Loading Dock Solution: Install a Dock Leveler in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Serco Dock Leveler

Commercial and warehouse facilities are flourishing in Deerfield Beach, Florida. These facilities need to employ efficient and effective equipment to facilitate the prompt and safe integration of the loading dock system.

The loading dock system is the incorporation of different equipment like the loading dock shelter and seals, overhead steel roll-up doors, barrier, leveler and lift and other equipment similar in nature.

All the equipment mentioned above is vital to the proficient business operation of the facilities as they manage the easy access to and from the storage areas.

One of the most important equipment is the loading dock leveler. It serves as a bridge between the loading dock and the delivery truck trailer where the delivery of the goods and commodities may smoothly pass through directly towards the storage areas from the back door loading dock.

With the integration of the loading dock leveler, the management of the facilities enjoy a flawless delivery and transfer of the goods going to and from the storage areas. There are two (2) types of dock levelers that include the hydraulic loading dock levelers and the air-powered dock leveler. Among the two (2), the air-powered dock leveler is safer and easy to operate.

The hydraulic dock leveler utilizes the mechanical features to operate using the liquid attribute.

However, efficiency-wise, they are both co-equal equipment in terms of proficiency measured by the degree of productivity and safety features.

Moreover, the air-powered dock leveler requires less maintenance and repair.

If you are in dire need to avail of a high-quality and durable air-powered dock leveler, it is recommended to avail the products and services of Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a division of DuraServ Corp.

We help our clients design the safest and most efficient dock design to servicing your current dock equipment and leveler. We have the products and skilled technicians to keep your dock and dock leveler function to its utmost performance.

As a matter of fact, we carry the following products:
Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock Model – it has a push-button operation attribute that eliminates manual lifting;
Serco Air Bag Dock Leveler Model AB – this leveler is safer and far easier to operate and this may be raised by just a push a button without the need of a back-wrenching pulling of chains, walking down the deck and, best of all, no springs or hold-down to repair or replace.

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