What are the Features of Hormann-Flexon Speed-Commander™ 1400 Sel Cool-Master Best for Applications in Medical and Cooler Distribution Facilities in South Windsor, CT

A door is not just a door especially if we are talking about medical and cooler distribution facilities in South Windsor, CT.

This particular door should have the added attributes to help the facilities such as this to save energy to somehow uphold their overhead expenses to a manageable level. The medical and cooler distribution door should be assembled using a high-quality material with the special feature of the tight-closed attribute to control and regulate the temperature inside the distribution Center. With the assembly of the full perimeter draft seals, it smoothly manages the environmental control.

If you are in South Windsor, Connecticut, it is strongly advised to get hold of the Hormann-Flexon Speed-Commander 1400 Sel Cool-Master Door because it is engineered to be utilized for the medical and cooler distribution application. It has a tight seal that prevents leaks and maintains the flexibility to keep the condensation to a minimum and high-speed door, which is fast operating that permits the continuous flow of traffic without jeopardizing the energy control and work efficiency.

The utilization of this equipment is simple and user-friendly because it accommodates the readily available standard power source. Moreover, an optional UPS emergency battery pack is likewise made available with doors that are equipped with the relevant control box.

Cool-Master has a built-in light grid for added safety and protection. It is built into the guide tracks that results in a completely free of coil cords, it is as if a thorough wall of protection has been set for personnel and equipment in the doorway. In fact, it also eliminates the requirement to reverse the edge of the panel, which results in the reduction of the conduct of scheduled maintenance and downtime.

If you are in dire need to get hold of this product, it is highly advised to avail of the products and services of Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ.

We have been known for offering high-quality and dependable products of different and popular commercial door manufacturers such as the Cornell/Cookson, Clopay, CHI, Wayne Dalton and Haas. In addition, we also offer an annual maintenance program to assist you in the provision or extension of your commercial door lifespan.

For repair services, we are always ready and available to serve our clients. As a matter of fact, we take phone call queries and consultation to possibly provide the utmost troubleshooting engagement. Just to mention, our emergency response team is prompt and experienced technicians.

For your needs about Hormann Flexon Speed Commander Sel Cool Master, high-performance doors, Hormann Flexon Speed Commander Sel Cool Master South Windsor CT, and high-performance doors  South Windsor CT, you may visit our official website to learn more about the complete details at http://bit.ly/justriteequip-Hormann-FlexonSpeed-Commander1400SelCool-Master.

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Why Choose Overhead Door- Model 641 Stainless Steel Rolling Fire Counter Door for Cafeterias & Retail Settings

How do you intend to protect and secure your food establishments and retail establishments from a fire? Your best option is to have installed an Overhead Door Stainless Steel Rolling Fire Counter Door. Here are some several reasons why:

  • Strong
  • Our stainless steel rolling fire counter doors are made of 22-gauge galvanized steel for 640 Series, or 22-gauge stainless steel for 641 Series. This makes our door strong and durable. 640 series is composed of flat interlocking steel curtain, finished with a rust-inhibited roll coating process, and incorporates a baked-on primer and polyester topcoat to eliminate field painting. 641 series features stainless slats with No. 4 finish making a sturdy construction will make last for a lifetime. 

  • Safe and Secured 
  • For safety, the 640 and 641 series is composed of fusible links. To close door under governor control, links separate at 165°F (74°C) for ambient conditions under 100°F (38°C) or at 212°F (100°C) for ambient conditions over 100°F (38°C),  to close the door automatically under governor control.

  • Protection
  • With a Fire Sentinel® (UL listed), a fail-safe device such that time-delay release mechanism provides a 10-second time-delay release as well as an independent 10-second time delay on power loss. This eliminates false closures caused by power outages. Some models perceive a closed door preventing damage to release mechanism. Available with a battery back-up, strobe/sounder alarms, programmable multilingual enunciators, and advanced protection against fire.

  • Aesthetic Design
  • Our commercial rolling steel doors have a compact box guide design for an attractive appearance. Galvanized or stainless steel makes the door aesthetically pleasing. Our door has Fire-Rated Countertop for Integrated design. The 640 and 641 Series are available with a 1 1/2-hour rated countertop that allows you to coordinate design details with an added measure of safety against fire. The fire-rated countertop features a fire-resistant core and is available in a variety of decorative laminate finishes.

