Guide for Choosing the Right Loading Dock Leveler for Your Manufacturing Business in Hickory, NC

In the United States, Hickory is home to one of the oldest furniture manufacturers. It is a city located primarily in Catawba County, with the boundaries extending into Burke and Caldwell counties.

To date, Hickory, NC has been a home of numerous manufacturing companies catering for other products, which is not entirely related to furniture manufacturing facilities. A high percentage of commercial and industrial facilities have been established particularly undertakes the conduct of business, which utilizes the use of the loading dock system.

The loading dock system is the integration of numerous pieces of equipment that are being operated to promote efficiency and effectiveness. These sets of equipment include the loading dock shelter and seals, barrier, vehicle restraints, high-speed rolling door, leveler and lifts, and other equipment similar in nature like the industrial fans and the like.

One of the most imperative undertakings is the conduct of delivery and distribution of goods through the loading dock. To undertake such activity promptly, it is very important to utilize the use of the loading dock leveler and lifter. To this end, the dock leveler and lifter manage to flatten and fill-in the gaps between the dock leveler and the floor of the trailer truck delivery vehicle.

There are no fast and easy rules that will serve as the guide on choosing the right dock levelers & lifters. But the best rule is to choose the products and services of companies with a trustworthy reputation.

There are five (5) most common types of loading dock levelers, which are the hydraulic, mechanical, air-powered, specialty, and edge dock levelers and lifters.

If you are in Hickory, North Carolina, it is strongly recommended to select the products and services of Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of DuraServ Corp. We are the largest and popular distributor of loading dock equipment particularly the dock leveler and lifter. We carry the products brand of McGuire and these loading dock levelers and lifters are as follow:

1. McGuire’s mechanical dock leveler, which is popular with its inherent attribute of providing strength and durability on top of being an economical solution to basic applications. It is built with a strong structural steel frame supported with the full-width rear hinge added strength and durability.

2. McGuire hydraulic dock levelers are assembled with low maintenance and repair qualities. It is also built with the structural steel frame with the push-button functionalities. It has the safest loading dock choice because it contains an in-line velocity fuses that prevent the free fall in a truck pull-out situation.

3. McGuire air-powered dock levelers are engineered as an economical alternative to hydraulic levelers. But it also has the push-button activation feature.  As its regular feature, it has an airbag or bellows system, which is used to raise and lower the deck.  Farther, it is likewise built with a structural steel frame and a full-width rear hinge for additional strength and durability.

4. McGuire specialty dock levelers with the usual unmatched environmental control for temperature-sensitive applications. It offers a low lifetime ownership costs and with the best built-in safety feature.

5. Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Leveler has a dependable push-button control yet quiet functionalities with the two (2) cylinder design with deck and lip.

In more than twenty-three (23) years of experience, we have been furnishing, installing, and fixing the high degree of quality garage doors, garage door openers, dock equipment, and other related products. To provide the utmost service to our clients, we managed to undertake and thorough training and seminars to equip our technicians to carry out efficient services.

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Ways to Protect Your Commercial Building from Fire Risk in Hickory, NC

We are all aware how ruinous an unforeseen fire can be to both you and your property, which is why suitable fire precautions are essential to maintaining a secure environment.

Business owners have a better knowledge of the significance of rolling steel fire rated service doors. In the actual scenario of an actual fire, these doors can serve a vital role in keeping flames and smoke from spreading to different portions of the building. They can also serve as a portal of exit of easy escape in case of an emergency. Fire-rated doors are specially designed to resist the extreme heat of fires.

To ensure your business is as safe as possibly it can, follow these crucial ways for preventing business fires:

  • Assess the Risk

Browse into fire safety code handbooks found in National Fire Protection Association and apply the necessary steps to guard your building against situations that might spark a flame.

  • Install Protection Device

The moment you’re aware of the unique danger and fire accidents in your workplace, perform preventative and safety measures by making sure to prepare the building with the proper fire protection equipment like rolling steel service doors and overhead doors.

  • Make a Fire Plan

Once a fire does occur, you need to have a fire plan readily available to safeguard everyone in the establishment.

  • Counter Check Your Circuits

Electrical cords, appliances and overloaded circuits are one of the top risks that could govern to a workplace fire, so ensure regularly check cords for possible damage.

  • Watch out the Heat

See to it that heat-oriented devices such as coffee-makers, copiers and computers are kept away from anything flimsy or papery to prohibit burning.

  • Remove the Paper

The same thing as keeping appliances away from papers, keep papers, trash and flammable items systematized and out of the way of the work area to lessen fire hazards.

