8 Reasons Why a High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) Fan is Best for Warehouses and Other Commercial and Industrial Facilities in Philadelphia, PA


One of the foremost problems in a warehousing facility in Philadelphia, PA is the unreasonable electric consumption from the 24/7 utilization of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System.

The wider the warehouse floor area, the higher electricity consumption is being utilized. Let us take the case of the use of an airconditioning unit in a warehouse facility. A wider area is in dire need to be covered by the airconditioning units to maintain the regulated warehouse temperature to sustain the freshness of the perishable goods. To address, this issue warehouse facility owners resorted to the installation of the industrial fans to evenly distribute the cold temperature to all the corners of the facility.

To this end, high-volume yet low-speed (HVLS) Fans are being installed in the warehouses in Philadelphia, PA to resolve pertinent issues.

This is when the high-volume and low-speed fans of Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, a division of DuraServ Corp became popular. This is the Serco Industrial HVLS fans and they are designed to improve the airflow inside the facility that results in an energy savings measure. They provide a gentle breeze that is equivalent to a 4-7 degree reduction in the perceived temperature.

In essence, they are likewise effective for keeping the produce, products, and surfaces drier and as a result, they reduced the spoilage and potential untoward safety hazards.

The following are the eight (8) reasons why Serco Industrial HVLS fans are best for the warehouse facilities:

1. Clockwise and counter-clockwise fan functionality
-this attribute has been designed to keep the whole facility cold or warm depending on the temperature need of the warehouse. The fan can blow the cold temperature all over the areas of the facility to regulate the cold temperature inside the warehouse. On the contrary, the fan may also promote a warm temperature as it has the reverse function to siphon the cold air. That is why warehouse facilities may opt to keep the summer cooler and winter warmer all year round.

2. Technologically engineered blades
-with the use of technology, the blades of Serco Industrial HVSL fans have been assembled with perfection because they can produce a huge volume of air while regulating the strain on the fans’ motors.

3. Manufactured with power and reliability features
-the fans work quietly yet the powerful motor provides for the ultimate house power to continuously work without breaking down because of its direct motor drive attribute.

4. Elegant and exquisite
-the fan’s design is superb that it can bring the aesthetic value of the facility to a higher level. The fans are stylish in appearance but very tough to operation 24/7/365.

5. Cost-effective
-the industrial fans are usually designed to have a higher horsepower and as a result, higher electricity consumption is generated. However, since the blades of the fan are scientifically assembled and manufactured to inherently utilize their perfect blade contour, they produce high volume air at a low-speed. To effect, low electricity is being consumed that directly reduced the overhead cost for the electric bill. Moreover, the fans reduced the use of the expensive HVAC System, which also adds an electric saving measure.

6. Professional installation
-these are not the regular fans that may be installed only by anyone. Professional and highly-skilled technicians undertake for the installations to ensure that proper and stable installation will be undertaken to prevent the turbulence of the blade, solid placement, reduced movements and to secure the safety of all the warehouse personnel.

7. Digital Screen-touch Operation
-with the advent of technology, the Serco Industrial HVSL fans are being controlled remotely using the user-friendly and touch screen controller that promotes ease of operation.

8. Complete flexibility
-the fan operations are designed to work and be compatible with the modern building management system.

The above-cited reasons are more than enough to edify the good quality of Serco Industrial HVSL fans of Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, a division of DuraServ Corp, that will surely convince you that our product and service are the ones that may address your warehouse concerns.

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