    It is available in powder-coat paint to finish offered in 197 custom colors, or color-matched to architect’s specification.

  • Compliant
  • All Overhead Doors are always NFPA-80 compliant. These doors meet strict fire safety testing standards, including New York City (MEA) and the State of California (CSFM) requirements.

    Model 641 Stainless Steel Rolling Fire Counter is one of the unequaled commercial doors of Overhead Door Company of South Florida ideally designed for cafeterias, retail settings, factories, schools, concessions, and even hospitals. 

    Overhead Door Company of South Florida is one of the pioneers on the upward door-acting industry, inventing the first upward-acting door in 1921 and the first electric door operator in 1926. Now, continuing our legacy as an industry leader delivering quality, expertise, and integrity making a second to none.

    Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a division of DuraServ Corp., servicing South Florida – Miami, Miramar, West Palm, Broward, Dade, Monroe County, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Doral has been providing the best commercial doors and operators for industrial purposes. Our top of the line service technicians can assess a problem, give the best options and deliver the quality service you deserve.

    For more inquiries call (954) 266-7960 at Overhead Door Stainless Steel Rolling Fire Counter Door Miami FL and Overhead Door Stainless Steel Rolling Fire Counter Door South Florida, or through our website at http://bit.ly/ohdsouthflorida-contact-us.

    You may personally visit our Service Areas at South Florida – Miami, Miramar, West Palm, Broward, Dade, Monroe County, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Doral.

    Top 6 Features of Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ Bi-Parting Power Operated Door for Cold Storage Applications

    Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ Bi-Parting Power Operated Door for Cold Storage Applications comes with excellent features that will surely give full satisfaction to its users and business owners. VersaFlex Bi-Parting Power Operated Door comes in distinct designs and features that make it stand out among the products of its kind. Standard door face casings and panels are woodless and will endure the pressure and temperature it is exposed to.
    The top six features of this power operated door are: excellent operator and roller system, easy installation, flexibility, versatility, durable standard panels, and adjustable frame gaskets.

    Excellent Operator and Roller System

    Bi-Parting Power Operated Door is powered by the most popular power operator of all time. As such, you can be assured of a tested trouble-free door with a record of two million opening and closing cycles. Moreover, its roller system is recommended by various clients and approved by the experts in this industry. It moves in smoot, silent gliding movement that is not surpassed by other brands. It has a sealing ability that is excellently down-and-in motion pushing the door firmly on to the tightly sealed casing and floor.

    Easy Installation

    The power operated door that is offered by Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ can be easily installed. The manufacturers have made sure that the track and angles are assembled beforehand on its casings so that installing the door will be easy and quick. This feature surely saves time and effort especially if the installation or repair is to be done immediately.


    Another feature of the Mark IV™ VersaFlex™ high performance doors is that it is made with closer positioning of its doorways. In this way, it offers critical wall and floor space savings which is ideal for any type or size of storage area. Just imagine the convenience and the flexibility of its use compared to other brands. In addition, the door frame is made from extruded aluminum. This material makes the door of superior strength in comparison to wood. It is not only strong; it is also long-lasting.


    This high speed doors is so designed to stand applications up to a 100F delta T as well as other multiple options. You can save time and money by choosing this brand because you can also use it to meet your other storage necessities. You can match it within the design of each of the consumer’s preferences.


    Made of standard panels, the VersaFlex Bi-Parting Power Operated Door Angier NC can surely stand the test of time, pressure and temperature. Specifically, you can choose the white, stucco-embossed #26 gauge galvanized steel on the door’s front and back. Since it is not made of wood, it would not easily wear or tear with moist and heat.

    Adjustable Frame Gaskets
    The frame gaskets are tear resistant and adjustable. VersaFlex Bi-Parting Power Operated Door Farmville NC is securely fastened but could be adjusted according to the size and area of the storage compartment.

    Get the best service and product by calling its service areas in Angier at (919) 639-0334 and Farmville at (252) 753-6100. You can also contact Passport Door and Dock Systems by clicking here. For service request, click here. To take a look at and browse the product brochure, click download. If you want, you can visit them in person in North Carolina at Angier, NC and Farmville, NC.

    How to Maintain Your Loading Dock Leveler in Good Condition?

    Commercial and warehouse facilities are flourishing in New Jersey. The main undertaking is taken by the warehousing aspect as the goods and commodities are subject to wholesale or retail distribution. Storage of these goods and commodities is, therefore, is an indispensable to carry out this kind of business venture.

