High Performance Door Solution for Heavy Industrial Operation in Philadelphia, PA


Speed and productivity are two important aspects of successful businesses. You have to maximize the time spent on production and transport to minimize cost and energy use. This is very much applicable in the entry and exit operations in your warehouse and manufacturing firm.

What are high performance doors?

High-speed and high performance doors refer to both exterior and interior applications that are designed for severe surroundings such as mining and chemical facilities. These high performance doors usually have patent-pending designs with improved safety mechanisms and self-resettable action. Their best features are wireless reversing safety edges, two sets of infrared obstruction detection, breakaway and self-reset along with a premium five-year door system warranty. ​​

An overhead extreme high speed rubber door often provides superior longevity and productivity. It is suitable for a vast range of applications such as manufacturing, food and beverage, auto and transit, mining, clean rooms, and temperature control.

What is Overhead – Extreme High Speed Rubber Door RapidFlex® 995?

Overhead – Extreme High Speed Rubber Door RapidFlex® 995 is a long-lasting exterior high speed rubber door that is made with a multi-reinforced NBR rubber curtain, and very strong guide structure to survive severe external surroundings. It has outstanding pressure resistance that displays an independently tested static pressure resistance of 27.0 PSF and can to operate up to 5.0 PSF.

The RapidFlex​® Model 995 consists of high quality standard protection features such as two sets of infrared obstruction detection sensors, reversing edge, and door stop device. This door model is perfect for food/beverage, parking garages, mining, manufacturing, and auto/transit facilities where every minute is crucial. This overhead high speed rubber door does not only serve as an entry and exit structure but also as a safety gear of your building, protecting your staff and stocks.

Why choose Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia

Overhead Door Corporation is one of the most wide-ranging garage door and opener manufacturers. For your high performance doors, high speed doors, overhead high speed rubber door options, OHD Philadelphia is your nearest and most reliable ally. Overhead Door Corporation is the pioneer of the sectional garage door industry, having invented the first sectional garage door in 1921 and the first electric door operator in 1926. At present, we remain to be on top of this industry given the power of our product innovation, excellent craftsmanship, and superior consumer support that highlights a legacy of excellence, expertise, and reliability.

You do not have to look farther in finding a high performance door solution for heavy industrial operation in Philadelphia. We are always pleased to serve you.

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