Overhead Door Fireking 631 Series Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door, or 631 Series, is one of the examples of the overhead rolling steel doors, designed when your establishment is required to have a fire door. This type of commercial rolling steel door passed through the National Fire Protection Association for its materials and design that you will surely be interested in it. 

The 631 Series rolling steel fire door is designed for both masonry and non- masonry mounted applications including: facilities with paint booths, file rooms, material storage locations, warehouses, shared walls between business, public record storage, and public buildings such as libraries.

Customized fire doors are available for conveyor openings. These doors feature a mechanical auto resettable hoist (non-motorized) that enables easy drop test and reset of the fire door in just seconds.

Fusible links are mounted on both sides of the wall that separate to automatically close the door in case of fire. Additional safety and protection features are available, which includes fire sentinel time- delay release device, fire light – vision lights, smoke detectors, horns, and strobes.

Overhead Door Fireking 631 Series Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door

Design Highlights:

  • For Applications: Masonry (4-Hour) Concrete/Steel walls / Non-masonry Type (3-Hour)
  • Construction: Width-14’ (4267 mm)/ Height-12′ (3658 mm)
  • Built: Galvanized Steel / 24 Gauge- Curtain Material
  • RHX® FK motor operator: Available 
  • Color Finishes: gray, white, tan and brown
  • Wind Load Options Available: Florida Building Code (FBC), Miami-Dade, Texas
  • Additional safety and protection: fire sentinel time- delay release device, fire lite vision lites, smoke detectors, horns, and strobes.
  • Fire Doors compliant with: National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-80), Underwriters Laboratories (UL & ULC), New York City and state of California (CSFM), Optional: Factory Mutual (FM)/ UL listed smoke seal package (“S” label) 

To know more how we can help to protect your commercial building or business establishments from fire risk, you can call us at 828-388-8700, or through our website, inquire about our Overhead Door Fireking 631 Series Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door, or any commercial garage doorsgarage door openersdock equipment, and accessories at our rolling steel fire service door Hickory NC.

Our team at Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of DuraServ, offers reliable, attractive Overhead Doors that enhance the beauty of your home or business. Our service area technicians would be also happy to serve and answer any questions as well as take orders and render services for overhead door repair, door repair, overhead rolling steel door, rolling steel fire rated service door, and rolling steel service doors. At Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, we appreciate your time, and we will work hard to earn your respect and business.You can make a service request at, or visit us personally at our service areas: Hickory, Morganton, Lenoir, Statesville, Troutman, Lincolnton, Asheville, West Jefferson, Mount Airy, Clemmons, Pilot Mountain, Winston Salem, Mocksville, Newton-Conover, Claremont, Taylorsville, Wilkesboro, Boone, Black Mountain, Marion, and Spruce Pine.

6 Reasons Why Do Scheduled Maintenance Service on Commercial Doors in Edison, NJ

Industrial and commercial roll-up doors are becoming a popular choice for many businesses because of their multiple benefits. An industrial or commercial door is a substantial asset and an integral part of a home or business. Since it’s an important part of your business, having regular preventative maintenance will allow you to run your facility without downtime.

Just as having your oil changed helps your car run smoothly and having your teeth cleaned helps keep your mouth healthy, regularly scheduled maintenance on your commercial rolling steel doors, commercial sectional doors, knockout doors, and high-performance doors can improve its life and performance. Preventive maintenance is a simple way to protect your investment.

Let’s discuss further why you need to have scheduled maintenance service on your commercial doors in Edison, NJ.

  • Decrease in Costly Downtime

Preventative maintenance for your commercial door is focused on keeping your commercial doors in peak condition at all times, instead of only performing maintenance in response to a needed repair. Among other things, this includes keeping the track surfaces of the commercial door clean and free of obstructions, grease, and oil, making certain bolts and fasteners are correctly tightened, and addressing any damage or wear and tear which has occurred over time. Choosing preventative maintenance for commercial doors can help to avoid the worst disasters, saving your business precious time.

  • Increased Operational Efficiency and Reliability of your Commercial Doors

The more that equipment operates incorrectly, even if it’s usable, the more it’s unsafe and likely to break down. Having your commercial doors checked regularly will definitely increase its operational efficiency and reliability. This will give you confidence that your commercial doors will give you better efficiency and productivity.

  • Inspect and lubricate all Parts

Bolts, rollers, and other door parts, regardless of material, need to be inspected twice per year and replaced every 7 years. If any chips, broken door spring, excessive wear, or cracks are detected, these parts should be replaced immediately. Regular maintenance can detect any serious damage before it could happen.