    The nature of this venture is more on the delivery and transfer of the goods and commodities to and from the storage areas vis-à-vis towards the market. Meaning, the workforce is mainly one of the elements to boosts in order to increase productivity, right?

    That being said, the assembly and installation of the Dock System in these facilities are significant to ensure both the efficiency and productivity of the business. A loading dock is an amenity in the warehouse and other similar facilities that promote the efficient transfer of goods and commodities directly to the storage areas from the delivery trailer truck. A loading dock is just an elevated door opening in these facilities that promotes a shortcut way.

    The loading dock system is the integration of different equipment that each of them has a separate and distinct function that when utilized together will surely deliver a proficient and effective delivery of services. These pieces of equipment comprising but not limited to the dock barrier, shelter, high-speed door, door sealer, lift and levelers and others similar in nature.

    A dock leveler is one of the most important fixtures where it facilitates to bridge the gap between the hip of the loading dock and the delivery truck floor to smoothly carry out the smooth transfer of goods and services. The installation of the dock leveler is very important because it will already address the need for too much manpower for the job and the conduct of deliveries may already be carried out at the back door as not to intervene in the regular business operation in front.

    It is the dock leveler that is frequently been ignored not until it breaks down. Its importance is not appraised as it works just to bridge the passage of the deliveries of goods and services. To this end, the regular business undertaking may even be suspended in cases where the loading dock leveler breaks. Worse, it may even lead to an untoward accident of the personnel in the dock.

    To ensure its efficiency and effectiveness, there should be a need for its regular upgrade and maintenance as well as its repair.

    If you are in dire need to avail of the high-quality loading dock leveler and a professional installation, you may need to avail of the products and services of Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey Commercial.

    We are experts in fixing the broken dock equipment that includes the dock leveler through the hands-on installations of our highly-skilled technicians. We believed that loading docks and similar places are dangerous places and there should be a need to carefully monitor there regular operations and performances. It is therefore important to undertake the necessary precaution to equip them with well-maintained equipment.

    In short, we can undertake the regular maintenance of your dock leveler and other dock equipment.

    For your needs about dock leveler service, dock leveler repair, dock leveler installation, loading dock leveler, loading dock equipment, dock leveler service New Jersey, and dock leveler repair Jamesburg NJ, please visit our official website to learn more at http://bit.ly/ohdnewjersey-parts-service.

    For you queries and other concerns, you may call us through telephone number 609-642-4864 or you may contact us via email through our webpage at http://bit.ly/ohdnewjersey-contact-us.

    You service request may be sent through this link at http://bit.ly/ohdnewjersey-service-request.  

    Our service centers are regularly open to serve you better located at New Jersey, Jamesburg, Edison, Union, Cranbury, Lakewood, and South Plainfield, NJ.

    How a Truck Restraint Functions for the Safety of a Commercial Loading Dock in Dallas, TX

    The safety of workers in industries is of utmost importance. This danger increases especially in loading docks in various industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants or warehouses. One of these dangers is caused by unsecured trucks and vehicles. 

    Data in 2017 showed that there were 270,000 injuries in the transportation and warehousing industry with 819 deaths, according to Global Trade Mag. Twenty-five percent of these accidents occurred at the loading dock. The significance of this data cannot be underestimated in terms of giving importance to the safety of commercial loading dock. 

    What are loading docks?

    Loading docks belong to the busiest location in an industrial facility. These areas are potential venue for high-risk activity to shipping personnel, truck drivers, and forklift operators. With the fast-paced nature of work in loading docks, there is an increased danger to workers who also work fast in order to meet the demands of the industry. 

    Truck restraints work by either grabbing the rear-impact guard (RIG) or ICC bar while others engage the rear wheels only. An important feature in truck restraints in Dallas TX involves a light communication system that permits constant communication between the truck driver and the dock attendant. 

    Wheel Chocks Versus Truck Restraints

    One of the simplest kinds of truck restraints is the wheel chocks. However, these wedges positioned against the side of the wheel have the possibility to roll, making them not the most effective truck restraint system. 

