6 Amazing Features of Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Serco Air Bag Dock Leveler Model AB

What are air powered dock levelers and what are the excellent features that you would benefit from them? An air powered dock leveler makes you use your common plant air to raise and lower your leveling platform with the help of industrial automotive grade air bellows. With push button pneumatic or air-filled lifts, it has enough strength to function in light, medium, and heavy application needs.

The seven amazing features of air powered dock leveler are: smooth transition design; vacant dock drop-off protection; exclusive safe maintenance support system; advanced, low-pressure lifting system; low maintenance; and reliable components. 

Smooth transition design
The air powered dock leveler has a smooth transition design that has a constant-radius rear hinge with a two-point crown control on the front lip hinge. In addition, it has an optimized lip chamfer which is able to reduce jolts to your lift truck operators, products, and equipment. It’s simple push-button operation makes it easy to handle and safe for its operators within your loading dock.

Vacant dock drop-off protection 

Another feature that makes air powered dock leveler is its exclusive safe T-Lip barrier that enables it to keep forklifts from running off the open dock. This also helps in stopping a 10,000 lbs. or 4535 kg forklift that travels at 4 mph or 6.4 kg/hr. Among the different types of loading dock levelers, this makes the loading precise and safe.

Exclusive safe maintenance support system 

Moreover, its exclusive safe maintenance support system protects your workers when cleaning out and inspection. It also provides a lockout or a tag out capability that keeps the system stable. This exceptional through-the-lip makeup keeps the support in place when the leveler is stuck by a lift truck or lifted to the highest position.

Advanced, low-pressure lifting system 

An amazing feature of the air powered dock leveler is its advanced, low pressure lifting system. Its cylindrical air tower is very durable and will really serve its purpose for a very long time. Serco air powered dock leveler makes it possible for you to enjoy its value and function, a really cost-effective choice.

Low maintenance 

One of the most important aspects of handling any equipment is the frequency and cost of maintenance. This lifting system does not need a regular maintenance schedule because its lip mechanism does not have to be adjusted. In addition, access to leveler pit is really easy for inspection and quick clean-out just like the Kelley air powered dock leveler.

Reliable components 

Last but not the least, it is made of reliable components such as a blower motor that is attached within the air tower for protection from the outside pressure and applications. It has simple design and only a few moving parts. There is also a seal around and beneath the dock leveler to lessen energy loss, keep the cleanliness of the area, and give comfort to the workers. You can enjoy these benefits from air powered dock levelers New Orleans.

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