, LA

The motion of products that comes in and out of facilities is highly competitive around the globe. Special attention must be given to the loading dock area. A lot of factors must be considered when coordinating and choosing the right loading dock equipment. Most of the workplace nowadays is not safe and we must not tolerate such unsafe work practices. Planners must ensure that the loading dock area is not just efficient but also safe. You can minimize dangers and accidents by installing loading dock safety equipment. And two of the most important loading dock equipment is the dock seals and shelters

Dock Seals

Dock seals are made of foam pads wherein the trailer compresses into when it backs and comes to rest against the dock bumpers causes it to form a seal around three sides of the trailer. Generally, dock seals give a tight seal for a low price and can worn tear out easily at loading docks in which it receives heavy traffic. Docks can be used if there are minor difference in sizes and styles of trailers being served. 

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are paddocks that close the perimeter of a trailer to create a seal. This is polished by applying pressure against sides of the trailer with fabric curtains fitted with fiber glass stays. Dock shelters can be fitted in larger dock door openings and services a wide variety of trailer heights and styles while being put through to less damage from daily wear and tear. They are also allowed to access loads on the trailer whether full and unobstructed for maximum loading and unloading efficiency. 

Each of them represents a huge hole in the wall of your facility. Stretched together, these loading dock equipment gives a big opportunity for bad things to enter your facility-think about dust, insects, rodents, weather disturbances such as rain, wind and good things such as heating and cooling energy to escape. 

Weather-related product loss and damage and contamination, employee comfort and safety, hygienic facility, neatness and cleanliness, air quality and maintenance of products are all concerns connected to protecting and controlling the environment at the loading dock. Any actions given by the company to seal up holes is one of the loading dock solution. It makes sure that it can have an immediate positive effect. Effective dock sealing products from Overhead Door Company of New Orleans is offered and designed to be installed quickly. This is to ensure that docks are sealed up tight and your people, products and profits are protected. 

If you are looking for a dock seal and shelter to be put up on your facility, you may contact us in our phone number 504-822-0345 or visit our website at https://www.ohdno.com/contact/ or https://www.ohdno.com/service-request/. We also extend our products to service areas such as New Orleans, Metairie, Slidell, Belle Chasse, Kenner, Northshore, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, Laplace, Houma, Thibodaux, River Region, Ponchatoula, Harvey, Marrero, Gretna, Destrehan, St. Rose, Reserve and Abita.

What are Inflatable Dock Seals & Shelter and Their Functions?

Dock shelters are enclosures that provide sealing around the exterior at the back of the trailer. They are designed to be penetrated by the trailer and the fabric curtains fitted with supports that will then apply pressure at the sides of the trailer. Dock shelters are more flexible when it comes to servicing different trailers and delivery vehicles since they fit larger door openings and a variety of trailer heights and styles. They also allow for maximum use of the trailer’s opening without obstructing it which results in safe and efficient loading and unloading process.  

Dock seals on the other hand, are foam pads designed to be compressed into by the trailer, creating airtight seal around the top and sides of the trailer and between the trailer and the dock for a cheaper price. Dock seals also consume less space around the outside of the dock compared to shelters. Dock seals however, cater to a limited variety of trailer heights and styles. They also can wear out easily when they receive heavy traffic. Their design also restricts forklift access to the trailer since the material of the pads obstructs the trailer opening.

Now, inflatable dock seals and shelters can be considered as a combination of the two while being far more adaptable to servicing a wide variety of trailer heights and styles. Inflatable dock seals and shelters are designed to provide the perfect sealing by inflating themselves around the dock vehicles. Inflatable dock seals and shelters are perfect for climate-controlled loading dock especially in the food industry for they provide the optimum energy seal. 

These inflatable docks also provide the ultimate protection against outside elements like heat, dust, and insects during the entire loading and unloading process. When not in use, these inflatable shelters are completely retracted and hidden behind the side structure, which allows for the complete use of the entire width of the loading bay for the vehicle driver when backing into it.