    Functions of a Truck Restraint

    1. Avoid Trailer Creep

    Forklifts enter and exit the trailer in a repetitive manner that results to the trailer forming a gap from the dock, called trailer creep. Trailer creep is influenced by different factors such as the the grade of the approach, weight and speed of the forklift, softness of the suspension, the attachment of the trailer to the tractor, and the kind of transition between the trailer and the dock. 

    It is recommended to use a manual vertical barrier restraint to prevent trailer creep. This lesser cost truck restraint permits dock attendants to control the bar that operates the metal barrier. The truck stops moving as a result of the contact between the barrier and the truck’s ICC Bar. One of these truck restraints is the recessed vehicle restraint.

    1. Prevent Early Departure Risk

    Dock accidents occur usually because of a driver error with the unexpected trailer leaving the dock. Wheel chocks are not effective when it comes to securing trucks. 

    It is important to add a light communication system to provide constant contact between the truck driver and the dock attendant. A Serco PitBull truck restraint is a good choice for this. 

    1. Avoid Trailer Pop-up/Trailer Upending

    Trailer pop-up results when the trailer’s rear is sent forward and down because of the weight of the forklift. On the other hand, trailer upending results when the trailer’s front has all the weight that makes the rear end move up and away from the dock. An automatic rotating hook restraint can be used to avoid these situations. 

    1. Avoid Landing Gear Collapse

    Damaged or weak landing gear can result to a trailer pitching forward. Using a truck restraint system is effective when it comes to preventing landing gear collapse. 

    If you need more details regarding truck restraints, Southern Dock Products has customer associates from these areas with the corresponding phone numbers and email.

    • Toll Free Number: 1-800-994-2361
    • Fort Worth, TX: (817) 686-7300
    • Houston, TX: (713) 868-5443
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    • Dallas, TX: (800) 994-2361
    • San Antonio, TX: (210) 359-9552
    • Shreveport, LA: (844) 826-5301
    • Baton Rouge, LA: (844) 826-5301
    • Atlanta, GA: (770) 338-9988
    • Savannah, GA: (912) 239-9652
    • Orlando, FL: (407) 656-1289
    • Tampa, FL: (813) 643-7000
    • Jacksonville, FL: (904) 282-3438
    • Charlotte, NC: (704) 594-5094
    • http://bit.ly/southerndockproducts-service-request
    • http://bit.ly/southerndockproducts-contact-us 

    Our service areas are the following:

    • Fort Worth, TX
    • Houston, TX
    • Austin, TX
    • Dallas, TX
    • San Antonio, TX
    • Shreveport, LA
    • Baton Rouge, LA
    • Atlanta, GA
    • Savannah, GA
    • Orlando, FL
    • Tampa, FL
    • Jacksonville, FL
    • Charlotte, NC

    The safety of workers in commercial loading docks is of great significance. You can potentially avoid these accidents through effective and efficient truck restraints. You can contact Southern Dock Products specialists to find the model that best suits your needs.

    Why a Wayne Dalton – Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door is Ideal for Applications That Require Higher Thermal Efficiency in Baltimore, MD

    Industry owners, and commercial businesses owners often weigh the pros and cons if they need to install an insulated sectional door. Whatever the nature of the location, their business can utilize an insulated sectional door which is ideal for applications that require higher thermal efficiency because of the different advantages

    What is an insulated sectional door?

    An insulated sectional door is a thermal efficient door that provides protection against both hot and cold environments. One of these types is the Wayne Dalton-Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door.

    What is a thermal efficiency?

    Thermal efficiency is the capacity of doors to be energy-efficient doors. It can be measured using the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and U-factor for the door. 

    Here are the reasons why this Thermospan Insulated Sectional Door is advantageous for applications that require higher thermal efficiency. 

    1. Speed in door opening and closing. It takes 0.3 m/s for a sectional door to open and close compared to the 0.06-0.08 m/s for a traditional roller shutter door. This speed of Wayne Dalton Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door Baltimore MD which is four times faster than those of traditional roller shutter doors has various benefits. 

    A. Work efficiency improved. There will no wait time for workers or forklifts in front of the door as the speed in material handling increases by at least three times than the traditional roll up doors.

    B. Cleanliness maintained. The increased speed in opening and closing the door allows a less amount of air and dust that enters the room. 