  • Prolongs Commercial Door Lifespan

Commercial doors include several elements that can be under high spring tension, including bottom fixtures, cables, drums, pulleys, shafts, and brackets and only trained service personnel should attempt repairs to these items. Winding, repairs, and spring adjustments must also be completed by trained service professionals. In addition to these door repairs and adjustments which can only be completed by trained professionals, it’s also wise to have a professional technician perform regular preventative maintenance because professional technicians have extensive experience in identifying the potential for problems before they have a chance to occur.

  • Extended Safe and Useful Life of your Commercial Doors

Your employees and workers expect a safe work environment, and the added benefit is that a safe workplace is a productive workplace. Safety is very important in all workplaces. Having your commercial doors kept in shape will give you peace of mind. Less to no accidents can happen once your commercial doors are checked regularly.

  • Decrease in long-term repair expenses.

One of the primary benefits of preventative maintenance is that it reduces long-term costs by reducing severe malfunctions and downtime with your commercial doors. While investment is required for preventative maintenance, this is very affordable when compared to the cost of an extensive commercial door repair or commercial door replacement. Regular preventative maintenance saves you time and money over the years of use you will get out of your commercial doors.

Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey Commercial strongly recommends a regularly scheduled preventative maintenance plan for your industrial and commercial doors. Our preventative maintenance plans improve operational efficiency, safety, and reliability. Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey Commercial’s preventative maintenance not only decreases costly downtime by preventing some types of industrial door malfunctions, it can also decrease repair expenses over the long term. Scheduling commercial doors maintenance regularly reduces the need for emergency repairs to commercial doors in Edison, NJ. For your door maintenance in Edison, NJ, Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey Commercial is your best bet! With our fleet of fully-stocked vehicles and a team of factory-trained service technicians, we work around the clock to keep your commercial doors operating safely and efficiently. Contact us through 609-642-4864 or visit our website for a free estimate!

Different Ways to Handle a Damaged Dock Shelter in New Jersey

A loading dock is an indispensable part of the loading dock and dock shelter is one of the most important equipment to be installed as far as warehouse freezer storage is concerned.

This particular fixture seals the internal temperature of the storage area to maintain and sustain the regulated temperature with two (2) particular functions as follow:

1. Dock shelter seals the gap between the loading dock door and the frame of the delivery trailer truck to effect, it tightens the seals to keep the coldness of the indoor temperature; and
2. It prevents the contamination of the storage air from the outside polluted and warm air.

A storage area is being managed efficiently using the automated method as not to increase the financial cost from electricity consumption. When the transfer of goods from the delivery trailer truck does not utilize the use of the dock shelter, the storage temperature will leak between the gaps that will result in an increase of the warm temperature. Worse, the hot temperature from the outside environment contaminates also the inside air that sometimes spoils the goods.

The dock shelter is always being pressed and such pressure adds an inimical effect to the wear and tear component of the equipment. This is the main reason why that dock shelter should be manufactured with the use of high-quality materials. To this end, a dock shelter should be subjected to a regular maintenance and repair schedule due to the nature of its functionality and these are the most recommended ways to manage the damaged dock shelter. Moreover, the professional and proficient installation of the dock shelter likewise plays a vital role to prolong its lifespan.

If you are in New Jersey, it is strongly advised to avail of the services of Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ Corp. We carry the products of the popular brands and these products are high-quality and they are produced with the high-impact resistant materials to withheld the regular pressure against the dock shelter.

Apart from that, we installed the dock shelters through the engagements of our professionally trained technicians to uphold our clients’ utmost satisfaction.

The following are the dock shelters we offer to the public:

• Serco S2200 Ultra Shelter
• Kelley Foam Sided Shelter
• Serco S3200 Snap-back Dock Shelter
• Serco S420 Rigid Frame Dock Shelter
• Kelley FLEX-FRAME Impactable Dock Shelter
• Kelley TS Rigid Frame Truck Shelter
• Serco R620 Mechanical Rail Shelter

The above-cited dock shelters are one of a kind and they are assembled with different and distinct functionalities depending on the requirements of your dock system.

Further, our company also offers dock leveler, dock seal, safety equipment, commercial doors, and other pieces of dock equipment.

For your needs about damaged dock shelter, dock shelter repair, Dock repair, Dock lock repair, Replacement dock shelter, Dock inspection, Dock maintenance, dock shelter replacement New Jersey, dock shelter New Jersey, loading dock equipment New Jersey, please visit our official website to learn more about the details.