Inflatable dock seals and shelters provide improved environmental control and energy efficiency at our loading docks with little to no pressure applied to your building walls. They are usually made from impact resistant material with a strong, woven core that can be used even in the roughest dock environment without affecting its performance. 

In Southern Dock Products, a division of Duraserv, we have a wide variety of inflatable dock seals and shelters designs that are very well fitted with the various loading dock designs in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana. Our inflatable dock seals and shelters are designed to suit a wide variety of door openings, as well as various trailer heights and designs while still providing you optimum protection against outside elements. We have designs like Serco SI300 Inflatable Dock Seal which was specifically designed for wider and taller doorways and loading docks that cater to a wide variety of vehicle sizes even those with tailgates or hydraulic lifts. This design, which is only one of the many, has a metal blower cover with a 24” high guide stripes at the bottom of the side members with a blower motor that has an automatic reset thermal overload protection.  To learn more about the variety of designs our loading dock seals and shelters have, call Southern Dock Products at our toll free number: 1-800-994-2361 and the following numbers for specific service areas: Fort Worth, TX: (817) 686-7300; Houston, TX: (713) 868-5443; Austin, TX: (512) 442-1561; Dallas, TX: (800) 994-2361; San Antonio, TX: (210) 359-9552; Shreveport, LA: (844) 826-5301; Baton Rouge, LA: (844) 826-5301; Atlanta, GA: (770) 338-9988; Savannah, GA: (912) 239-9652; Orlando, FL: (407) 656-1289; Tampa, FL: (813) 643-7000; Jacksonville, FL: (904) 282-3438; Charlotte, NC: (704) 594-5094. Or email us at https://www.southerndockproducts.com/service-request/ and https://www.southerndockproducts.com/contact/ for questions and inquiries. Southern Dock Products is now servicing Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, Texas; Shreveport and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia; Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville, Florida and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Advantages of TKO Welterweight Knock-Out Door for Loading Dock System in Louisiana

Damaged doors are one of the most common problems in busy loading docks. It drains valuable resources and affects your bottom line. The TKO Welterweight Dock Door is created to avoid damage to door panels and track when impacted and is the industry’s most durable door. 

TKO Welterweight Knockout Door is a door facility that planners chooses because of durability, security and can save expenses. This high speed door features TKO’s unique impact design. It is spring-loaded, polymer, capped steel plungers. In addition, it has a wooden core that is tough and durable barrier against forklift impacts. 

Below are the advantages of TKO Welterweight Knock Out Door

  • This high performance door has a full height of a 12 gauge galvanized steel track standard
  • This knock out doors have an Optional Impact-A-Track that provides total protection against the most abusive impacts from top to bottom
  • one of its advantages is its heavy-duty, retractable plungers allow the door to let go from the opening upon impact
  • its tight perimeter Weatherseal gets rid of air infiltration and light gaps. Seals are attached to the door panel, keeping them out of danger’s way to supply a consistent seal
  • it has heavy-duty fabric hinges
  • included in these knock out door is its one lock security
  • rugged door lifting handles (two per door)
  • availability of flexible bottom seal for airtight fit to the floor
  • and has available wind load option

When it comes to options and accessories, it also has its advantages:

  • it is non-insulated with ¾” thick, 7-ply wood core panel and durable enough to handle any heavy impacts
  • its double knock out header track allows the door to knock out in both directions at the top of the door opening
  • the clear vision panel is 2’’ high. It runs with the full width of the door to supply energy-saving sunlight inside and full visibility outside the facility. 
  • You can choose from 3 kinds of window panes: Single pane, double pane or vented rectangular windows
  • Additional exterior color options are available upon request 
  • The chain hoist can be powered-operated or manual chain
  • There is available e-lift that is adjustable in counterweight system in lieu of springs