    C. Temperature loss reduced. The quick opening and closing of the door reduces heat loss. 

    2. Thermal insulation. The structure of the Thermospan Insulated Sectional Door Jamesburg NJ door panel is similar to a sandwich structure. The two surface layer has a 0.326 mm galvanized steel plate which is 40 mm-thick. A high density fire retardant polyurethane foam is in the middle with a 12-14 kg/m2 foam density. Heat conduction is avoided at the joint area through a special cold-bridge design. These commercial sectional doors can mostly be found in warehouses and in cold rooms because of its thermal insulation ration of 4.5 W/m*h.

    3. Air tight doors. An EDPM weather seal rubber covers the door which is resistant to cold and chemicals. This allows the door to have a long lifespan and guarantees the door’s high air-tightness. This keeps the room clean as it prevents outside dust and air from entering the room. 

    4. Cost-efficient doors. This Wayne Dalton Thermospan 125 Insulated Sectional Door has the ability to prevent energy transfers. It is also dependable and sturdy. 

    If you need to install these commercial thermal doors, you can contact the following:

    Our Service Areas are:

    • Sterling, VA
    • Baltimore, MD
    • Jamesburg, NJ
    • Delaware
    • Eastern Pennsylvania
    • New Haven, CT
    • Farmington, CT
    • Windsor, CT
    • Hartford, CT
    • Fairfield, CT
    • Springfield, MA

    Why Equip Your Loading Dock System with Inflatable Dock Seals and Shelters?

    To transform your loading dock into an efficient process, you have to install a loading dock system. The system is comprised with the different equipment such as but not limited to the dock high-speed door, dock barrier, dock shelter and seals, dock leveler either hydraulic or mechanical and other equipment that proficiently facilitate the smooth and prompt transfer of goods and commodities to the storage areas as their quality is being retained.

    The management of a warehouse for consumable products needs the tight seal door at the loading dock to sustain the regulated temperature. To this end, if you are in South Florida, it is highly advisable to avail the products of Overhead Door Company of South Florida. We offer high-end and durable dock shelters and seals, which will ensure to sustain the regulated interior temperature of the facility.

    These dock shelter and seals are referred to as the Serco inflatable dock seal and Serco inflatable rail shelter. These are the following:

    1. Serco SI300 Inflatable Dock Seal
    2. Serco SI310 Inflatable Rail Shelter
    3. Serco SI350 Inflatable Dock Seal

    4. Serco SI400 Inflatable Dock Shelter
    5. Serco SI450 Inflatable Dock Shelter

    The inflatable dock seals and shelters are proficient to provide a tighter seal for the regulation of the climate-controlled loading dock. The Serco inflatables are engineered to fit the large diameter dock but do not apply pressure of the walls. They are very efficient so far as cost-saving attribute is concerned.

    The Serco inflatable products are flexible and convenient. Aside from the fact that they have the following advantageous features:
    • Easy to inflate – they are designed to be inflated easily to tightly seal the top and sides of the trailer truck;
    • Flexible and durable materials used – the inflatables are flexible that the could hardly be punctured. They may even be dragged yet faster to be inflated;
    • Simple installation – the materials are made up of light welded steel frame that may easily be installed;
    • Advanced draft pad – the functional but non-inflatable draft pads have been designed to reduce the risk of damage and leaks that ultimately improves the complete effectiveness and reliability of overall seal;
    • Promotes cost-saving attributes – the Serco inflatable dock seals and shelter could tightly secure the edges of the dock as well as the trailer truck that in effect manages the interior temperature of the facility.

    For your needs about Serco inflatable dock seal, Serco inflatable rail shelter, Serco inflatable dock shelter, inflatable dock seal, inflatable dock shelter, inflatable dock seal Miami Fl, inflatable dock shelter South Florida, please visit our official website to learn more at http://bit.ly/ohdsouthflorida-inflatables.

    For your installation requests and other concerns, you may contact us through telephone number (954) 266-7960 or you may contact us via email through our webpage at http://bit.ly/ohdsouthflorida-contact-us.
    To serve you better, our service centers are regularly open in various locations including South Florida – Miami, Miramar, West Palm, Broward, Dade, Monroe County, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Doral.

    Our dedicated coordinators await your call to provide you with the utmost assistance for your complete satisfaction.

    What is a Dock Seal and Its Importance for a Loading Dock System in Naples, FL?

    Dock Seals are the froth cushions of the trailer that is being squeezed into when it backs in and comes to rest against the dock bumpers, and is the one that forms a seal around three sides of the trailer. Dock seals are used best when the size and style of trailers being served have only minor variations.

