Why Use a Hormann-Flexon Machine Protection to Separate Your Personnel & Equipment Effectively in a High-Security Facilities?

Generally, people would think about locks, bars, alarms, and uniformed guards when they think about safety security. While these countermeasures are by no other means the only precautions that are needed to be considered when trying to secure a system, they are a perfectly logical setting to begin. Physical security is important in any security plan, without it user access security, software security, information security, and network security are difficult to establish. 

When a high security facility is the name of the game, high performance doors Jamesburg NJ are the experts you want on your team. Ultra-high-speed doors and high performance doors, that can open and close with no lag time virtually eliminate unauthorized, “tag along” access. When access and exit need to be strictly controlled, let the said company secure your premises with the following machine protection that they offer:

Hormann-Flexon Machine Protection is used to separate personnel & equipment effectively in a high-security facility. For interior door openings up to 10’0” wide x 10’0” high, this machine protection doors provide peace-of-mind to personnel working in close proximity to production lines, equipment and processes. 

Having a speed of 80” per second on the Speed-Commander™ 1400 MP and up to 60” per second on the Speed-Master® 1600 MP (30” per second closing speed both models) increases productivity and output results. Additionally, both uses standard power sources readily available in most facilities.

The HFCB control box is hardwired and standard with 230 v / 1 phase / 3 phase output power. When UL / CUL approval is required, the HFC1 3 phase, hard-wired or Smart Start™ HFC1 3 phase control boxes are options. Both models may be integrated with existing PLC systems.

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 MP and Speed-Master® 1600 MP, both safely engineered with class 4 safety switches which signals the door that is verified closed. Personnel working nearby can rely on the door being in the closed position when it should be, insuring that machinery won’t operate until man and materials are out of danger. 

The Speed-Commander™ 1400 MP and Speed-Master® 1600 MP doors work in conjunction with both large and small machinery, in any type of operation including welding and painting, providing an effective barrier between the industrial operation and personnel working in the area.

Both the Speed-Commander™ 1400 MP and the Speed-Master® 1600 MP come in a sectional panel design. The panels are connected using horizontal aluminum profiles that allow for fast and easy panel replacement when required. 

The model 1400 MP is perfect for areas with little or no air movement and is standard with a 58 oz. / sq. yd. reinforced PVC panel, available in yellow, orange, red, blue, and grey. An optional welding window is available. 

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What Kind of High-Performance Door Best for Industrial Heavy Traffic Applications in Sterling, VA

The utilization of the high-speed and high-performance steel roll-up door that caters to the heavy traffic application is indispensable to an industrial warehouse facility.

The use of a regular warehouse door that is not designed for a heavy traffic application would require frequent maintenance and repair, which will increase the overhead expenses of the business.

In order to promote efficiency and increased productivity, the facility should have the installation of a high-performance overhead rolling door that is engineered to undertake an industrial heavy traffic application. This installation will ensure not only efficiency and productivity but likewise the safety of the workers.

Relative to this, it would be wise to avail of the services of Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ. We provide a wide array of high-quality and dependable commercial doors and loading docks to clients. We work with several popular companies such as Serco, Kelly, and TKO.

Moreover, we also offer annual maintenance services to ensure the longer lifespan of your commercial and industrial high-performance and steel roll-up overhead doors. We prioritize the general welfare of our clients for their complete satisfaction. As a matter of fact, we operate for twenty (24) hours to provide you with our utmost services.

Relative to this, we offer the following high-performance doors, which are designed to a heavy traffic application in Sterling, VA:

Chase AirGard Model 100 Traffic Doors
• Chase AirGard Model 973 Traffic Doors
• Tko Verticool Cold Storage Dock Door
• Chase Durulite Standard Traffic Doors
• Hercules Horizontal Sliding
• Hercules Heavy-Duty Vertical Sliding Door
• Hercules Infitting Hinged Freezer Door
• Hercules Extreme Low Temp Overlap Freezer Door
• Hercules Bi-Parting Cooler & Freezer Door
• Dynaco M2
• Dynaco the Streamline
• Dynaco Slimline Stainless
• Dynaco Freezer M2
• Dynaco Dynarigid
• Hormann-Flexon HFCB Control Box
• Hormann-Flexon Machine Protection
• Hormann-Flexon Rubber Doors
• Hormann-Flexon Screen-Master® Automatic Roll-Up Barrier
• Hormann-Flexon Screen-Master® Manual Barriers
• Hormann-Flexon Smart Start™ HFC1 Control Box
• Hormann-Flexon Speed Commander™ 1400 Sel Clean-Master 20 Pa
• Hormann-Flexon Speed Commander™ 1400 Sel Food Master
• Hormann-Flexon Speed Master® 4600
• Hormann-Flexon Speed-Commander™ 1200 Dock-Master Screen-Master®
• Hormann-Flexon Speed-Commander™ 1400 Sel Cool-Master
• Hormann-Flexon Speed-Commander™ 1400 Sel Interior Door
• Hormann-Flexon Speed-Guardian™ 4000 U
• Hormann-Flexon Speed-Master 1600 L Eco
• Hormann-Flexon Speed-Master® 1600 L
• Hormann-Flexon Speed-Master® 2600 L
• Hormann-Flexon Ups Emergency Battery Pack

These are the high-performance doors, which are manufactured to cater to heavy traffic applications. For your needs about Chase air guard model 100 traffic door, high performance doors, you may visit our official website to learn more at http://bit.ly/justriteequip-ChaseAirGuardModel100TrafficDoors. The installation of a high-performance door is indispensable to promote proficiency and cos-effective business undertaking.

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3 Amazing Benefits of a Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille for Commercial Industry in Charlotte, NC

When it comes to finding the right rolling grille for commercial industry, you’ll find the right commercial doors at Southern Dock Products, a Division of DuraServ, ready to help you. Our extensive solution of Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille, a commercial rolling steel in Charlotte, NC offers total security, visibility and ventilation in a number of patterns.  

It finishes off for commercial, industrial, retail and institutional applications. This commercial rolling steel can be made from aluminum or stainless steel to meet your standards. The durability of the Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille ensures that the technique used for the construction of the grille will be reliable and has consistency when it comes to performance.

Constructed with a 5/16’’ galvanized steel horizontal rods, it can jamb continuously with covered aluminum tubes. Vertical links are also made from aluminum. End links ensures that the grille cannot be pulled from the guides. The bottom bar is built from tubular aluminum extrusion, fitted for end caps with nylons which acts as bearing surfaces.  

The Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille is designed with an optional cylinder lock and installed in the bottom bar is activated with a concealed 3/8’’ steel tamperproof lock rods. The lock rods use a standard mortise cylinder with optional removable core. Center locks are also available up to 25’ wide.  

The rolling grille/ rolling grill is constructed in aluminum and available in clear, mill or bronze with anodized finishes. A variety of materials are #304 finished stainless steel and galvanized steel.  

Below are the 3 amazing benefits of Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille 

1. Operation can be a manual push-up, crank or motor-operated. The door mounted can be self-supporting and uses structural tubes or it can be directed to the building structure itself.  

2. The counterbalance consists of a spring balance which serves as a load- carrying beam. It encloses the counterbalance mechanism and provides an axis around in which the curtain coils. Barrel rings are made up from malleable iron or stamped steel that can be provided to assure proper counterbalance. Counterbalance are built from oil-tempered, torsion-type counterbalance springs. It is wounded from heat-treated steel which provides accuracy in door balancing. The barrel plugs are the ones connecting the end of the springs to barrel and tension rod. Tension rods that are made of steel shafting holds the fixed end of springs and carries torsional load of spring counterbalance. Spring tension adjusting wheel is mounted normally outside the bracket on the end line of the tension rod. The inside adjusting wheel for tight side room applications are also available in limited sizes.

3. Optional hood cover encases the curtain coil and counterbalance mechanism that is made to match the grille finish.  

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How do Impact Barriers Reduce the Risk of an Accident in a Loading Dock Facility?

The loading dock is considered to be one of the most significant functions of the supply chain. It is where goods and items come up from the storage environment into the world of the business industry. 

However, the loading dock is not with the absence of risks. Try to picture out a typical shift on a loading dock. Semi-trucks – mostly dozens of them – they come and go, material handling equipment moves and brings product across the working environment, and employees work in and out – around the dock. It’s a busy scenario, isn’t it?