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  • Jamesburg, NJ (609) 448-6550
  • South Windsor, CT (860)528-1036

You may also contact us online and you may likewise send your service request.

Our dedicated coordinators await your call to provide you with the utmost service or you may visit our service areas for consultation at Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

How an Efficient Loading Dock System Keeps the Supply Chain Moving in New York

Do you know how were you able to get your food on the table? Not just how you bought that food from a grocery store or any food establishment, but the know-how of the supply chain processes involved? Unknowingly to most Americans, the food supply chain system is a highly complicated system that involves processing and manufacturing to distribution, also applies to other areas of applications such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, and our daily necessities.

Nowadays, loading dock companies across the United States are upgrading their warehouses in compliance with new governmental regulations as being imposed. Besides, other companies are taking in advance a step further by anticipating future regulations like safety, security, and loading dock issues to the next level by using some state-of-the-art solutions to address the efficiency in loading docks.

Most good loading dock companies like Overhead Door Company of New Jersey, a division of DuraServ, the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, now offers these ideas to go one better and playing ahead in the business game of loading docks.

  • Advance awareness and familiarization of government initiatives

It’s 2020, it pays well to know in advance. Be wary of federal government initiatives from agencies like Food and Drug Administration; Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service; and even the Department of Homeland Security.

Certain programs and guidelines affect the supply chain and direct certain needs to reinforce and uphold new rules and regulations.

  • Re-evaluate security systems and protocols

Most company’s think outside of the box, hiring third party consultants testing how good or bad their security systems works. They even come to the unthinkable point to let them be ‘robbed’, in that way they may know, study, and ‘feel’ the strengths, and weaknesses of their security protocols. By checking and re-evaluating your security systems you will ensure company assets such as dock levelers, restraints, loading dock lifts, loading dock seals and shelters, and HVLS fans are in good hands with peace in mind.

  • Protecting the trailers using restraints

During the unloading and loading process, use vehicle restraints to safeguard against thievery. Loading dock safety equipment like Overhead’s Serco Pit-Bull Truck Restraint Model Sl90 can be attached to the trailers to keep them separated and avoiding any trailer creeps which will lead to accidents or hazards. Another, the safety device also prevents trailer hijacking. It is connected to the facility building with an alarm system, if released without authorization the alarm sounds ‘on’ to alert the facility workers and the authorities.

  • Safeguarding facilities with seals and enclosures

Choose the right seals and enclosures to ensure it is protected from outside elements and guarding against energy loss during the loading and unloading. Overhead’s Serco S600 Dock Seal w/ fixed head pad, are the ideal choice seals that can provide a positive seal between internal and external environments, and maximum security level of protection.

  • Improve Lighting Visibility

Better visibility inside the trailer dock area will improve productivity and avoid accidents or hazards from happening. Try the High Impact LED™ Dock Light from APS Resource, which delivers a maximum light output that can be mounted remotely or easily retrofitted to existing dock arms.

  • Improve employee welfare

Comfortable employees are productive employees. Good and properly well ventilated warehouses protect the health of employees against sickness and hazardous working environments. Use Overhead’s SERCO ATEC HVLS Fans, high-volume/low-speed industrial fans to provide healthy air circulation and safeguarding the facility’s working conditions keeping employees warm and dry during cold, wet weather.

  • Use advanced technology 

Gone are the days of manual operation, using push-button loading dock levelers are the latest trends. By upgrading your loading dock equipment like Overhead’s Hydraulic Dock Levelers or Air Powered Dock Levelers, it will speed up workload efficiencies and lessen the maintenance costs, and gain big dollar savings.

While not all chain systems are created the same, an advanced and systematic approach from the start of the loading dock operation till the end process will almost always have good results of having an efficient loading dock system. Considering these systems has many factors and elements involved, knowing how, implementing, and working together systematically will improve the integrity of the overall supply chain in New York.

Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey, a division of DuraServ Corp, is East Jersey’s commercial door and operator provider for industrial applications, which can help you make your loading dock system efficient and improve the company bottom line at our loading dock New York, and loading dock New Jersey.

Call us today at 609-642-4864, or through our website.

We have the technical expertise and products to make your warehouse and docks safe and efficient. Our Middlesex County branch serves as the home of many medical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies. From our headquarters in Jamesburg, NJ, Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey is poised to serve all of New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas.You can make a service request or visit us personally at our service areas: New Jersey, Jamesburg, Edison, Union, Cranbury, Lakewood, South Plainfield, NJ, and New York.

