4 Tips When Selecting an Industrial Sectional Door in Concord, NC


The use of the industrial sectional door in Concord, NC is indispensable to complement the facility’s busy traffic drives and safety measures as well as their effective security system.

The sectional steel doors have been considered vital equipment in the industrial and commercial facilities because they facilitate the space-saving feature. Apart from that these types of doors have the automated attribute, which may carry out an efficient tool to promote both the safety and security of the workers and the goods, respectively.

To this effect, it is, therefore, crucial to be vigilant enough to meticulously appraise the attributes of the sectional doors. Relative to this, the following tips are important to be observed during the selection and purchase of the sectional doors:

1. Safety and security – these features are important because the safety of the facility personnel is one of the utmost important considerations. Security, on the other hand, should also come along with the safety measures to ensure that no intruders shall be given the chance to break in for the utmost customer dissatisfaction;
2. Aesthetic Appearance – an attractive looking sectional door adds value to the real property’s market value because when a beautifully crafted sectional steel door is installed, the architectural curb of the facility is emphasized that upholds the facility’s exquisite appearance.
3. High-end attributes – it is vital for the assembly of a sectional door with an inherent high-end attribute like the durability to withstand the impact of collision and hurricane;
4. Good quality Materials – the use of good materials is highly recommended because it reduces the frequency of the sectional steel door possible maintenance and repair.

The above-cited tips are the basic items to be considered to advocate more productivity and profitability. In this relation, Overhead Door Company of Charlotte, a division of DuraServ Corp. is the top distributor of sectional steel door and other loading dock equipment not only in the area of Charlotte, NC but likewise to its adjacent counties. It offers the high-quality sectional steel door to the public with the brand and model, Overhead Door- Model 416 Steel Sectional Door.

Overhead Door- Model 416 Steel Sectional Door has been assembled using the 16-gauged galvanized steel at the end and intermediate stiles with the interior mounted slide lock.

Moreover, the installation of this sectional steel door is being undertaken by our highly-skilled technicians that to effect reduces the costs for the maintenance and repair for a longer time.

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