In whatever manner, the loading dock can be a dangerous place. Unluckily, accidents and hazards can and do happen on loading docks anytime and anywhere. There are always the latest articles about people who have been hurt or even passed away, lawsuits that have been filed with criminal cases, and companies that have been ordered to pay large fines and charges as a result of their remissness. And which, preventing these accidents from happening should be one of the topmost and key priorities of every company. 

A sole accident can have a profound effect on the morale at a warehouse, causing employees to feel unsafe and uncomfortable at work following an accident, which can decrease productivity, slow down downtime and eventually company bankruptcy due to company losses.

One of the most common accidents is falling down. Facility managers must implement a  workplace to free employees from falling off of overhead platforms, elevated work stations or holes in the floor and walls and other ‘regular happening ‘hazards and accidents. As such, the company must prove to their employees that safety is a top priority by investing in preventative measures that will keep workers safe and secure

How can businesses prevent their workers from falling? Apparently, installing loading dock safety equipment is available and cost-effective, yet essential investment that can help stop and reduce accidents, injuries and damage to products or equipment. 

Before deciding to select barriers to invest in, it is necessary to consider all of the application requirements. Once specific variables are clearly determined and understood, a user can choose the best safety equipment to meet their safety and protection needs. For that reasonimpact barrier Naples FL offers the following on how to reduce accidents from happening in a loading dock facility:

Dock Guard Safety Barrier Lip

Dock Guard Safety Barrier Lip is designed to protect personnel, goods, and equipment from accidentally rolling off the dock. It is most useful in keeping the lift truck safely on the leveler when levelers are used in below dock end loading conditions. 

APS Bollard Pole

Safety featured and great protection for a variety of dock or warehouse applications, available in heavy-duty 6″ or 4″ diameter, schedule 40 pipe with ½” base plate, optional cap available and floor hardware included. 

APS Dock Impact Barrier

APS Dock Barriers lower impact barrier bar has a construction of 9/16″-thick steel cable inside a flexible fiberglass rail that is capable of stopping a 10,000 lbs. fork truck moving at 4 mph. Safety designed with highly visible yellow nylon webbing that provides an additional visual barrier at the dock. 

It is a manually operated gate style barrier. When dock use is required, the APS Dock Impact Barrier is opened by releasing the latch and lifting the gate into an upright position with very little effort. 

The APS Dock Impact Barrier can reduce the occurrence: accidents due to forklift, pallet jacks or pedestrians falling off dock when the door is open, damage to equipment, load, door panels, and door track when the door is closed.

To know more about how we can reduce accidents and hazards from happening in your loading dock facility, call Action Automatic Door & Gate at Lee County: 239-768-3667, Collier County: 239-643-3667, Charlotte County: 941-627-0150, and Southwest Florida: 800-375-3667.

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Features and Qualities of McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) Air-Powered Dock Leveler

Historically, Charles H. Hodges & Son company was the first loading dock dealer in the country from the East Coast in Baltimore in 1954. And the first invented and patented dock leveler is an airbag type, by Charles H. Hodges III, and had become the number one selling push-button leveler in the world.

Ever since the invention of dock levelers, the equipment has grown and evolved over the years. With different types of dock levelers for different applications that were invented, designed and engineered such as mechanical pit levelers, hydraulic pit leveler, vertical leveler, rail dock levelers, the edge of dock leveler, top of dock leveler, loading dock leveler and the air pit levelers

Dock levelers have become highly effective and efficient in delivering more profits to the logistics sector under different applications such as heavy industrial applications, manufacturing, refrigeration/cold storage, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

Through the years, the air-powered dock leveler has been re-engineered and re-conceptualized for different applications. Overhead Door Company of Charlotte, a Division of DuraServ Corp., offers its latest airbag type model- McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) Air-Powered Dock Leveler:

McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) air-powered dock levelers or  CA Air-Powered Leveler are a cheaper substitute to hydraulic levelers, but still conveniently operated with a push-button activation where an airbag or bellows system functionally raises and lower the deck. With its modern features and designs, the latest McGuire air-powered dock levelers are flexible, and adaptable for different applications of any businesses.    

