3 Amazing Benefits of a Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille for Commercial Industry in Charlotte, NC

Wayne Dalton - Model 600 Rolling Grille

When it comes to finding the right rolling grille for the commercial industry, you’ll find the right commercial doors at Southern Dock Products, a Division of DuraServ, ready to help you. Our extensive solution of Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille, commercial rolling steel in Charlotte, NC offers total security, visibility, and ventilation in a number of patterns.  

It finishes off for commercial, industrial, retail and institutional applications. This commercial rolling steel can be made from aluminum or stainless steel to meet your standards. The durability of the Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille ensures that the technique used for the construction of the grille will be reliable and has consistency when it comes to performance.

Constructed with a 5/16’’ galvanized steel horizontal rods, it can jamb continuously with covered aluminum tubes. Vertical links are also made from aluminum. End links ensure that the grille cannot be pulled from the guides. The bottom bar is built from tubular aluminum extrusion, fitted for end caps with nylons which act as bearing surfaces.  

The Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille is designed with an optional cylinder lock and installed in the bottom bar is activated with a concealed 3/8’’ steel tamperproof lock rods. The lock rods use a standard mortise cylinder with an optional removable core. Center locks are also available up to 25’ wide.  

The rolling grille/ rolling grill is constructed in aluminum and available in clear, mill or bronze with anodized finishes. A variety of materials are #304 finished stainless steel and galvanized steel.  

Below are the 3 amazing benefits of Wayne Dalton Model 600 Rolling Grille 

  • Operation can be a manual push-up, crank or motor-operated. The door mounted can be self-supporting and uses structural tubes or it can be directed to the building structure itself.  

  • The counterbalance consists of a spring balance which serves as a load- carrying beam. It encloses the counterbalance mechanism and provides an axis around in which the curtain coils. Barrel rings are made up from malleable iron or stamped steel that can be provided to assure proper counterbalance. Counterbalance are built from oil-tempered, torsion-type counterbalance springs. It is wounded from heat-treated steel which provides accuracy in door balancing. The barrel plugs are the ones connecting the end of the springs to barrel and tension rod. Tension rods that are made of steel shafting holds the fixed end of springs and carries torsional load of spring counterbalance. Spring tension adjusting wheel is mounted normally outside the bracket on the end line of the tension rod. The inside adjusting wheel for tight side room applications are also available in limited sizes.

  • Optional hood cover encases the curtain coil and counterbalance mechanism that is made to match the grille finish.  

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