How a Loading Dock System Keeps a Safe and Secure Supply Chain Moving in Connecticut?

How could something so tiny be such a problem? Presently, as the COVID-19 pandemic grip nations all over the world that spare no one, including the supply chains related to food-related logistics services and other vital goods in Connecticut.       

The devastation result made widespread ripple effects, as felt in the different sectors and industries.

American organizations and agencies have been taken measures to respond to, and eventually overcoming this pandemic. As each company struggles to survive, with great urgency COVID-19 protocols have been conceptualized, developed, and implemented to answer the new, novel, and bigger challenge in face of this pandemic situation. 

One of those best companies like Just-Rite Equipment, a Division of DuraServ, developed protocols and guidelines to cope, adapt, and eventually survive. Safety, security, and loading dock regulations issues are some of its high priorities. The implementation would somehow, or at least lessen the devastative negative impacts which would affect the company bottom line and the very existence of any business. 

Below we listed some solutions to address the efficiency in loading docks applicable on different business industries and sectors both locally and globally:

At the start, when COVID-19 struck the American nation the supply chain had a dramatic impact involving required measures, curtailed travel, quarantines, closed borders, and other restrictions.

Afterward, every loading dock should reappraise, think over, and implement protocols and regulations to adapt to the new system, which should be taken of high urgency. Security and safety concerns should be considered as top priorities to ensure company assets such as loading dock seals, loading dock shelters, restraints, and HVLS fans are in good condition and safe.

  • Safeguarding Employee Health and Welfare.

Your workers are your priceless assets, protect their well-being and health by using Kelley’s Industrial HVLS fans. Kelly’s high-volume/low-speed industrial fans provide healthy air circulation all over your loading dock areas and keep the facility working conditions and its employees comfortable. Productivity will increase, reduces energy costs, and improves the work morale of the workers. 

  • Protecting trailers using restraints. 

With a lot of companies using only ‘skeletal force’ personnel in securing your loading area, thieves are open for target opportunities like trailer hijacking.  Safety equipment like Just-rite Equipment’s Kelley AC-16 Autochock In-Ground Restraint can provide reducing the probability of landing gear collapse, creeping or vehicle walking of cargo vehicles, and the continuous restraining force to the chocked wheel, thus safely securing trailers even with less security personnel around. 

  • Choosing the right shelter enclosure and seals.

Secure your goods and products with the right shelter enclosures like Serco S3200 Snap-back Dock Shelter. It maintains secure and safe access during the loading process when the vehicle approaches, and if the vehicle is off-center, it moves back and upward to prevent costly damage to the wall and shelter. Then after the vehicle leaves, its gravity-biased design returns the frame to its original position.

Moreover, it seals and separates the internal and external environments and maximum security level of protection.

  • Consider Advanced Lighting Visibility.

By using High Impact LED™ Dock Lights, better and highest amount of visibility of the loading area can be achieved. Burglars and would-be-onlookers would avoid, or not even dare to target your warehouse goods or equipment. It can be easily retrofitted to existing dock arms or can be mounted remotely to deliver a maximum light output to keep the dock traffic flowing. 

  • Always Updated to Latest Information.  

Read, read, and read..everyday! Yes, since this COVID-19 virus is novel and new, any information about this virus is important. By being updated and aware of federal government initiatives, protocols, and other imposed issues concerning the supply chain both globally and locally, your loading dock business will always be ready and prepared for any worst-case pandemic scenario.     

Given the Covid situation, our ideas can be considered for your loading dock business to keep it a safe, secured, and fully operational loading dock business. While some of these may involve loading dock equipment and elements like vehicle restraints, loading dock seal, loading dock shelter, and HVLS fans, they make up the core pieces of your system. By efficiently working the system, these can enhance a fully functional overall supply chain, safeguarding your workers, avoiding loading dock burglaries, and gain profitably for company bottom line in Connecticut.     

To know more how we can make your loading dock system safe and secure during this pandemic situation, give us a call at Sterling, VA (703) 450-2800, Baltimore, MD (410) 536-0505, Jamesburg, NJ (609) 448-6550, and South Windsor, CT (860)528-1036, or through our website, our emergency response repair team is prompt and experienced in all makes and models of any door. 