CentraAir® Air Powered Leveler (Pit Style).

The McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) air-powered dock leveler uses a dedicated compressor, or existing plant air and an industrial automotive-grade air bellows system to make an upward or downward movement of the platform. Available with “push button” activation either electrical or pneumatic or lanyard controls, making the equipment perfect for wet environments and wash down applications such as for manufacturing, refrigeration/cold storage, and food and beverages.


The CA Air-Powered Leveler, an environmentally-friendly dock leveler that can have electrical functionality, or pneumatic push-button operation and powered by plant air, or dedicated compressor. Electrically, it operates off existing plant air regulated at approximately 90 psi or off on a dedicated compressor, making a minimal effect on the building’s electrical footprint. It can be operated either with push-button or lanyard control, where it requires no electrical for the unit, and ideally suitable for non-electrical zones or explosion-proof applications like energy-efficient facilities, high-security facilities, manufacturing, and heavy industrial applications.

Flexible Construction.

The McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) Leveler has a flexible design option to choose from such as 6’, 8’ & 10’ standard lengths and 6’, 6’6” & 7’ standard widths. McGuire CA series lips are constructed with a 4-way safety tread plate, the 25,000 lb CIR is ½” thick and the 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000 and 55,000 lb(Comparative Industry Rating) is 5/8” thick. The standard lip length is 16” on all capacities, making it suitably perfect for applications under manufacturing, heavy industrial applications and energy-efficient facilities.

Enhanced Safety.

As always safety comes first. Fully designed with safety features even while operating any McGuire’s hydraulic or air operated dock leveler. The full range of telescoping toe guards with a downward bias inherent in operation makes sure the employees are fully protected. 

Additionally, McGuire CA series have several safety standard measures like Lockout/Tagout Maintenance Strut during maintenance and adjustments which provides high visibility to workers, full-range toe guards and night lock security, and can be equipped with an optional STOP-TITE®, TPR®, TPR® UniLock or HOLD-TITE® series vehicle restraint devices or Light Communication System signs and lights.

Full Warranties.

CentraAir Series models are featured with different warranties to assure quality reliability and product integrity. Under McGuire’s Standard Warranty Policy, CentraAir Series models have a full one (1) year base warranty on all structural, pneumatic and electrical parts, including freight and labor charges.McGuire ‘s full-width rear hinge is so reliably indestructible that it carries  a lifetime warranty. Moreover, the lifting system (industrial air bellows, mounting brackets, cartridge valves, and seals), has a full four (4) year warranty on parts with four (4) year pro-rated warranty on its structural components.

Suitably best for applications like heavy industrial applications, manufacturing and transportation and transit where it has high workloads and costly maintenance, making sure that the company’s bottom line would not be affected and can have big savings too.   It’s 2020 already, do you think it’s time to upgrade your air-powered dock leveler, or still planning to make equipment additions to your business.  Now is the high time, call Overhead Door Company of Charlotte, a Division of DuraServ Corp. at 704-594-5094, or contact us at  http://bit.ly/ohdcharlotte-contact-us /. You can make a Service Requests at http://bit.ly/ohdcharlotte-service-request.

Advantages of Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad

The little gaps around a parked trailer at the loading dock may seem to be a trivial issue to business owners. The truth is, this little gap will cost one money daily.

These little gaps permit the unwanted escape of heating and air conditioning as well as unwanted entry of external elements such as dust, wind, rain, bugs, and rodents. These add up to the annual cost of hundreds of dollars per dock position. This situation can damage products, cause concerns with warehouse inspections, and result to an uncomfortable working environment. 

One way to wage battle against these issues is the use of a dock seal. A dock seal, like the Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad, serves as an effective seal between the truck trailer and building wall. This ensures that the elements that enter and exit the loading dock door are those that do that. Here are some of the advantages of using this dock seal. 

Advantages of Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad Mooresville

  • Seals in warehouse heating and cooling

Depending on the weather conditions, an industrial facility either heats or cools a facility. With the extreme weather conditions, facilities often obtain higher operational costs that exceed the set budget. This includes unforeseen energy cost. The assistance of dock accessories such as Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad Davidson can seal the facility in maximum value and savings. 