To view our full line of TKO Welterweight Knock Out doors and other loading dock equipment, visit our showroom in Louisiana. Contact us on our Toll Free Number 1-800-994-2362. You may also take a trip to our service areas: Forth Worth, TX: (817) 686-7300 | Houston: (713) 868-5443 | Austin, TX: (512) 442-1561 | Dallas, TX: (800) 994-2361 | San Antonio, TX: (210) 359-9552 | Shreveport, LA: (844) 826-5301 | Baton Rouge, LA: (844) 826-5301 | Atlanta, GA: (770) 338-9988 | Savannah, GA: (912) 239-9652 | Orlando, FL: (407) 656-1289 | Tampa, FL: (813) 643-7000 | Jacksonville, FL: (904) 282-343 | Charlotte, NC: (704) 594-5094 or visit our websites for service request https://www.southerndockproducts.com/service-request/ or https://www.southerndockproducts.com/contact/.

Why Choose Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door ESD20 for the Climate Controlled Distribution Industry in Tampa, FL

Florida is known for its tropical climate. The rainy season takes place only from May to October that includes heavy rainfall and occasional tropical hurricanes and thunderstorms

This climate is conducive to the establishment of small businesses, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and other establishments. That is why the warehouse and manufacturing industry is progressing in Tampa, Florida

But in some instances, the rampage of cyclones could damage these facilities. One of the most crucial parts of the facility that is vital to be protected is the door because it serves as the passage for the delivery and storage of the goods. When the door of a warehouse facility gets stock, the business operation will adversely be jeopardized. Even if the damage is not a total wreck but the rolling doors will somehow manifest problems like slow rolling up or down of the door and it even creates annoying noise.

Maintenance of the equipment to this end is highly required for an additional overhead cost for the management. To this end, when maintenance is not undertaken regularly, timely repair is needed.

The assembly of Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door ESD20 is timely because it is engineered for exterior openings as it maintains different temperatures. This special attribute is called the environmental separation and it promotes energy efficiency to the full perimeter and it reduces the transmission sound as compared to a non-insulated rolling door. 

As a matter of fact, it has the best inherent qualities such as: 

1.    The benefits and advantages of a rolling door;

2.    It has a climate control feature as it seals the full perimeter of the door using its advanced full perimeter seal. Its insulated curtains provide an impressive reduction of air infiltration and thermal transference;

3.    It tight security attribute as it features  two layers of metal with foam in between that produces a stronger and more secure door;

4.    It has a sound reduction feature with a rating of 30 for the curtain and 22 for the entire assembly Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating.

The door is designed to be utilized for longer operation with up to 20 cycles per day rate and with an estimate 50,000 cycles for its lifetime operation. 

To this effect, we can provide you with this efficient door for your facility if your need requires more than 20 cycles per day, or 50,000 cycles lifetime.

The above features are the main reason why you need to choose Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door ESD20.

If you are in Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida, you may avail of our products and services of American Roll-up Door Co. through our official website at https://www.americanrollupdoor.com/door-products/#CornellThermiser%C2%AEInsulatedRollingDoorESD20

We provide the best quality commercial doors to the areas of Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville and the surrounding areas as well. Whether your commercial door interests require an energy-efficient, fireproof, and with a more sophisticated function ability, or aesthetic appearance, our professional and highly skilled technicians will be able to proficiently install the rolling doors to your facility in a worry-free manner. 

For your queries and other concerns, you may contact us through the following telephone numbers:

  • Jacksonville – (904) 695‐0950
  • Orlando – (407) 857‐2427
  • Tampa – (813) 643‐7000

You may also contact us via email using this webpage at https://www.americanrollupdoor.com/contact/ . For your service request, you may send it through https://www.americanrollupdoor.com/service-request/

Our service areas are open to serve you better at Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL.

How a Dependable Wayne Dalton – Titan Rolling Steel Service Door Handles Heavy Duty Applications in Houston, Texas?