    By establishing dock seals, a tight lapse between the loading dock and trucks can be made. It administers your loading dock to be productive and safe from harm by the tight seal that actuates as a shield against weather elements.

    Dock seals have a lot of advantages such as it’s economical, highly effective and excellent seals especially if there are additional seal features, versatile when dock entrances are relatively small-the space between the door entrances are compact and or when the variety of sizes of trailer being serviced is bounded, and head curtains can be manually adjusted.

    It is an important part of the loading dock system because if the dock seals don’t function well then the whole system won’t be able to operate correctly and also it provides a tight seal for a small budget only. It is vital for you to have the only best loading dock seal that won’t dilapidate easily if the loading dock receives congestion and would give the best performance. 

    Finding the right loading dock seal and loading dock equipment is complicated with a lot of products all over the market. Don’t worry Action Automatic Door & Gate Company got you covered, since 1981, we have been providing homeowners and businesses with the highest quality products and service of garage doorsopenersgates, access systems, and commercial door systems. Below are some of our dock seals, please do check it out:

  • SERCO S2000 ULTRA SEAL with Head Curtain
  • The ULTRA-SEAL® Foam Dock Seal with Head Curtain has a versatile design with an adjustable head curtain that kept a tighter sealed at the same time can accommodate a variety of trailer heights. Comes with a roll formed, galvanized steel side & head pad backing, and includes two color guide stripes system.

  • SERCO S600 DOCK SEAL with Fixed Head Pad
  • Designed for smaller doors (9′ wide x 9′ high or less), has a Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad model that separates both environments internally and externally. Automatic with heavy-duty construction built that can offer long life-service with minimal maintenance and big savings on cost.

  • An L-Shaped Side Pad Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad designed for a trailer that is 8′ or 8′ 6″ wide, with access to the vehicle when docked at doors up to 9′ high. Equipped with compression foam head pads

    (L-shaped) and Serco Steel galvanized steel framing.

  • SERCO S800 DOCK SEAL with Adjustable Head Pad
  • Highly flexible for a full range of trailer heights, featured with a manually adjustable head pad allowing to position the head pad on a 48″ vertical track. Has a heavy gauge steel pan with a standard 18″ high foam head pad

  • SERCO S700 DOCK SEAL with Head Curtain
  • For a variety of vehicle heights, has a hood-style head curtain seals. Ideally for doors that are 9′ high or taller, and with a durable fiberglass that provides stiffness to the curtain top for moisture drainage.

    Moreover, has a seamless aluminum tubing that provides support for the head curtain.

  • SERCO S3000HL L-PAD DOCK SEAL with Head Curtain
  • Custom built for a modular hood-style head curtain against over-compress due to extra projection.

    Strongly built with a roll formed, galvanized steel side & head pad backing, and its doors sizes are available up to 10′-0″ Wide.

  • SERCO S2500G Sliding Head Pad Dock Seal
  • Technologically advanced designed- Guardian Foam Dock Seal with Two-piece Movable Head Pad System that moves vertically with the vehicle, helps reduce the wear on your head pad and side pads, at the same time increases dock seal’s service life with big savings on costs.  

  • Our one of a kind design with a Base fabric-Black 22 oz Vinyl. 8” exposure wear pleats (head pad corners), Kiln Dried, #1 grade, Southern Pine wood framing. Additionally, has a foam core(endurance-tested) that is continuously bonded to frame surface with flexible, nonflammable adhesive.

    Make that decision happen, better call now Action Automatic Door & Gate Company’s at our Service Areas: Lee County: 239-768-3667, Collier County: 239-643-3667, Charlotte County: 941-627-0150 and Southwest Florida: 800-375-3667, or through our website at http://bit.ly/actiondoor-scheduleservice.

    Request for a FREE ESTIMATE at http://bit.ly/actiondoor-request-quote, our Service Area technicians would be happy to serve at loading dock seal Naples FL, and dock seal Naples FL. 

    You may personally visit our Service Areas: Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, Marco Island, Naples, Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, Venice and Sarasota.

    How Can a Dynaco Slimline Stainless Optimize Cleanrooms Operation in Jacksonville, FL?

    Globally, as private business investors or government organizations invest in specialized industrial productions or scientific research are developing, advancing, and on the quest for knowledge and truth continues to grow through an objective and systematic method of finding a solution to a problem.  