Any business establishment would have a potential less heat loss during winter when loading and unloading shipments since Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad Weddington offers a tight closure between the building and the truck. As a result, energy bills will be significantly reduced the whole year through. The cost for purchasing Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad Lake Wylie would be worth the return of investment. 

  • Prevents damage from weather-related conditions

In addition to keeping energy costs down, Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad Concord prevents damage related to weather conditions. It protects both the shipment and the employees as both are exposed to harsh weather temperatures as well as to ice, snow, rain, and wind. These weather conditions do not only increase the risk of danger to employees, but it can also result to damage to shipments. Not using a Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad Rock Hill could result to damaged packaging and loss of goods. Moreover, it can cause the company additional unnecessary costs as well as stress. Thus, it is recommended that dock seals such as Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad Huntersville be used in business establishments. 

Ensuring the safety of employees and making sure that goods are kept pristine and in their original condition, business establishments should purchase Serco S1000 Ultra Seal with Fixed Head Pad Fort Mill. 

If you are looking for the perfect dock seal, you may call Overhead Door Company of Charlotte at 704-594-5094  or contact us at http://bit.ly/ohdcharlotte-contact-us and send your service request at http://bit.ly/ohdcharlotte-service-request.  

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How To Determine The Ideal Dock Seal for Your Loading Dock Leveler in Houston, TX

The fruitful flow of products within and outside of facilities is crucial in today’s highly competitive world. Prioritized attention must be given to the loading dock area for this to realize. Since the best way to begin is to focus on the dock area first, predominantly because the loading docks are the most critical area of any distribution center, be it a warehouse or loading docks and where the material handling, and the loading and unloading process takes place.

The loading dock is one of the busiest areas in your warehouse to make sure that it’s a safe, secure and highly productive workplace, loading dock seals can help you attain this objective.

Dock seals are the barriers and shields between the loading dock door entry and the surface of the backed-in trailer when it is in a position to load or unload goods or items. Dock seals are well-designed to contact the trailer surface at the door and compress, producing a tight seal around the door.

Since loading dock is the most important and busiest part of the facility that comes into play from the start till the end of the material handling cycle, it is essential to make sure that the loading dock is built for high performance, energy-efficient, and achieves safety standards to lessen the risk of hazardous injuries and accidents at the dock. For this, it is vital to invest in high-quality loading dock equipment.
Southern Dock Products, a Division of DuraServ discusses the benefits that must be considered in determining the ideal dock seal for your next loading dock leveler in Houston, TX :

  • Safer Working Site in Your Loading Dock

A trusted loading dock seal helps keep your dock workers protected and safe. Preventing accidents and hazards by keeping the floors dry from rain outside thus avoids slip-and-fall injuries from happening. Safeguarding the welfare of your workers and equipment can save a lot of money against insurance and accidental costs which in the long run benefits company bottom line. 

  • Increased Productivity 

Productivity will increase by installing the proper dock seals. Dock seals maintain the loading dock operation by helping it running at maximum efficiency and playing a critical role in keeping cooled air inside climate-controlled and cold storage facilities.

Additionally, superior energy efficiency will be achieved by separating both environments with its sealing power and not wasting energy-use due to unstable working environmental temperature. 

A productive loading dock is an income-generating business investment every owner or investor must-have.   

  • Protecting and Safeguarding Against Outside Elements  

The outer parts of your warehouse’s dock doors are continuously exposed to the extreme temperature changes and weather elements like rain, sleet, snow, and wind, however, having a reliable loading dock seal can make a lot of difference in your loading dock operations. Dock seals help protect and keep out the elements that can hinder your dock operations while maintaining the ideal climate to keep things running smoothly.

Southern Dock Products has a variety of Serco dock seals products that will make a big impact in your loading dock operation. To check out our Serco dock seal products, click on https://bit.ly/southerndockproducts-dock-seals, our Service Technicians would be happy to serve at our seal Houston TX, and loading dock seal Houston TX.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Installing Air-Powered Dock Levelers in Dallas, TX

The significance of loading docks could never be underestimated as these are the center of activity in different business establishments. Loading dock levelers play an important part in these centers. Dock levelers serve as bridge between a loading dock pit and incoming vehicles and warehouses.