A warehouse is a commercial building used in most cases for storage of goods. At times, warehouses are generally utilized by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs and the like. Normally they do have loading docks to load and unload goods and commodities from trucks, and trailers. 

Some warehouses are designed and intended for the loading and unloading of goods directly from railways, airports, or seaports. Oftentimes, they have cranes and forklifts for moving goods, which are particularly placed on pallets loaded into pallet tracks. Stored goods can encompass any raw materials, packing materials, spare parts, components, or finished goods closely associated with agriculture, manufacturing and production. 

At such, warehousing is the process of proper storage and handling of goods and cargo using scientific methods in the warehouse and making them readily, easily and smoothly available when needed.  Nowadays, warehousing is considered as one of the most significant aspect of trade.

If your company possesses a warehouse, storefront or other property that inevitably need protection, rolling steel doors are extremely important and valuable assets. The appropriate commercial roll up garage doors not only project and impose a level of professionalism that potential partners and customers can  see vividly, but they also dissuade thieves, keep your inventory free from being harmed or lost, provides the most wind load resistance to allow door operation during high wind speed events and most importantly, the peace of mind.

For companies like Wayne Dalton rolling steel doors Houston TX has a number of quality rollup steel doors for sale. Wayne Dalton – Titan Rolling Steel Service Door is simply the largest, strongest, most rugged rolling steel service door in the industry and perfect for the largest of openings. These rolling steel doors Houston Texas are designed to give you maximum protection for your business whenever you cannot get there. 

Wayne Dalton – Titan Rolling Steel Service Door

Key Highlights

  • Construction Slats: 18 gauge or 14 gauge Hot-dipped galvanized Steel 
  • Windload Strength: Standard 20 PSF
  • Windload Made : Heavy Duty Cast Iron /Zinc-plated Windlocks 
  • Bottom Bar Assembly: Double-angle Steel Design (Bottom Astragal) 
  • Sizes: 70’ wide and 90’ tall (contact the factory for square footage limits) 
  • Available: Articulating Windlocks
  • Available: Anti-Drop Devices (Wayne-Dalton’s Proprietary ‘DSD’(Drop Stop Device)/Brake Devices) 
  • Available: Powder Coated (188 RAL Choices) /Brush Seal(Curtain)/ Lintel Brush/Hood Baffle
  • Available: Manual Chain Hoist/ Motor Operator / Bottom Bar Sensing Edges/Exhaust Ports /Sloping Bottom Bars /Mullions

Make use of the great offers by Southern Dock Productsa division of Duraserv , call our Service Staff Specialists at our Toll Free Number: 1-800-994-2361 or through our Service Staff Offices: Fort Worth, TX: (817) 686-7300,Houston, TX: (713) 868-5443,Austin, TX: (512) 442-1561,Dallas, TX: (800) 994-2361,San Antonio, TX: (210) 359-9552 Shreveport, LA: (844) 826-5301,Baton Rouge, LA: (844) 826-5301,Atlanta, GA: (770) 338-9988,Savannah, GA: (912) 239-9652,Orlando, FL: (407) 656-1289,Tampa, FL: (813) 643-7000 Jacksonville, FL: (904) 282-3438, and Charlotte, NC: (704) 594-5094.

You can make a service request at https://www.southerndockproducts.com/service-request/, our rolling steel doors Houston TX, and Wayne Dalton rolling steel doors Houston TX service area specialists would be happy to answer any queries about Wayne Dalton – Titan Rolling Steel Service DoorWayne Dalton rolling steel doorsWayne Dalton service doors, or any commercial rolling steel doors /rolling steel doors. Please visit personally our Service Area Offices : Fort Worth, TX, Houston, TX, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, Shreveport, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, Jacksonville, FL, and Charlotte, NC., or contact us at https://www.southerndockproducts.com/contact/ for other inquiries.

How to Improve Employee Safety While Working in Your Loading Dock Facilities in Jacksonville, Florida

Loading docks are one of the most dangerous and disregarded points in many facilities. It won’t be a problem if you have the right loading dock safety tips. Loading docks are the center of action for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. They can be exterior or fully enclosed in a receiving bay. 