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, since 2001, we have been known for providing high-quality and dependable commercial doors and loading docks to customers in the Mid-Atlantic regions. Our team of professionals offers design consultations with you outlining timelines, costs, and the care of your purchased product from Just-Rite Equipment

We have additional add-on products to enhance the performance of your loading dock rollup doors, loading dock overhead doors or any commercial doors. Our loading dock repair team is available when you just need something quick and our hours and shipping are convenient as well. You can make a service request or visit us personally at our service areas: Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

5 Tips To Keep Your Loading Dock System Operational in Metairie, LA

If you happen to be living in Metairie, LA and witnessing a gigantic truck backing into a warehouse, are you puzzled what goes on at the back of the scenes? The garage door-like enclosure beneath the warehouse is known as a loading dock, and it’s an adequate way to ensure that large freight trucks get loaded and unloaded efficiently. A loading dock is a recessed bay in a freight terminal or warehouse that permits for protected and competent loading and unloading of trucks.

Successful businesses established a strong prestige with their clients by delivering products on location, and on time. So that to inevitably happen, you need an efficient shipping system with regularly maintained equipment. Here are five tips to keep your loading dock system operational:

Tip No.1: Grease the Components

The same thing with all engines, dock equipment, and components need oil to maintain them running smoothly. Their specific parts are continually in motion throughout the day and by lubricating the pivot joints and hinge tubes, it prohibits them from corrosion.

Tip No.2: Let Everything in Organized Manner

Dock levelers are situated in a high-traffic area, notably if your business waits on shipping and receiving products. Such a busy place simply means that your dock leveler is more likely to gather dirt, debris, and rubbish. A dirty dock leveler pit hampers working parts decelerates its movement and corrodes its joints.

Tip No.3: Assess Performance

Rather than observing how the dock leveler functions while workers are utilizing it, it’s imperative to test the functionality without such an aberration. 

Tip No.4: Find out Fluid Levels on Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Hydraulic dock leveler runs on hydraulic fluid, which in turn is the medium of power transferred in hydraulic machinery. Low fluid levels cause it to decelerate and breakdown to maintain its maximum weight capacity. It’s strenuous to observe unless explicitly verifying its level. A well-trained and experienced professional should perform dock leveler repairdock leveler maintenance, clean, flush, and change the hydraulic oil annually.

Tip No.5: Monitor Productivity Movements & Missed Delivery Dates

An inefficient loading area leads to a decline in productivity and a hike in billable hours. Target dates are inflexible or missed with an erratic workflow, and even more, money is wasted by potentially paying overtime hours to meet them. Reading between the lines of your delivery trends and itinerary, instead of the typical number-crunching, can improve your company’s productivity and keep an equilibrium labor cost.

It is also important to note that during maintenance, establishing safety precautions is a must. The most effective safety measure to observe during this time is the lockout/tag-out procedure to ensure safety at all times. 

To further ease your worry, loading ramp and dock leveler repair Metairie LA, and dock leveler Metairie LA here in Overhead Door Company of New Orleans has factory-trained service technicians that are very well-versed with loading docks and all its different parts especially the dock levelers and how to maintain them. 

Give us a call at 504-822-0345, or through our contact us page, Overhead Door Company of NOLA’s commercial division has the products and services to create the safest and most efficient dock and warehouse possible whether you are retrofitting a replacement door or starting from scratch in a new building. 

Being your One-Stop-Shop for commercial door and loading dock equipment includes 24/7 parts and service:  

  • Full fleet of service and installation trucks
  • Fully stocked warehouse/OEM Parts and Accessories
  • Planned Maintenance Program
  • Team of factory trained /fully qualified service technicians – some with over 25 years of experience
  • Team of knowledgeable coordinators to take your call
  • Turnkey system installations/dock remodeling for New Construction, Turnkey Solutions, and 
  • Remodeling

Dock Design

  • Maximizing productivity, safety, and value starts with intelligent loading dock design 
  • Critical design details
  • Taking time to plan pays dividends

You can make service request, or visit us personally at our service areas: New Orleans, Metairie, Slidell, Belle Chasse, Kenner, Northshore, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, Laplace, Houma, Thibodaux, River Region, Ponchatoula, Harvey, Marrero, Gretna, Destrehan, St. Rose, Reserve, and Abita.

Is the Built-in Vacuum Cleaner a Practical Solution in the Garage in Cape Coral, FL? YES!

Are you tired of bringing your vacuum cleaner from the house to the garage just to clean your car every day? Do you have a hard time cleaning your garage that left you exhausted and takes a lot of your time after cleaning it up? Are you still using the traditional mop and water, and picking messy or small things around that hurts your back and left you to feel stressed even before the day ends?

Fret no more, garage vacuum cleaners can help you with those problems. Yes, the same vacuum cleaners used in cleaning your house, but this vacuum cleaner is a special garage vacuum cleaner used for garage, cars, and other back-of-the-house household works.