There are various reasons why leveling a dock is important. Leveling promoted safety as forklifts and other industrial vehicles are permitted to drive in and out without issues. Dock levelers permit adjustment to service trucks with various heights.

Working Principle of Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered dock levelers function based on a very simple working principle. Air injection is done through a high volume, low pressure pump. Hydraulic fluids usually mess up operations, however, this does not occur with these levelers since air serves as the working fluid. 

Pros of Installing Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Air-powered dock levelers use the push of a button in raising or lowering commands instead the laborious and more time-intensive mechanical option. Air-powered dock levelers Dallas TX are partnered with truck locks and dock lights to ensure a complete safety package/system. Loading dock levelers move the leveler dock through a pneumatic bag system. These loading dock levelers Dallas TX have various advantages. First, maintenance of these dock levelers is cheaper compared to that of mechanical dock levelers. It is easier to use because of the push button for operation that makes them the loading dock equipment safe. There is also higher efficiency for high volume applications. 

Cons of Installing Air-Powered Dock Levers

Despite the numerous advantages of installing air-powered dock levelers, there are also disadvantages that a buyer needs to know. The initial cost or acquisition price of air-powered dock levers is higher compared to other kinds of dock levelers. The airbag system in air-powered levelers requires electricity and a nearby power source, as opposed to manual system which is not practical with modern load weights.


Different establishments have their own respective requirements when it comes to choosing dock levelers. With the different kinds of levelers, one option is to purchase an air-powered dock leveler. The said leveler has its own set of pros and cons which may or may not be preferred by the potential buyer. The choice of one to buy an air-powered dock leveler may be based on these pros and cons. 

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Why Invest in Swing Doors for Food Processing Operation in Angier, NC?

The food processing industry is mandated to follow regulations regarding hygiene specifically regarding the layout, design, and construction of buildings. Specific rules for production spaces include ease in cleaning and disinfecting, goodhygiene practices, and protection against external sources of contamination. 

What are swing doors?

Swing doors, as the name implies, can be swung in both directions. These single and double-versioned swing doors have fixed pivot hinges that can open the leaves to 90 degrees on either side of the opening. The rounded-joint leaves enable these high-performance doors to open to 180 degrees.

Deadlock fitted at the top and/or bottom of the leaf allows these high speed doors to be locked.

Uses of swing doors

These high performance doors Angier NC that are resistant to fire are used in food processing operations. These high speed doors prevent two persons on either side of the door to push or pull in opposite directions by glazing the doors.

Other industries also use these doors such as the Plyfoam II swing doors in storage areas in department stores and warehouses. The use of these Jamison Plyfoam II swing doors has many benefits because it can be opened simply by pushing in both directions. Moreover, these are perfect for fire exits in car parks, schools, hospitals, and other establishments. 

Here are the reasons why owners need to invest in swing doors for food processing

1. Protects against contamination. Food processing facilities always regard minimal contamination as its highest priority. Doors must be seamless and impervious to minimize bacteria. Germs are prevented to build up in cracks and gaps that are difficult to clean on the surface of the door. 

Hygiene is compromised if doors are easy to crack, rot, or peel as this increases the possibility of bacterial to reproduced in exposed surface areas. 

Food facilities must impose regular and thorough cleaning of surfaces. Thus, these doors must be waterproof and smooth for easier cleaning and disinfection. 

Traffic and vigorous cleaning procedures attack door surfaces. Thus, these doors must be able to withstand such attacks.

2. Increases safety and productivity. These doors are wide enough to allow ease in the movement of vehicles, equipment, and staff. These doors also are equipped with automated and self-closing mechanisms that are significant in terms of opening speed. This also helps minimize pests.

Faster opening times minimize does not only reduce contamination, dust, draughts; these also reduce energy costs and increase production efficiency.

Automated doors prevent damage to the door by reducing collisions and also improves the safety of the staff.

Food processing industries must always adhere to the highest standards of hygiene practices. One of these is the choice for using appropriate swing doors that has numerous benefits. Having the right choice is crucial in promoting excellence in food industries. Thus, it is a good decision to invest in swing doors for food processing. 

