Features and Qualities of McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) Air-Powered Dock Leveler


Historically, Charles H. Hodges & Son company was the first loading dock dealer in the country from the East Coast in Baltimore in 1954. And the first invented and patented dock leveler is an airbag type, by Charles H. Hodges III, and had become the number one selling push-button leveler in the world.

Ever since the invention of dock levelers, the equipment has grown and evolved over the years. With different types of dock levelers for different applications that were invented, designed and engineered such as mechanical pit levelers, hydraulic pit leveler, vertical leveler, rail dock levelers, the edge of dock leveler, top of dock leveler, loading dock leveler and the air pit levelers

Dock levelers have become highly effective and efficient in delivering more profits to the logistics sector under different applications such as heavy industrial applications, manufacturing, refrigeration/cold storage, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

Through the years, the air-powered dock leveler has been re-engineered and re-conceptualized for different applications. Overhead Door Company of Charlotte, a Division of DuraServ Corp., offers its latest airbag type model- McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) Air-Powered Dock Leveler:

McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) air-powered dock levelers or  CA Air-Powered Leveler are a cheaper substitute to hydraulic levelers, but still conveniently operated with a push-button activation where an airbag or bellows system functionally raises and lower the deck. With its modern features and designs, the latest McGuire air-powered dock levelers are flexible, and adaptable for different applications of any businesses.    

CentraAir® Air Powered Leveler (Pit Style).

The McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) air-powered dock leveler uses a dedicated compressor, or existing plant air and an industrial automotive-grade air bellows system to make an upward or downward movement of the platform. Available with “push button” activation either electrical or pneumatic or lanyard controls, making the equipment perfect for wet environments and wash down applications such as for manufacturing, refrigeration/cold storage, and food and beverages.


The CA Air-Powered Leveler, an environmentally-friendly dock leveler that can have electrical functionality, or pneumatic push-button operation and powered by plant air, or dedicated compressor. Electrically, it operates off existing plant air regulated at approximately 90 psi or off on a dedicated compressor, making a minimal effect on the building’s electrical footprint. It can be operated either with push-button or lanyard control, where it requires no electrical for the unit, and ideally suitable for non-electrical zones or explosion-proof applications like energy-efficient facilities, high-security facilities, manufacturing, and heavy industrial applications.

Flexible Construction.

The McGuire® CentraAir® (CA) Leveler has a flexible design option to choose from such as 6’, 8’ & 10’ standard lengths and 6’, 6’6” & 7’ standard widths. McGuire CA series lips are constructed with a 4-way safety tread plate, the 25,000 lb CIR is ½” thick and the 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000 and 55,000 lb(Comparative Industry Rating) is 5/8” thick. The standard lip length is 16” on all capacities, making it suitably perfect for applications under manufacturing, heavy industrial applications and energy-efficient facilities.

Enhanced Safety.

As always safety comes first. Fully designed with safety features even while operating any McGuire’s hydraulic or air operated dock leveler. The full range of telescoping toe guards with a downward bias inherent in operation makes sure the employees are fully protected. 

Additionally, McGuire CA series have several safety standard measures like Lockout/Tagout Maintenance Strut during maintenance and adjustments which provides high visibility to workers, full-range toe guards and night lock security, and can be equipped with an optional STOP-TITE®, TPR®, TPR® UniLock or HOLD-TITE® series vehicle restraint devices or Light Communication System signs and lights.

Full Warranties.

CentraAir Series models are featured with different warranties to assure quality reliability and product integrity. Under McGuire’s Standard Warranty Policy, CentraAir Series models have a full one (1) year base warranty on all structural, pneumatic and electrical parts, including freight and labor charges.McGuire ‘s full-width rear hinge is so reliably indestructible that it carries  a lifetime warranty. Moreover, the lifting system (industrial air bellows, mounting brackets, cartridge valves, and seals), has a full four (4) year warranty on parts with four (4) year pro-rated warranty on its structural components.

Suitably best for applications like heavy industrial applications, manufacturing and transportation and transit where it has high workloads and costly maintenance, making sure that the company’s bottom line would not be affected and can have big savings too.   It’s 2020 already, do you think it’s time to upgrade your air-powered dock leveler, or still planning to make equipment additions to your business.  Now is the high time, call Overhead Door Company of Charlotte, a Division of DuraServ Corp. at 704-594-5094, or contact us at  http://bit.ly/ohdcharlotte-contact-us /. You can make a Service Requests at http://bit.ly/ohdcharlotte-service-request.

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