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Overhead Door Company of Austin a Division of DuraServ Corpoffers a wide variety of high-performance exterior doors to keep your operation running smoothly. Designed to deliver security, strength, and smooth performance, a well-built exterior door keeps the flow of equipment, materials, and people moving throughout your facility in Austin, Texas.

Rubber exterior doors are made of heavy-duty steel with an impact-proof rubber curtain. Ideal for areas with a forklift and heavy equipment traffic, these doors handle large openings with speed and reliability. Metal exterior security doors create a secure, energy-efficient entrance to your facility, while rapid roll doors are the perfect high-speed solution for warehouses, car dealerships, and equipment service bays in Austin, Texas, and surrounding cities.

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Rapid roll doors are the right fit for entrances with frequent traffic such as warehouses, dealerships and service bays, facilities in Austin, Texas that also require secure access and minimal energy loss.

Albany RapidRoll exterior high-speed doors are the ideal solution for increasing efficiency and lowering energy costs in high traffic areas. As the main barrier between the interior and exterior environments, exterior high-speed doors are designed to resist fierce weather conditions while providing reliability, security, and aesthetics.

Albany UltraFast rapid roll doorsHigh-speed Albany UltraFast rapid roll doors deliver superior performance with opening speeds of up to 60” per second, making it ideally suited for high traffic exterior applications. The fast speeds and a breakaway bottom beam provide efficiency while smart design features help meet productivity goals without compromising safety. Albany UltraFast rapid roll doors also feature tight seals to limit air filtration and heavy-duty wind ribs to hold up against adverse weather conditions.

Rubber doors keep your operations going strong with fast, industrial-strength exterior entranceways

High-performance rubber doors open fast and work around the clock to ensure a steady and safe flow of equipment, goods and people in and out of your manufacturing facility. Engineered for the tough, corrosive conditions of heavy industry, our Albany rubber doors are built to:

  • Protect your operations from high wind loads, contaminates, and energy losses with durable doors, fast opening speeds, and reliable operations.
  • Keep traffic moving with a proven rubber door system that has a compact, heavy-duty operation with minimal moving parts and a collision-resistant, rubber curtain.
  • Boost your bottom line with a tried-and-true design that improves overall productivity, while reducing operating costs and safety hazards.

Key technical features of our rubber doors include a space-conserving profile, heavy-duty steel construction,  impact-proof rubber curtain, patented WindLock design, fail-safe safety systems, chain hoists for manual egress, low maintenance components, and integrated drives and controls.


Albany UltraTough & RR1500 Tough rubber doors – strong, reliable and guaranteed tough

The Albany UltraTough and RR1500 Tough high-performance rubber doors are strong, fast, and reliable doors that work even in the harshest conditions. With these ruggedized rubber door, you will reduce energy costs, safety risks, and weather-related downtime. 

Their extra-thick, UltraStrong rubber curtain (lifetime warranted) can withstand accidental impact from collisions, keeping your workers secure and your operations going.

Albany UltraBig rubber door – tough performance for big openings

From forklifts to heavy equipment, the Albany UltraBig high-speed rubber door handles large openings with speed and reliability, even in the harshest environments. The UltraStrong curtain protects against extreme temperatures while the Gusset and Windlok system keeps the door functioning in wind of up to 20 psf (88mph).

Select the rubber door entrance system that gives you the best advantage. Contact Overhead Door Company of Austin a Division of DuraServ Corp. experts to request a custom door configurator, 3D CAD drawing, product assistance, or a quote.

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