High Speed Door Solutions for Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Facilities in Charlotte, NC


If you are thinking of high speed door solutions for manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities, you must look for high performance doors. Taking into consideration the function and style of the door as well as the frequency they are opened and closed in a day, you have to make sure that it is made of high quality materials that are durable.

You have to consider the following tips in choosing any door:

Opening and Closing Mechanism

The first thing you have to note is how will your door be opened and closed? You may operate it manually or mechanically. However, since you will be opening and closing that door more than ordinary doors from morning till evening, then automatic doors will be recommended for manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities. An ideal choice will be high speed doors that can be operated using a remote control or by a sensor.

Door Features

Next, you have to consider what features you want to have in your door. Would you want it to have glass panels so that you can see what is inside or the processes going on inside without necessarily opening the door? Another feature is the insulation. You could have your door insulated to keep the temperature inside ideal for the workers especially when the weather outside is cold and harsh. With a high speed exterior rubber door 991, your main door is protected from pressure and the elements by the rubber covering.

Security features

Another important thing you have to consider when choosing for manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities is security. You have to make sure that your door has security features that prevent unwanted entry to your business and inventories. Pin pads that require passwords or access codes to close and open the door from the outside just like the high performance doors Charlotte NC.

Manner of opening

Think of how the door will open: vertically or horizontally. This would be depending on the architectural design of your building as well as the area where the door is going to be installed.

These tips are helpful but there is more about high speed exterior rubber door 991 Charlotte NC that you have to consider. Why don’t you choose the High Speed Exterior Rubber Door-991? This door is specifically designed to meet the sanitary and operational and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Also, it provides maintenance-saving and efficacy paybacks of great performance, high-speed, break-away doors. It is sanitary because of its stainless steel bottom bar and covers that can be wiped clean easily; it is safe with its full-width PVC window that offers outstanding visibility; it is fast because it opens at up to 50 inches per second and closing speed according to your specifications; and it has simple control mechanisms that can be programmed according to your daily operations.

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