    Similarly, American Roll-Up Door Companya Division of DuraServ never stops in their quest to be “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market” attitude. Undertaking every possible ways and means, as our company journey through the challenges of modern times, our learning never ceases to stop.

    DuraServ, being the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, provide solutions for applications such as high volume warehousing & distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retails and other specialized applications like specialized industrial productions or research facilities.

    Research facilities advanced and improved through time with modern technology, and also as more specialized requirements grew. And so does DuraServ, keeping up with industry’s latest trends and updates, thus offers its latest models specifically designed and engineered for cleanrooms – Dynaco Slimline Stainless.     

    Dynaco Slimline Stainless

    Dynaco Slimline Stainless are high-performance doors and flexible quality commercial doors ensuring a tight seal for clean rooms, keeping pressure levels at a stable rate and protecting against contaminants. It provides an airlock system that correct pressure differentials and pressure resistance to separate inside and out environments. Highly suitable for applications like scientific researches, pharmaceutical manufacturing, integrated circuits, CRT, LCD, OLED, and microLED displays, where extremely low levels of particulates, such as vaporized particles, dust, or airborne organisms are extremely high priorities.


    The Dynaco Slimline Stainless has patented side guides and full-perimeter door seal design. It has an air-tight seal as protection against contaminants and airborne particles. These high-performance doors correct pressure differentials and the PVC door current is pressure resistant. 


    Due to the design of Dynaco high-speed doors and air-tight features, operations are fast and efficient. Hence, energy is conserved, the climate is controlled, and the cost is minimized.

    Fast and quiet

    With a rapid door cycle of up to 1,2 m/s open speed and 0,5 m/s close speed, the open time is kept to the minimum. This practically eliminates door downtime, minimizing airborne pathogens from infiltrating. The low-friction guides ensure silent operation. 

    Totally Safe

    Dynaco Slimline Stainless has no rigid curtain elements that could cause damage to equipment and employees. 

    Dynaco Slimline Stainless is one of the latest high-performance commercial doors of American Roll-up Door Co., a Division of DuraServ, has been in the business in Central and Northern Florida since 1981. Whatever is your consideration in choosing for your commercial doors – energy-efficiency, functionality, or disaster-proof or aesthetically pleasing, we have it. 

    For questions and orders on our Dynaco Slimline Stainless Jacksonville, FL and high-performance doors Jacksonville FL, call the following: Jacksonville (904) 695‐0950, Orlando(407) 857‐2427, or Tampa(813) 643‐7000, or through our website at http://bit.ly/americanrollupdoor-contact-us.

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    What is a Dock Shelter and the Various Types?

    It is important to consider the pros and cons of your business. But when it comes to transporting your goods from the warehouse to the trucks for delivery we always ensure that we have essential loading dock equipment that can increase efficiency to the whole process and make more safe and profitable.

    Dock shelter seals off the gaps between the docked vehicles to the loading bay. It provides full access to the truck without exposing the product into the wind, extreme temperature and weather and pests that may cause unnecessary impact to the product being transported. Using this will ensure your energy savings, as it maintains the temperature inside the building, cleanliness and increases the speed of manpower through efficient transport of goods to the loading trucks.

    A lot of companies offer loading dock shelters that can be useful, but each dock shelter has advantages and disadvantages that make it difficult to choose.

    There are different types of dock shelters that Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ offers where you can choose from. They are listed as follows:

    Serco S2200 Ultra Shelter

    With its seal flexibility, and full trailer access of a shelter. It has a tight seal between the wall of the building and the back of the truck. Designed with impactable foams side members, in each side and head curtain/member is made with fiberglass and the translucent head member transmits light. 

    Key Highlights

    Shelter Head Frame: White Fiberglass(Translucent)

    Channel Frame: Roll Formed/Galvanized Steel (2″ x 8″, 2″ x 10″ or 2″ x 12″)

    Side Curtains with Foam Side Members/ Fiberglass Stays (Removable): Available

    Standard Base Unit Projection: 18″ /Maximum Standard Unit Projection: 30″

    Warranty: 5-years

    Kelly Foam-Sided Shelter

    Made with roll-formed galvanized steel framing, what is so special with this dock is that all pads are vented for air and moisture release. It also has full-length stripes that guide the driver to the docks. It also provides a seal from the external unnecessary entry like dust, insects and other airborne matter that may enter while the loading dock is in use. 