Some people don’t realize how serious and risky the elements that are existing at your loading dock. There is always a big potential for workers to get injured or foods that will be damaged if they are not addressed properly. 

The right and safety equipment and solutions will make sure that the safety of workers and products will be alike. When this happens, the loading and unloading processes will be smooth and it can increase the productivity and energy efficiency together with safety. 

This article will cover the loading dock safety tips you will need for a sleek operation. 

Evaluate the risks

Not all workers know when trucks are going to arrive or leaving. This can be dangerous for drivers especially if you are operating a forklift. 

Some workers fall off docks. They are vulnerable where trucks move in and can injury them. Drivers cannot see well behind the truck they are driving. 

You may begin by ensuring and complying official safety requirements

Keep one going

Most loading dock levelers all act as bridges between the loading dock and the trailer. They help ensure smooth operations. 

Truck Restraints

truck restraint is loading safety equipment installed at loading docks that are intended to avoid a transport vehicle from leaving the dock during the loading and unloading process. 

Safety and Lighting

Red and green communication signal lights are a common feature of most factories and warehouses. A red light means the truck must remain until further notice while the green light means the operator’s trailer is ready to load. The safety and lighting signaling has become a familiar fixture at warehouses. 

Impact Barriers

Impact barriers can be placed around pallet racking or machinery to ensure the safety of the workers from accidents and collisions. Impact barriers can also be used on mezzanine floors, staircases or other areas risky to dangers. 

Wheel restraints

Wheel restraints are wedges that are made up of sturdy materials that are placed closely against a vehicle’s wheel to avoid an accident. They mostly placed on brakes. A rope may be tied to the restraint. Most commonly, wheel restraints can be seen on aircraft and train cars. 

American Roll Up Door Co. offers products that are equipped to protect employees from being harmed and injured by big machinery. Our loading dock safety equipment help automates the loading and unloading process making your loading dock safer and more efficient. We provide safety products such as protective systems that engage properly in the Orlando (407) 857-2427 | Tampa (813) 643-7000 | Jacksonville (904) 695-0950 areas. If you are looking for safety equipment for your loading dock with quality products, call American Roll-Up Door company today! Or visit our website at https://www.americanrollupdoor.com/contact/and https://www.americanrollupdoor.com/service-request/ for a service request. 

Why Choose Hercules Horizontal Sliding for Coolers, Freezers and Warehouses Application in Brampton, ON

The Hercules Horizontal Sliding for coolers, freezers, and warehouses is a high-performance door distributedby The BestDoor Company, a  Division of DuraServ for cold storage application.  Hercules Horizontal Sliding Brampton ON is a commercial high-performance door built for a cold storage system that is available in multiple thicknesses, widths, and heights. It is flexible in design, making it applicable to multiple design applications. Hercules Horizontal Sliding Toronto CA provides a thermal performance of high R-value, superior airtightness and low thermal bridging. The results will be an energy cost savings of as much as 30% over traditional multi-part cold storage doors.

Hercules Horizontal Sliding Ontario CA has been a leader in the industry and engineering staff has the capability to design doors to meet the specific design criteria of your projects. The proven performance and customer satisfaction of the product line are worldwide. Hercules Horizontal Sliding specializes in custom-designed door products for the cold storage, controlled environment, food and beverage processing/distribution, and pharmaceutical industries. Hercules Horizontal Sliding Door offers a complete line of specialty doors for your specific applications including Blast Freezer, Freezer, Cooler, Docks, Processing, Ripening Rooms, Automotive Test Cells, Research Facilities, and Distribution Facilities. With more than a dozen different designs, Hercules Horizontal sliding Doors has the door to suit your climate-controlled needs.

