Benefits of Eco-Friendly Commercial Doors

DuraCycle Commercial Door

Commercial doorsare one of the significant fixtures in commercial establishments. Aside from the safety and security features of the commercial doors, they are also installed for an aesthetic purpose. 

Currently, the application of the commercial doors is deemed costly since that doors are frequently been subjected to maintenance and possible repair and replacement.  

Through the advent of technology, door manufacturers opt to develop commercial doors with the equivalent attributes to the metal doors yet cheaper and eco-friendly.  

There are multiple causes of commercial door malfunction and even destruction and one of those is the inability of the door to withstand pressure from the strong wind brought about by hurricane or impact from the collision against the forklift. 

A door may deemed be eco-friendly when the material utilized for the production was drawn from the garbage or trash. In short, the eco-friendly commercial doors are recycled plastic doors. Plastic garbage is collected and dissolved to form plastic sheets that may be molded and installed in commercial establishments. As a result, bulk plastic garbage is taken from the landfill facilities to be recycled. 

Duracycle Garbage Segregation and Selection

What are the Applications of Commercial Doors?

Commercial doors are manufactured and installed to commercial and industrial buildings such as but not limited to the warehousesmanufacturingretailbanks, and distribution centers

Why choose eco-friendly commercial doors to be installed in your facilities?

Eco-friendly commercial doors are advantageous to be used because it has a low maintenance requirement with a lower carbon footprint. Commercial building with the installed eco-friendly doors is deemed to have a healthy indoor environment and are being assessed with a higher property value. The eco-friendly commercial doors have a longer lifecycle with the capability to withstand extreme heat and cold weather. 

Why Choose DuraCycle Doors of DuraServ?


DuraCycle doors from DuraServ Corp is the best manufacturer and distributor of eco-friendly commercial doors. We designed the doors with the ultimate safety and security attributes that may withstand the force entry issue against intruders.

Aside from the mentioned attributes, DuraCycle maintains the high-quality commercial doors installation and superior materials on the production of the eco-friendly doors for the complete satisfaction of our clients. We make sure that our technicians are professionally trained with the newest and relevant training to ensure the lasting installation of the DuraCycle commercial doors to our clients’ commercial establishments.

We are dedicated and committed to helping every customer get hold of the high-quality and durable eco-friendly commercial door that as a result may also ensure the safety and security of their respective commercial buildings. 

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DuraCycle doors are designed and manufactured by DuraServ, the leading service provider in the loading dock, door, and equipment industry. They deliver service on a national scale to customers with large facilities, often in multiple locations, across the United States, and in Canada

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