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OHD Toronto Fire Doors Article
Commercial fire-rated doors are designed to prevent the spread of flames and smoke during a fire in a commercial building.

Overhead Door Company of Toronto, a division of DuraServ, carries fire-rated counter doors, insulated rolling fire-rated service doors, and rolling steel fire-rated service doors from Overhead Door. Connect with us online to discuss your fire-rated door needs or call us today at (647) 952-2188.

Fire-rated rolling doors comply with UL, C-UL, FM, and CSFM requirements for fire ratings. A fire-resistance rating typically describes the duration for which a passive fire protection system can withstand a standard fire resistance test. Rolling counter doors and rolling service doors fire ratings range from 45 minutes, to three and four hours.

Fire-rated doors are a solution to protect property in the event of a fire. As preventive measures, building codes require the installation of fire-rated doors in facilities for the sake of reducing liability in the event of a fire. When in a closed position, fire doors prevent flames and smoke from migrating allowing occupants to safely evacuate.

Types of Commercial Fire Doors

Fire-Rated Rolling Counter Doors

The standard for facilities requiring a listed fire counter shutter in a rated firewall. Fire-rated rolling counter shutters are ideal for commercial buildings, retail businesses, and corporate environments.

Fire-Rated Service Rolling Doors
Fire-rated rolling doors offer superior protection wherever a listed fire door is required. Fire-rated rolling doors stop the fire in its tracks, saving properties and lives.

Insulated Rolling Fire-Rated Service Doors
Commercial insulated rolling fire doors offer life-safety benefits, insulation, energy efficiency, and sound reduction by serving as a physical barrier when fire accidents happen.

Reliable Fire Rated Door Dealer in Toronto

Overhead Door Company of Toronto, a division of DuraServ, provides advanced fire door systems designed to automatically activate in the presence of smoke or fire. We design, install, service, and maintain commercial doors to ensure continuity of operation.

We are your one-stop-shop for Commercial Fire-Rated Doors!

    • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service
    • Extensive fleet of installation and service trucks
    • Factory-trained service technicians – some with over 25 years of experience
    • Fully stocked warehouse
    • Team of knowledgeable coordinators and operators
Overhead Door Company of Toronto services Brampton, Concord, Hamilton, Markham, Mississauga, Ontario, Scarborough, Toronto, and Vaughan, CA.

Safety and fire protection are essential. Protect your space with commercial fire-rated doors and meet your exact specifications.

Connect with Overhead Door Company of Toronto online or call us today at (647) 952-2188 to find out how we can help you.

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