How Do You Fix Your Garage Door Off the Track in Phoenix, AZ?


Can you imagine yourself fixing your garage while getting soaked in the rain, or during the hot sweaty summers of Phoenix, Arizona? A malfunctioning garage door is a major hassle and inconvenience that everyone hates to be in.

Fortunately, door designers and manufacturers engineered these doors to be easy to fix and can be done without calling in the professionals. A great door company in Phoenix, Arizona like Cookson Door Sales of Arizona, one of the leaders in the door industry, shares some fundamental guide on how to fix an off-track garage roller by yourself.

What Garage Rollers Do?

Garage doors are designed with rollers to allow the door to open and close smoothly.  In order to work properly and function smoothly all of the moving parts need to be aligned correctly. If you happen to notice the rollers misaligned from the track, inspect immediately. Continuing to use the door can cause more damage.

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What causes a garage door to come off the track? 

Identify the cause of the problem is a common sense thing to do first. Below are some common causes of off-track garage door problems:

  • Needs Lubrication

Any type of garage door needs lubrication, even once in a while, to ensure all of its parts are moving smoothly. Some garage doors have their special lubricants, but most commonly others use spray lubricants, or even powdered graphite and household oils. It is advisable to do this regularly.

  • Loose Tracks

The next thing to do is check for loose tracks. Check if tracks are tightly anchored to the wall. You can use a wrench or a ratchet handle to tighten any parts that are loose.

  • Damaged or Dented Tracks

Some garage doors can be so delicate, even a small bicycle bump can derail it from its rollers. You can usually tell the tracks have been dented if you hear a grinding sound while opening the garage door.

  • Misaligned Tracks

The misaligned track is another usual garage problem. It can be checked by the type of setup you have on your garage door. For horizontal track doors, they will angle slightly at the back of your garage while for roll-ups doors it needs to be exactly at its level. Don’t forget to check the tracks to measure the same height.

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What are the Steps to Fix your Garage Door Off Track?

First off, prepare your tools and practice safety measures before fixing your garage door. You can use tools like pliers, a rubber mallet, and locking pliers and do not forget to use safety gloves for precautionary safety measures.

Step 1: Disconnect the opener 

Garage doors can be manually fixed, first off check the overhead for a rope that connects the opener to the door. Then pull the rope to release the door from the opener.

Step 2: Opening the door

Manually open the door by lifting it. Be careful in lifting the garage doors, they can be heavy and you’ll need extra strength. As always safety comes first, get an extra person to help you.

Step 3: Find the jamming wheels

Upon opening the door, check the wheels that are getting off the track. If you cannot find the spot, close it then open it again. For first-timers this can be a challenging task, you can call for technical support just in case.

Step 4: Place a Stop

You find the jamming wheels put a stop on the tracks. Use locking pliers beneath the door targeting one of the tracks to put a stop on it.

Step 5: Move the wheels back on track

With the lock pliers securing the tracks get a hold of the outer edge of the tracks and pull, the wheels should be back on the tracks.

Step 6: Bring the track back

As the wheels are well-positioned, use a rubber mallet to knock the track back to its original position. This will bring the door back on its tracks.

Step 7: Testing the door

Check the door manually by testing if it is well balanced. Remove the lock pliers from the track and try to move the door up and down using your hands.

Step 8: Checking the automatic operation

Once you are sure that the door is operating well manually, try using the opener. Check its automatic operation by using the remote control to activate the opener, then let it move up and down as you normally do to secure back the door release mechanism.

If you still notice any more problems like misalignment and jamming on its tracks, try to repeat the above procedure until the whole track is properly aligned. With luck, your door should be good as new!

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Who to call for a professional repair service in Phoenix, AZ?

If luck is not on your side, contact Cookson Door Sales of Arizona at (480) 377-8777, or through our website.

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