    Key Highlights

    Head Curtain: Five Fiberglass Stays/Four Overlapping Wear Pleats Per Side/Wind Straps

    Side Curtains: Closed Cell Neoprene(Sealing Edge/Bottom Wear Panel)

    Rain Sealing System Integration/Shelter Projections(Up to 30″): Available 

    Foam Side Members:22 oz Vinyl Fabric

    Shelter Head Frame: White Fiberglass(Translucent) 

    Serco S-3200 Snap-back Dock Shelter

    Serco S-3200 Shelter also known as Snap-back dock shelter.  This design is useful because it can be applied to wide vehicle variety and types. When trailers are misguided for some instance, its flexible frame, overlapping layers of fabric provide more resistance against sharp corners to prevent shelter damage. It also defies the side frame because it was covered with white 18 oz. coated vinyl as it projects natural light to the loading area. 

    Key Highlights

    Channel Frame: Roll Formed/Galvanized Steel: 2” x 4” Sides & 2” x 6”(Raked Top)

    Base Unit Frame Projection(Standard): 24”

    Steel Support Projection(Standard): 30”

    Shelter Sides: Translucent White Vinyl/Shelter Top(Black Vinyl)

    Side Curtains: Cell Neoprene(Closed)/Inside Sealing Edge/Bottom Wear Panel

    Serco S-420 Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

    When each of the above-mentioned designs has its own specification, the Serco S-420 Rigid Frame Dock Shelter is like the combined Ultra Shelter for its fiberglass material, has the visible stripes that guides the driver to docks like Kelly foam-sided Shelter and Serco S-3200 for its transmission of natural light to the loading dock. What defies this design is that the rain sealing system integration available on shelter with projections up to 30. The best pick for a design if you wish to combine more advantages in one.

    Key Highlights

    Standard: Base Unit Frame Projection: 24″ / Steel Support Projection: 30″

    Rain Sealing System Integration (Shelter Projections Up to 30): Available 

    Frames (Translucent White Fiberglass): Available

    Increase “Standard” Unit Height by 6″: Available

    Outside Edge of Face Curtains(Aluminum Trim Angles): Available

    Kelly FLEX-FRAME Impactable Dock Shelter

    Kelly FLEX-FRAME Impactable Dock Shelter design is also a combination of the above-mentioned design but is unique when it comes to the translucent white vinyl coating that is on the side and black vinyl coating is on the top cover. Which allows more lighting when you transport goods to the loading truck.

    Key Highlights

    Shelter Sides(Translucent White Vinyl)/ Shelter Top(Black Vinyl): Available

    Base Unit Frame Projection (Standard): 24″

    I-beam Protector Projection (Standard): 10″

    Head Curtain: Five Fiberglass Stays/Four Overlapping Wear Pleats Per Side/Wind Straps

    Side Curtains: Closed Cell Neoprene(Sealing Edge)/Bottom -Wear Panel

    Kelley TS Rigid Frame Truck Shelter

    While it has the common design with the other dock shelters, its highlight focuses on the head curtain that includes five Fiberglass Stays and four Overlapping Wear Pleats on the sides & Wind Straps that protects the goods when strong winds are present during the transfer process. Tapered Draft Pads (8” to 2”) located behind the side curtains help prevents airflow from lower corners of the shelter. Permanent “NO STEP” labels are included for safety.

    Key Highlights

    Standard: Base Unit Frame Projection- 24″/ Steel Support Projection- 30″

    Rain Sealing System Integration(Shelter Projections Up to 30″): Available 

    Head Curtain: Five Fiberglass Stays/Four Overlapping Wear Pleats Per Side/Wind Straps

    Side Curtains: Closed Cell Neoprene(Sealing Edge)/ Bottom Wear Panel

    Serco R620 Mechanical Rail Shelter

    Its product protection extends from the loading dock up to the railway car transition. This dock shelter is suspended on a steel frame and equipped with extension arms that allow covering distances between docks and rail cars up to 72.

    Key Highlights

    Variable Height Head Curtain: Fixed/Split (up to 36″ drop standard)

    Multiple cover fabric options: Available

    Variety of Frame/Cover Configurations: Available

    Just-Rite Equipment ensures you get the exact dock shelter you need when in dilemma on what to choose.  When you decide to invest on these docks, Good news! Because these loading docks are available near you!  

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