How do Impact Barriers Reduce the Risk of an Accident in a Loading Dock Facility?

Dock Guard Safety Barrier Lip

The loading dock is considered to be one of the most significant functions of the supply chain. It is where goods and items come up from the storage environment into the world of the business industry. 

However, the loading dock is not with the absence of risks. Try to picture out a typical shift on a loading dock. Semi-trucks – mostly dozens of them – they come and go, material handling equipment moves and brings product across the working environment, and employees work in and out – around the dock. It’s a busy scenario, isn’t it?

In whatever manner, the loading dock can be a dangerous place. Unluckily, accidents and hazards can and do happen on loading docks anytime and anywhere. There are always the latest articles about people who have been hurt or even passed away, lawsuits that have been filed with criminal cases, and companies that have been ordered to pay large fines and charges as a result of their remissness. And which, preventing these accidents from happening should be one of the topmost and key priorities of every company. 

A sole accident can have a profound effect on the morale at a warehouse, causing employees to feel unsafe and uncomfortable at work following an accident, which can decrease productivity, slow down downtime and eventually company bankruptcy due to company losses.

One of the most common accidents is falling down. Facility managers must implement a  workplace to free employees from falling off of overhead platforms, elevated work stations or holes in the floor and walls and other ‘regular happening ‘hazards and accidents. As such, the company must prove to their employees that safety is a top priority by investing in preventative measures that will keep workers safe and secure

How can businesses prevent their workers from falling? Apparently, installing loading dock safety equipment is available and cost-effective, yet essential investment that can help stop and reduce accidents, injuries and damage to products or equipment. 

Before deciding to select barriers to invest in, it is necessary to consider all of the application requirements. Once specific variables are clearly determined and understood, a user can choose the best safety equipment to meet their safety and protection needs. For that reasonimpact barrier Naples FL offers the following on how to reduce accidents from happening in a loading dock facility:

Dock Guard Safety Barrier Lip

Dock Guard Safety Barrier Lip is designed to protect personnel, goods, and equipment from accidentally rolling off the dock. It is most useful in keeping the lift truck safely on the leveler when levelers are used in below dock end loading conditions. 

APS Bollard Pole

Safety featured and great protection for a variety of dock or warehouse applications, available in heavy-duty 6″ or 4″ diameter, schedule 40 pipe with ½” base plate, optional cap available and floor hardware included. 

APS Dock Impact Barrier

APS Dock Barriers lower impact barrier bar has a construction of 9/16″-thick steel cable inside a flexible fiberglass rail that is capable of stopping a 10,000 lbs. fork truck moving at 4 mph. Safety designed with highly visible yellow nylon webbing that provides an additional visual barrier at the dock. 

It is a manually operated gate style barrier. When dock use is required, the APS Dock Impact Barrier is opened by releasing the latch and lifting the gate into an upright position with very little effort. 

The APS Dock Impact Barrier can reduce the occurrence: accidents due to forklift, pallet jacks or pedestrians falling off dock when the door is open, damage to equipment, load, door panels, and door track when the door is closed.

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