3 Benefits of Having an Insulated Garage Door in Fort Myers, FL

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Residential owners focus on keeping the cold air in and the warm air out. This includes their garages. Investing in space heaters and insulated walls is a good idea; Not considering the garage door could result in leaking of air outside. Thus, this would result in a huge waste of money and energy.

Insulated garage door defined

Insulated garage doors are composed of two layers of steel with insulation between the layers. It is energy efficient compared to uninsulated doors. If your garage is attached to your home, an insulated door is the best choice. Insulated doors are also preferable in very warm or cold climates

An insulated garage door prevents excess hot air from getting into the garage in warmer climates, while it prevents heat from escaping through the garage in colder seasons. This implies better comfort while household members use the garage.

What are the advantages of an insulated garage door?

1. Saves money. Everybody wants to save money when it comes to expenses. This also goes with the energy bill that one pays monthly. Shifting to a residential garage door that has insulated steel would greatly achieve this goal of saving money. This concept is known as thermal boundary garages that serve as a buffer against outdoor temperatures. 

Most households heat and air condition their homes, some even do that if they spend a considerable amount of time in garages. However, garages that do not have proper insulation will continue to leak around the frames and windows. Owners will find that there will be an increase in the amount of electricity and gas bills.

It is recommended to change to an insulated garage door Fort Myers FL to find the difference in the energy bill every month.

2. More controlled environment. Investing in an insulated garage door is worth it as this helps in decreasing the amount of external noise that gets into the house. If the garage door is made of a thin, single layer or has many gaps and leaks around it, then it is not only air that creeps in, but also external noise.

3. Increased comfort. Preventing extreme cold or warm temperatures to get into the garage will increase the level of comfort among household members. No one wants to be made uncomfortable because of the outdoor air that seeps into the garage.

Action Door Products with Insulation

Action Automatic Door & Gate, a Division of DuraServ Corp, is a garage door and loading dock equipment company that offers garage doors that are perfect for the needs of a family. It is one of the most successful garage door and automatic gate system companies in the country, located right here in Southwest Florida that started through a $100 investment by a college student in Toledo, Ohio in 1974. Some of its products with insulation feature are the Clopay Canyon Ridge Limited Edition Series,

Clopay Gallery Collection 3 Layer, Clopay Ultra Grain (Available in the Gallery 3 Layer Collection), and the Clopay Value Plus Series.

If you need the services of Action Automatic Door & Gate, you may contact the following:

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  • Charlotte County: 941-627-0150
  • Southwest Florida: 800-375-3667
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Service Areas: Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, Marco Island, Naples, Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda, Venice, and Sarasota


People always want to use the best options when it comes to protecting their homes. One of these is through the use of an insulated garage door that has many advantages. Using this will truly be a wise decision for any household.

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