How a Truck Restraint Functions for the Safety of a Commercial Loading Dock in Dallas, TX

Truck Restraint

The safety of workers in industries is of utmost importance. This danger increases especially in loading docks in various industrial facilities such as manufacturing plants or warehouses. One of these dangers is caused by unsecured trucks and vehicles. 

Data in 2017 showed that there were 270,000 injuries in the transportation and warehousing industry with 819 deaths, according to Global Trade Mag. Twenty-five percent of these accidents occurred at the loading dock. The significance of this data cannot be underestimated in terms of giving importance to the safety of commercial loading dock. 

What are loading docks?

Loading docks belong to the busiest location in an industrial facility. These areas are potential venue for high-risk activity to shipping personnel, truck drivers, and forklift operators. With the fast-paced nature of work in loading docks, there is an increased danger to workers who also work fast in order to meet the demands of the industry. 

Truck restraints work by either grabbing the rear-impact guard (RIG) or ICC bar while others engage the rear wheels only. An important feature in truck restraints in Dallas TX involves a light communication system that permits constant communication between the truck driver and the dock attendant. 

Wheel Chocks Versus Truck Restraints

One of the simplest kinds of truck restraints is the wheel chocks. However, these wedges positioned against the side of the wheel have the possibility to roll, making them not the most effective truck restraint system. 

Functions of a Truck Restraint

  1. Avoid Trailer Creep

Forklifts enter and exit the trailer in a repetitive manner that results to the trailer forming a gap from the dock, called trailer creep. Trailer creep is influenced by different factors such as the the grade of the approach, weight and speed of the forklift, softness of the suspension, the attachment of the trailer to the tractor, and the kind of transition between the trailer and the dock. 

It is recommended to use a manual vertical barrier restraint to prevent trailer creep. This lesser cost truck restraint permits dock attendants to control the bar that operates the metal barrier. The truck stops moving as a result of the contact between the barrier and the truck’s ICC Bar. One of these truck restraints is the recessed vehicle restraint.

  1. Prevent Early Departure Risk

Dock accidents occur usually because of a driver error with the unexpected trailer leaving the dock. Wheel chocks are not effective when it comes to securing trucks. 

It is important to add a light communication system to provide constant contact between the truck driver and the dock attendant. A Serco PitBull truck restraint is a good choice for this. 

  1. Avoid Trailer Pop-up/Trailer Upending

Trailer pop-up results when the trailer’s rear is sent forward and down because of the weight of the forklift. On the other hand, trailer upending results when the trailer’s front has all the weight that makes the rear end move up and away from the dock. An automatic rotating hook restraint can be used to avoid these situations. 

  1. Avoid Landing Gear Collapse

Damaged or weak landing gear can result to a trailer pitching forward. Using a truck restraint system is effective when it comes to preventing landing gear collapse. 

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The safety of workers in commercial loading docks is of great significance. You can potentially avoid these accidents through effective and efficient truck restraints. You can contact Southern Dock Products specialists to find the model that best suits your needs.

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