Common Issues Why Your Loading Dock Door Gets Stuck in Tampa, FL

Cornell Rolling Fire Door

The loading dock door is one of the vital pieces of equipment in a loading dock system. This system has been engineered to ensure the efficiency and profitability of the facility and to prevent the Tampa Roll-Up Door Repair.

However, this is not always the situation because as mechanical equipment malfunctions, which adversely affects the proficiency of the warehouse industry where Tampa Dock Repair and Tampa Dock Leveler Repair are indispensable.

What is a loading dock?

It is a warehouse loading and unloading platform that serves as a shortcut for the storage and distribution of goods. 

Types of Doors Used in the Loading Dock

In Florida, the most popular distributor that offers high-quality and durable loading dock doors is the American Roll-Up Door Co., a division of DuraServ Corp. 

We provide the best quality commercial doors in Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville as well as in the surrounding areas. We have the experience to match the right door with our clients’ commercial property needs as well as the corresponding Tampa Door Repair.

We distribute the best quality commercial rolling steel and high-performance dock doors

Apart from that, we cater to the needs of our clients 24/7 for parts and service needs. 

Our products are the following:

Doors Used in the Loading Dock

  • Cornell ESD10 Service Door
  • Cornell Rolling Fire Doors
  • Cornell Thermiser Insulated Rolling Door ESD20
  • ASTA Commercial Sheet Door Series 200
  • Clopay 3200 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Cloplay 524 Sectional Door
  • CHI 3250 Non-Insulated Ribbed Steel Door

We carry the Tampa Garage Door with the corresponding Tampa Garage Door Repair.

Top reasons why your loading dock door may malfunction

One of the common reasons for loading dock doors to malfunction is they sometimes jam, and as a result interferes with the regular operation of a facility.  Contact Tampa Overhead Door Repair or Tampa Dock Plate Repair.

1. Power Disruption – when the main power of the facility is cut off.

2. Defective Section Panel – When one of the door sections is loose, it will hinder the smooth operation of the roll-up door. 

3. Defective door parts – with wear and tear, the dock door and the defective gears will start to jam.

4. Lack of maintenance – when the dock door lacks lubrication, it will start to jam. Without regular inspection and maintenance parts will start misaligning.

These issues are just a few of the many loading dock door malfunctions and the only solution is regular maintenance and repair schedules.

Things to do to Resolve the Loading Dock Door Issues

To address the issues of your loading dock door, it would be wise to contact the services of the American Roll-Up Door Co., a division of DuraServ Corp.

We have a wide array of high-end products and Professional Technicians that are skilled in loading dock door installations. We highlight our best services like the Tampa Loading Dock Repair.

For any concerns, you may contact us through the following telephone numbers:

  • Jacksonville – (904) 695‐0950
  • Orlando – (407) 857‐2427
  • Tampa – (813) 643‐7000

You may contact us with your rollup door service request, or you may also send your service request

Our service centers are always available to serve you better in the following areas in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa FL servicing all of the Greater Tampa Bay areas including Lakeland, Sarasota, Bradenton, Tampa, St. Petersburg

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