What is a garage vacuum cleaner?

A garage vacuum cleaner is an electrical device or a tool that causes suction to remove small items or debris from draperies, floors, upholstery, and other surfaces, and is installed on residential garages. The debris or dirt is stored in a dust bag to be disposed of after.

Usually used in cleaning garages, like on cars, garage mess, or after work home projects. They come in a variety of sizes and models such as wheeled canister models and domestic central vacuum cleaners that can handle liters of debris or items for recovery or removal from certain surfaces.

What are its advantages?

Garage vacuum cleaners were invented to make cleaning easy and convenient, safeguarding the health and saves a lot of time for every homeowner.

  • Easier and Convenient to Clean 

Cleaning your car manually is difficult and hard. However, with garage vacuum cleaners the messy area surfaces can be done with ease and not much useless effort. Vacuum cleaners can suck those hard to reach dirt without much moving and lifting things around.

  • Protects Your Health

Dirt and dust can cause health-related reactions, especially for allergic and pulmonary sensitive sick people. By using garage vacuum cleaners, they will just suck up that dirt and dust safely and in a healthier way. Next, garage vacuum cleaners can help you lighten your house workloads, reserving your body energy for more efficient and more productive other house chores.

  • Big savings in Time

Traditional cleaning is hard, takes a lot of time, and needs heavy lifting activities. With garage vacuum cleaners the hose can simply suck up all the debris or small things in no time, saving you a lot of precious time and the burden of exerting useless physical effort in a smarter way.

Is it really necessary to have a garage vacuum cleaner?

There are many answers to this question. However, since most American homes have garages and the necessity to clean them almost every day is a standard routine. Though cleaning your house is also a must, but garage cleaning is a special cleaning time, especially when it comes to car clean-ups and garage housekeeping.

Thus, a special vacuum for your garage is important, either hand-held vacuum cleaner, wall-mounted, or built-in type vacuum cleaner. Whichever depends on your choice, as long as you kept your garage tidy and clean always by using a vacuum garage cleaner.

Deco Vac Garage Vacuum

Action Automatic Door & Gate, a division of DuraServ Corp., latest garage vacuum product offers a lot of benefits with its easy installation, easy to use, and handy attachments with strong suction, adding a great and new edition to any homeowners’ garage.

  • Simple Installation 

The Deco Vac Garage Vacuum is designed for easy installation and convenience. By simply attaching the unit to the wall you can clean your garage, car, and messy areas in no time.

  • Easy to Use

Customized design same as any ordinary vacuum cleaner. No long instructional manuals, just simply attach the hose to the main unit and you can clean with ease and comfort.

  • Strong Suction

With its 400 Air Watts and 12-amp motor, you can strongly suction dirt, debris, and other small items in no time. No need to lift heavy things around, just work your way through and let its suctioning power remove those messy surfaces.

  • Handy Attachments

Equipped with 8 inches to 40 inches long stretch hose, helping you clean hard to reach areas. There no need for you to stop your work and move the vacuum cleaner nearer.

  • Big Savings

With its 6-year warranty period you can have big savings against repairs and maintenance costs. Durably designed to have long-lasting use, and besides it can be trusted of high-quality standards since it is made in the United States,

Deco Vac Garage Vacuum

Feature Specifications:

  • Floor Brush: 10 inches
  • Stretch Hose: 8 to 40 inches
  • Flexible Crevice Tool: 24″ 
  • Wand Holder
  • Telescopic Wand
  • Upholstery & Crevice Tool
  • No Scratch Brush
  • Warranty: 6 years
  • Made in the USA

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5 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Garage Door in New Orleans, LA

When it comes to choosing a garage door in New Orleans, LA, you may see plenty of options available in the market. It might also be very challenging to choose the right door from a huge variety. Most of the homeowners and business owners start with a price and some people pay attention to the material. Whether you are considering the price or material, many other factors are also important to take into consideration.

  • Location and House or Building Structure

If you are looking for a home garage door, you are likely to place a higher emphasis on attractiveness. You will want the door to enhance your home’s curb appeal. A home with high curb appeal usually enjoys a higher price when it goes on the market, and most people will sell their home at some point.

If the door is to be installed at your place of business, you will put more emphasis on functionality and mechanism than on attractiveness. Functionality is equally as important as attractiveness in both home and business.

Also, you need to consider your house or building structure. Many homeowners are seeking out garage door manufacturers that custom builds garage doors. Be it compact or huge types of overhead doors, always choose a style that will complement the architecture of your home or building.