Product Benefits

  • Utilized for both pedestrian and material handling traffic, this design is perfectly suited for applications where space limitations restrict the use of swinging doors, or when installation space is available only on one side of the door opening
  • Most suitable when opening sped is not of great importance
  • Available with electric or manual operation

Thermal Performance

  • R-Value – 33, 50
  • Insulation – Foamed-in-place polyiso CFC-free

Technical Specifications
Standard Sizes (Custom options available)​:

  • Width – 5′ – 10′
  • Height – 7′ – 14′
  • Thickness – 4″, 6″
  • R-Value – 33, 50
  • Insulation – Foamed-in-place polyiso CFC-free
  • Door Panel – Structural frame consists of HDPE structural framing clad with the specified metal

Hardware: Heavy-duty hardware and track coated for corrosion resistance, including:

  • Double “J” door track
  • Door panel suspended on two 4 wheel ball-bearing trolleys
  • Floor mounted, adjustable, non-marring, self-lubricating stay rollers
  • Spring-loaded idler sprocket with adjustment to maintain proper drive chain tension
  • Manual disconnects on front and back of door with the concealed release

Gaskets: Cloth reinforced neoprene gaskets, bulb type on vertical casings and header and sweeper gasket on the bottom of a door panel

Safety Edge: Full-height pneumatic instant reversing safety edge on the bottom of a door panel

Defrost: Freezer doors equipped with 120-volt perimeter cables to keep gaskets frost free


  • Stucco embossed aluminum cladding
  • Stainless steel cladding
  • Freezer door with 120 V perimeter heater cable
  • 12” x 12” insulated or heated vision panel
  • Rain hood
  • Kickplates
  • Locking device
  • Inside casings
  • Standard or high-speed operator
  • Radio control open/close
  • Photocell open/close/safety
  • Motion detector open/close/safety
  • Loop detector open/close/safety
  • Time delay close
  • Closing signal warning control
  • Partial opening pedestrian control
  • Electric interlock
  • Pedestrian pass door
  • Heated control panel
  • Custom-designed doors to meet your individual needs

Since its creation, The BestDoor Company, A Division of DuraServ has been dedicated to serving its customers in Ontario, Canada including Concord, Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Vaughan, Hamilton, and Scarborough with high performance doors that satisfy the highest level of specification and which achieve all major international industry certification standards. We have built our success on a precise and timely response to customer needs, thanks to our dedicated and qualified personnel. We deliver a full turn-key service, from the design stage through to after-sales care, in our core markets, as well as in many export destinations around the world. With our fleet of fully stocked vehicles and the team of factory-trained service technicians, we work around the clock to keep your loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently. Contact us today.

Why Cold Storage Facilities Must Install Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 200 Insulated Sectional Door in Toronto, Canada

In cold storage facilities, opening of doors to move items in and out of the warehouse is unavoidable and happens hundreds of times a day. This is when unwanted heat enters the facility and when the cold, dry air escapes the warehouse. Frequent opening of doors results to ice crystals on the walls, ceilings and the door of the facility, as well as fogs or even ice and snow on the floor in front of the door. This will in turn result to degeneration of the system’s efficiency that will then require the refrigeration system to run longer and use more energy to make up for it which will then result to higher energy cost. Conduction problem, as well as heat infiltration is also a major concern in these facilities. Doors have to be properly insulated to avoid transmission of heat from closed doors and should have tight seals around the doors’ surfaces to prevent refrigeration loss and heat gain

The main purpose of cold storage facilities is to keep unwanted heat out of the warehouse and to maintain refrigeration. If it fails to do just this, then you’re setting yourself up for thousands and thousands of dollars to pay for your annual energy cost. 

