How a Loading Dock System Keeps a Safe and Secure Supply Chain Moving in Connecticut?


How could something so tiny be such a problem? Presently, as the COVID-19 pandemic grip nations all over the world that spare no one, including the supply chains related to food-related logistics services and other vital goods in Connecticut.       

The devastation result made widespread ripple effects, as felt in the different sectors and industries.

American organizations and agencies have been taken measures to respond to, and eventually overcoming this pandemic. As each company struggles to survive, with great urgency COVID-19 protocols have been conceptualized, developed, and implemented to answer the new, novel, and bigger challenge in face of this pandemic situation. 

One of those best companies like Just-Rite Equipment, a Division of DuraServ, developed protocols and guidelines to cope, adapt, and eventually survive. Safety, security, and loading dock regulations issues are some of its high priorities. The implementation would somehow, or at least lessen the devastative negative impacts which would affect the company bottom line and the very existence of any business. 

Below we listed some solutions to address the efficiency in loading docks applicable on different business industries and sectors both locally and globally:

At the start, when COVID-19 struck the American nation the supply chain had a dramatic impact involving required measures, curtailed travel, quarantines, closed borders, and other restrictions.

Afterward, every loading dock should reappraise, think over, and implement protocols and regulations to adapt to the new system, which should be taken of high urgency. Security and safety concerns should be considered as top priorities to ensure company assets such as loading dock seals, loading dock shelters, restraints, and HVLS fans are in good condition and safe.

  • Safeguarding Employee Health and Welfare.

Your workers are your priceless assets, protect their well-being and health by using Kelley’s Industrial HVLS fans. Kelly’s high-volume/low-speed industrial fans provide healthy air circulation all over your loading dock areas and keep the facility working conditions and its employees comfortable. Productivity will increase, reduces energy costs, and improves the work morale of the workers. 

  • Protecting trailers using restraints. 

With a lot of companies using only ‘skeletal force’ personnel in securing your loading area, thieves are open for target opportunities like trailer hijacking.  Safety equipment like Just-rite Equipment’s Kelley AC-16 Autochock In-Ground Restraint can provide reducing the probability of landing gear collapse, creeping or vehicle walking of cargo vehicles, and the continuous restraining force to the chocked wheel, thus safely securing trailers even with less security personnel around. 

  • Choosing the right shelter enclosure and seals.

Secure your goods and products with the right shelter enclosures like Serco S3200 Snap-back Dock Shelter. It maintains secure and safe access during the loading process when the vehicle approaches, and if the vehicle is off-center, it moves back and upward to prevent costly damage to the wall and shelter. Then after the vehicle leaves, its gravity-biased design returns the frame to its original position.

Moreover, it seals and separates the internal and external environments and maximum security level of protection.

  • Consider Advanced Lighting Visibility.

By using High Impact LED™ Dock Lights, better and highest amount of visibility of the loading area can be achieved. Burglars and would-be-onlookers would avoid, or not even dare to target your warehouse goods or equipment. It can be easily retrofitted to existing dock arms or can be mounted remotely to deliver a maximum light output to keep the dock traffic flowing. 

  • Always Updated to Latest Information.  

Read, read, and read..everyday! Yes, since this COVID-19 virus is novel and new, any information about this virus is important. By being updated and aware of federal government initiatives, protocols, and other imposed issues concerning the supply chain both globally and locally, your loading dock business will always be ready and prepared for any worst-case pandemic scenario.     

Given the Covid situation, our ideas can be considered for your loading dock business to keep it a safe, secured, and fully operational loading dock business. While some of these may involve loading dock equipment and elements like vehicle restraints, loading dock seal, loading dock shelter, and HVLS fans, they make up the core pieces of your system. By efficiently working the system, these can enhance a fully functional overall supply chain, safeguarding your workers, avoiding loading dock burglaries, and gain profitably for company bottom line in Connecticut.     

To know more how we can make your loading dock system safe and secure during this pandemic situation, give us a call at Sterling, VA (703) 450-2800, Baltimore, MD (410) 536-0505, Jamesburg, NJ (609) 448-6550, and South Windsor, CT (860)528-1036, or through our website, our emergency response repair team is prompt and experienced in all makes and models of any door. 

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, since 2001, we have been known for providing high-quality and dependable commercial doors and loading docks to customers in the Mid-Atlantic regions. Our team of professionals offers design consultations with you outlining timelines, costs, and the care of your purchased product from Just-Rite Equipment

We have additional add-on products to enhance the performance of your loading dock rollup doors, loading dock overhead doors or any commercial doors. Our loading dock repair team is available when you just need something quick and our hours and shipping are convenient as well. You can make a service request or visit us personally at our service areas: Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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