  • Price

Garage doors can be as inexpensive as a few hundred dollars and as costly as many thousands. Quality, design, and construction affect price, and so do the parts used as well. Lower cost doors usually have a shorter life span and require more frequent maintenance than expensive and high-quality ones. The price of the overhead doors may also vary depending on the size, type, mechanism, and materials used. 

Garage door repair is also a function of how much the door is used, so if a door is likely to be raised and lowered many times during a day to accommodate customers, higher price and higher quality may well prove to be the better investment.

  • Design

There are so many options available, that you will achieve the result you want. You can choose between manual or automatic overhead garage doors. You can also choose between Thermacore Insulated Steel Garage Doors, Carriage Collection Garage Doors, Traditional Steel Garage Doors, or Modern Aluminum Garage Doors. 

  • Construction and Materials

Garage doors, today, can be made from several different materials. Galvanized steel or aluminum doors do not crack, warp or delaminate, and they are less likely to rust. Double and triple skin doors, and wood doors, insulate the garage effectively. Vinyl is inexpensive but it can crack with age or extreme temperature variation. Different materials withstand weather conditions differently in New Orleans, LA. A properly insulated garage will help keep the heat in during the cold seasons, even with all the coming and going. 

  • Durability and Functionality

A well-made, high-quality door that is well-maintained will always last longer. If durability is important, then choose wisely. Eventually, they all require professional garage door repair because of accidents, storms, heavy usage, or old age. Consider future garage door maintenance and if your door is durable, it can give you a bang for the buck.

When it comes to buying a new overhead door, most people forget to consider the functionality of the door. Roller, side hinged, sectional, garage door openers, and the canopy is some operating mechanism doors. The type of door that you will choose relies on the space of your area. If you don’t have enough space, the roller door is the best option for you. 

If you are looking for home garage doors in New Orleans, LA, consider the factors and choose the best overhead garage door company in New Orleans, LA. You will not just get a run for your money, but also give you peace of mind in the long run. Choose Overhead Door Company of New Orleans for your overhead garage door needs in New Orleans, Metairie, Slidell, Belle Chasse, Kenner, Northshore, Hammond, Covington, Mandeville, Laplace, Houma, Thibodaux, River Region, Ponchatoula, Harvey, Marrero, Gretna, Destrehan, St. Rose, Reserve, and Abita. Call 504-822-0345 today, visit our website, or submit a service request!

Why Hire a Professional to Repair your Garage Door and Opener in Cape Coral, FL

The implementation of the lockdown quarantines everyone from the rest of the world. This implementation prohibits all citizens to stay at home if needed as not to be inflicted with the deadly Novel Corona Virus Disease of 2019, which is popularly known as COVID-19.

The means of transmission of this virus is through the droplet, where the virus is spread through coughing and similar gestures that spray the submicroscopic infection agents within the range of 3-6 feet to another person through the respiratory system. Meaning, a person will be infected when he inhales the COVID-19, and thereafter signs and symptoms may be seen and experienced.

However, people are stubborn enough to ignore the inimical effect of the virus and some of them may still roam around and visit some friends and families.

Relative to this, when a residential home’s garage door is defective, there is a tendency that neighbors or relatives may peek and call your attention to seek help or borrow a thing. This possibility could not be avoided and possible to be undertaken.

That is the major reason why you should always ensure that your garage door is functional. To secure your garage and to prevent breakdown, you should undertake regular maintenance and repair to lubricate, change old parts and tighten bolts and screws.

Normally, people tend to perform their individual and manual approaches to evaluate, maintain, and repair parts of the garage door in order to save money from the service fees and other incidental charges.

Due to the fact that the household does not have the advanced training on how to carry out smooth and professional door maintenance and repair, residential garage doors suffer more flaws that resulted in their breakdown.

Relative to this, the proper maintenance and repair should always be undertaken by the professional and well-skilled technicians. In essence, the residential homeowner may, as a matter of fact, save more money if his residential home’s garage door is well-maintained because he will be free from spending an overhead expense due to the garage door parts replacements.

If you are in Cape Coral, Fl, or within the adjacent counties, you may as well consider availing the high-end products and proficient service delivery of Action Automatic Door & Gate, a division of DuraServ Corp. We fix and replace every component of your garage door. We carry all popular brands of garage doors and garage door openers. We trained our technicians with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness that in point of fact we offer the same day service upon our customers’ call.

Based on the above-mentioned facts, a residential homeowner should not take maintenance and repair anymore because it is more economical and safe to let the professional handle these tasks.

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