6 Reasons Why You Need To Upgrade Your Garage Door in Tempe, AZ

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A garage is one of the indispensable portions of your residential home as a car parking slot and power tools compartment area as well as storage for all the old memories with sentimental value.

A garage comes along with a solid garage door to keep your home and personal properties safe and secure.

Just for compliance, most of the residential homeowners opted to install mechanical and low-grade garage doors or inherited an unattractive door when they moved in. However, this mechanical garage door is not always be considered as an asset because when it starts to break, the safety of your family also is at stake. Moreover, you will be spending higher overhead expenses for maintenance and repair.

To address this issue, it would be wise to upgrade your garage door to an automated one with a maintenance-free feature.

To provide you with the facts why you need to upgrade your garage door, the following 6 reasons will illustrate this need:

1. Increase the market value of your real property – beautiful and high-quality garage door adds an aesthetic value to your property as it elegantly transforms your residential house to an exquisite home.

2. Provides money savings attribute– with the utilization of an electronic garage door with a high-end door opener, you will surely reduce the cost for the maintenance and repair. The use of maintenance-free garage door parts is most popularly being installed.

3.Provides ease and comfort – garage door that is remotely controlled through your smartphone will definitely provide you with ease and comfort because everything is done through a click of a mobile phone button and you do not need to come towards the door to open or close it.

4. Prevent noise pollution or nuisance – most of the mechanical garage doors especially those with unmaintained and unlubricated parts produce annoying sounds that are irritating to the ears.

5. Provides safety – with the advent of technology, safety features of the modern and electronic doors increase the safety level to benefit the residential homeowner. Nobody can break into the garage because the door is assembled using high impact materials and could not possibly be broken down using regular tools and aside from that homeowner has the only control to the passage of the door.

6. Provides the utmost security – a modern and electronic garage door has the feature of remote and real-time monitoring and lights affixed to it may also be controlled using the smartphone. This feature intensifies the security of the residential home.

In consideration of the above-mentioned reasons, your old door is ought to be changed for the advantage of your family.

If you are in Arizona, it is strongly advised to avail of the services of Cookson Door Sales of ArizonaWith our years of experience, we were able to uphold our good reputation in this field. To sustain this reputation, we only carry and promote high-quality garage door products. To complement its, durability and aesthetic value, we see to it that only professional and high-skilled technicians will undertake to install them to your residential homes.

Moreover, we have a vast selection of garage door openers and we are always observing the prompt response to the need of our clients to show them that they are our priority.

We carry lots of products relevant to the garage and doors. To name a few, we highly recommend the following products:

1. LiftMaster Elite Series 8500 – with this garage door opener, you can monitor the activities at the door remotely through your mobile phone and aside from that, it alerts you for possible activity. It has more features such as:

a. Equipped with heavy-duty 24V DC Motor with thermal protection and
permanently lubricated gear and a smooth start and stop operation.

2. LiftMaster Contractor Series 8165 – it also have the above attribute with the additional .5 HP AC Chain Drive Electric Motor. In addition, it has the following qualities:

a. Single channel Remote control transmitter,
b. (1) Multi-function wall control,
c. Single lighting system,
d. Automatic safety reverse/automatic door stop,
e. Emergency quick release,
f. Automatic reconnect

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