A Quick Guide to Loading Dock Seals in Philadelphia, PA

OHD Philadelphia Nov Article - Guide to loading dock seal

As businesses grew, warehouses with loading docks expanded all over Philadelphia, PA. There are lots of questions from business owners about loading docks, dock equipment like dock seals, preventive maintenance programs, and other loading dock concerns to improve their operation and avoid costly repairs.

Here, Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia shares an overview of loading dock seals and the importance of preventive maintenance programs for your loading dock business at Philadelphia, PA. 

What is a dock seal?

dock seal is a form of a pad that trailer trucks compresses into when backing in and resting against dock bumpers, creating a seal between the trailer truck and loading bay. Most dock seals provide tight sealing protection for relatively low-price, but they are also susceptible to damage or wear and tear due to heavy traffic, forklift loads, and over-usage.

What is the purpose of a dock seal? 

Dock seal protects workersproducts, or goods from exposure to weather elements. The following are the benefits it offers:

  • more dollar-savings on energy costs
  • additional sealing in warehouse cooling and heating
  • reduces burglary and break-ins on the gap between trailer truck and bay doors
  • lessens employee hazards and absenteeism by sealing out weather elements getting in which causes employee illness and accidents
  • longer equipment lifespan
OHD Philadelphia - Kelley Wear Master Dock Seal

When to replace your dock seals in Philadelphia, PA?

Loading dock seals are durable but the pad eventually wears and tears over time. Once the dock seal is damaged its functionality and performance would affect the loading dock operation which would result in the following:

  • decreased productivity
  • decrease downtime product, goods, or items damages
  • monetary loss

The need to replace your dock seal is highly prioritized in any loading dock operation. 

OHD Philadelphia - Kelley V-Seal

Why it is important to have your loading dock seal undergo preventive maintenance in Philadelphia, PA?

Preventive maintenance is regularly performed to avoid failure or damage to happen unexpectedly. Usually, it is done while the equipment is still in good working condition so that it does not break down unexpectedly.

Loading dock seal preventive maintenance offers the following benefits for your loading business application:

1. Longer life-span of the equipment 

An efficient preventive maintenance program will extend the life-use of your loading dock equipment. 

It will help your loading dock operation performs reliably and efficiently, preventing costly repairs by detecting early possible operational defect or malfunctions. 

2. Improves productivity 

If your equipment breaks down or failed in the middle of an operation, there will be delays in the delivery of your goods, or products. If this happens all the time, you would be losing your reputation to your customers for not delivering on time. 

Through preventive maintenance, your worker’s productivity will increase and more profits to the company.

3. Safer work environment

Scheduled periodic inspections will create a safer loading dock environment. Loading dock accidents or hazards can happen anytime, however, with regular inspection, this can be prevented by keeping the equipment in good condition and functioning normally with zero-accident free for your loading dock business.     

Who to call for your emergency dock seal repair in Philadelphia, PA?

Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia dedicated dock seals repair in Philadelphia will assess your dock seal problems and have your dock equipment always operational.

Parts & Services:

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Factory trained and fully qualified service technicians
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Full fleet of service and installation trucks
  • Fully stocked warehouse
  • Team of knowledgeable coordinators to take your call

OEM Parts and Accessories

  • Minimize Downtime
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Stock Inventory
  • Parts and Availability

As a One-Stop-Shop loading dock company – Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, a division of DuraServ, the largest distributor and the leading manufacturers of loading dock equipment and hi-speed doors in Philadelphia.

Our loading dock sealsin Philadelphia provide the perfect solution for all your needs. Whether you are retrofitting or upgrading an existing structure or designing a new building, our team of experts can work with your architects or engineers to find the right dock seal products to maximize efficient dock and create the safest possible environment for your employees.

These are the dock seal products we offer but not limited to:

  • Kelley Wear Master Dock Seal
  • Kelley VSH Seal
  • Kelley V-Seal® Vsh Foam Dock Seal with Head Curtain
  • Kelley V-Seal® Vs Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad
  • Kelley V-Seal
  • Kelley Ki-400 Air Inflatable Dock Shelter with Peripheral Sides & Variable Height Head Member
  • Kelley Hooded Dock Seal
  • Kelley Adjustable Head Pad Dock Seal
  • Kelley “L” Pad Dock Seal with Hood
  • Serco SI300 Inflatable Dock Seal
  • And more 

DuraServ was named the 2019 Serco/Kelly Top Volume Distributor for the 16th year.


During this crucial time, we are here to make sure that your facility stays up and running. We are fully operational Serco and Kelly Dock Seal distributors who offer emergency repairparts, and replacement services for industrial and operators. Let’s keep your facility safe, secure, and operational in Philadelphia, Bensalem, Allentown, Reading, King of Prussia, Levittown, Langhorne, Doylestown, PA, and surrounding cities in Pennsylvania. 

Call Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia at 215-352-4805 or contact us for a service request.

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