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5 Reasons Why to Invest in Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Are you planning to have door upgrades for replacement of your phased-out commercial doors? Is the company having expansions and still undecided for what type of roll-up door to use? Or having decision problems on what fire rated commercial doors to use since it is a mandate by your city for your building’s new fire protection system.  

Making decisions for the next door is a big challenge for facility managers with a lot of door companies all over the market. Each has its own designs, functionalities and technical specifications that would answer some of your basic technical needs and previous decision shortcomings that cost company hard-earned lessons. 

Let Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a Division of Duraserv, help you make that decision happen with no regrets. We have been in the door market since 2001 and is the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, offer its Overhead Door – Fireking 634 Series – Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Traditionally, most facility managers simply choose the time tested and highly reliable ordinary roll-up doors as your next commercial roll-up door. However, why choose the typical over the multi-functional roll-up doors that can answer more solutions to your business needs.

In choosing your door it would depend on certain factors which includes some like what is the size of the opening, where is the door going to be installed, what is the wall construction, what material should my door be made out of, or how do you plan to operate the door? Such design and technical specifications would mostly depend on the decision of your engineers and specialists adhering to the original business plan as implemented.

Fireking 634 Series – Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door, or 634 Series rolling steel fire door is designed for masonry and non-masonry mounted applications, which is used in residential foundations and in interior and exterior walls in commercial construction. Ideally for warehouses, facilities with paint booths, public record storage, material storage locations, shared walls between businesses, file rooms, and public buildings such as libraries.

Reason No.1: 

The 634 Series rolling steel fire door is compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-80), Underwriters Laboratories (UL &ULC), New York City (MEA) and State of California (CSFM), standards set for fire doors and other opening protective covering of its installation, care, and maintenance. Annually, it is required by NFPA 80 that all fire door assemblies be inspected and tested including deficiencies to be corrected, follow-up re acceptance testing and maintaining its records.

Reason No.2: 

Fireking 634 Series – Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door is designed with a UL 4 hour label or UL oversized door label on masonry, concrete and steel walls and a 3 hour rating on non-masonry walls suitably for a variety of applications.    

The National Fire Protection Association’s Standard for Fire Doors and Fire Windows has a set of approved appropriate fire-resistance rating or fire protection rating ,for every commercial door hardware to name a few like three hour and 90-minute doors and 60 Minute, 45 Minute and 20-minute doors. It is a fire protection system in order to lessen the spread of fire and smoke between separate rooms or areas of a structure and allowing a safe exit from a facility or building.

Reason No.3: 

The 634 Series rolling steel fire door is featured with a fusible links mounted on both sides of the wall that separate to automatically close the door. UL recommends a 165 o F (74o C) fuse link for ambient conditions for 100 o F (38 o C) or less, or a 212 o F (100 o C) fuse link for ambient conditions over 100o F (38o C).

In case of fire detected, the fusible links mounted on the walls will automatically close the door, assuring immediate safety and protection of your business establishment. Suitably best for warehouses, factories, and industrial storage where has less security and protection maintenance, or facilities that have high priorities on their sensitive and dangerous goods and items.

Reason No.4: 

The 634 Series rolling steel fire door is designed to be flexible that has a mechanical auto resettable hoist (non-motorized) enabling easy drop test and reset of the fire door in just seconds. These doors are user-friendly that they can be manually managed and controlled easily and conveniently, thus safety and protection is anytime available whenever.

Reason No.5: 

Fireking 634 Series – Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door is built with several safety and protection features like Fire Sentinel® time-delay release device, FireLite® vision lites, smoke detectors, horns, and strobes. Flexibility with resilience in different aspects are basic requirements in our products. As always, we are upgraded with the latest fire safety and protection applications and accessories.    

If you are ready to install fire rated doors in your warehouse or facility, call Overhead Door Company of South Florida at (954) 266-7960, our fire rated door specialists and technicians would gladly help you for any queries about rolling steel fire rated service door, or any commercial rolling steel doors at our rolling steel fire rated service door Fort Lauderdale FL, and commercial rolling steel doors Fort Lauderdale FL service areas.

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