I bet you’re asking yourself now, so what exactly is the type of doors that are ideal for cold storage facilities? Luckily for business owners in Toronto, Canada, we have just the right door for you. The Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 200 Insulated Sectional Door

Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 200 is an insulated sectional door that is known for providing premium thermal efficiency and low maintenance cost. This door has continuous foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation and a non-conductive thermal break between the inner and outer skins combine to provide a U-value of .057 and an R-value of 17.50. This energy efficient commercial sectional door is a result of a patented manufacturing process by Wayne Dalton. In this process, they have the polyurethane core continuously foamed-in-place between the outer and inner steel skins to form a homogenous sandwich of steel/polyurethane/steel. This results to exceptional thermal efficiency, strength and bonding characteristics. 

Condensation and frost will no longer be a concern with this Wayne Dalton door since the non-conductive thermal break this door has, virtually stops cold air from escaping the facility and heat from being transmitted inside the warehouse. This innovative creation keeps the interior skin at room temperature preventing moisture, frost and ice buildup. 

To sample and enjoy the exceptional features and service of this door, call The BestDoor Company now at 647-952-2188 or send them an email at https://www.thebestdoor.com/contact/ and https://www.thebestdoor.com/service-request/The BestDoor Company only wants the best for their clients so we only partner with the best in the industry that provides optimum products with the highest quality. The BestDoor Company now servicing Ontario CA, Toronto CA, Concord ON, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Hamilton, Markham, and Scarborough, Ontario. 

What are the Advantages of Rytec Bantam Model MD600 with Full Vision Clear Panel for Industrial Application in Ontario, CA

Having a high-performance door is an advantage to your warehouse and manufacturing facilities because it is now deemed an integral part of the conduct of the business operation. To this end, careful consideration should be undertaken to systematically appraise the production of high-performance and efficient service delivery. 

The installation of a high- performance door provides a continuous and easy flow of both the workforce and the equipment passing through the egress of the facilities. To uphold the best attribute of the warehouse and manufacturing high- performance door, an efficient safety feature should likewise be incorporated towards a more productive facility. 

With the recent development of the high technology door production, the manufacturing companies have tweaked the door assembly to dramatically reduce the noise if not totally eliminate it.

The installation of the high- performance door in the warehouse or manufacturing industry also requires the skilled technical know-how of the technician otherwise the door will not be utilized efficiently to function in line with its best features.

A highlighted problem has been noted when a commercial door is installed but lacks the design to suit the top speed engagement, it will typically aggravate the delay to fix the traffic congestion for both goods delivery and storage. However, when a high-performance door is already properly set up, the waiting period to open and close the high- performance door surely be swift for the welfare of both the business management and the clients. 

With a fast-growing economy, the warehouse and manufacturing facilities flourish in Ontario, Canada that in effect generated the various related job opportunities. The manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing facilities are in dire need for the installation of high quality, robust yet elegant doors. High quality and robust attributes can provide burden-free years to the management as not to jeopardize their smooth business operation.

Several door companies offer high- performance and elegant doors but they usually use below average materials during the assembly. With this concept, the door and its accessories will most probably require for the mandatory a costly maintenance

At any rate, few companies nowadays integrated high- performance, strength and good appearance to the door products but they offer them for the expensive price range.

To assemble an ideal facility, the doors to be installed should have the flexibility, quick action and high-speed door features’ that are inherent with the safety attribute. Personnel comes in and out expeditiously to efficiently expedite and undertake their respective storage deliveries for safekeeping or distribution to the clients. 

Taking everything into consideration, the products and services of The BestDoor Company are strongly recommended. As a matter of fact, we offer the best high-performance speed door in the industry, which is the Rytec Bantam Model MD600 with Full Vision Clear Panel

The Bantam roll door is an economical fabric door, which is an alternative to high maintenance overhead dock doors. With the same qualities and fabric selection, it accommodates most dock applications. As a matter of fact, its advantages are: 

  • It has quick-set break-away tabs that allow the bottom bar to be reset without tools in just seconds, virtually eliminating door downtime.
  • It has a chain hoist and speed governor make for easy manual door operation.
  • It has an integral panel connecting ribs that allow quick, inexpensive replacement of all panel sections and provides resistance to wind and negative pressure.

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