A Quick Guide to Loading Dock Seals in Atlanta, GA

2019 was a good year for Atlanta, GA, for having claimed its place as ‘a bona fide startup hotbed’ with Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America such as the Georgia capital’s 101 businesses on the list, and the fourth-most of any U.S. city, boasting an average revenue growth rate of 86 percent. And for this year, keeping up its reputation is a much bigger challenge ahead.

As more businesses grew, warehouses with loading docks sprout like mushrooms all over Atlanta, GA. We, at Southern Dock Products, a division of DuraServ, gets a lot of questions from our customers about loading docks, dock equipment like dock seals, its preventive maintenance programs, and other loading dock concerns. Here, we share a small overview of loading dock seals and the importance of preventive maintenance programs for your loading dock business at Atlanta, GA.

What are a dock seal and its purpose?

A dock seal is a form of a pad that trailer trucks compresses into when backing in and resting against dock bumpers, creating a seal between the trailer truck and loading bay. Most dock seals provide tight sealing protection for relatively low-price, but they are also susceptible to damage or wear and tear due to heavy traffic, forklift loads, and over-usage.

Basically, not only do they protect your workers, products, or goods from exposure to weather elements and outside creepy creatures, but they have several benefits also such as:

  • more dollar-savings on energy costs
  • additional sealing in warehouse cooling and heating
  • reduces burglary and break-ins on the gap between trailer truck and bay doors
  • lessens employee hazards and absenteeism by sealing out weather elements getting in which causes employee illness and accidents
  • longer equipment lifespan

Our loading dock seals in Atlanta offer several types of dock seals products that would suit perfectly for your loading dock needs.


When to replace your dock seals?

Even though dock seals are strong and durable at your loading dock, the pad eventually wears and tears over time. With a damaged dock seal its functionality and performance would affect the loading dock process operation which would result in such as:

  • decreased productivity 
  • decrease downtime product, goods, or items damages
  • monetary loss

Significantly, the need to replace your dock seal is of great importance and should be highly prioritized in any loading dock operation.  

Our dock seal products in Atlanta provide the perfect solution for all your needs. Whether you are retrofitting, upgrading, or designing a new building, our team of experts can work with your architects or engineers to find the right dock seal products to maximize efficient travel around your dock and create the safest possible environment for your employees.


Why it is important to have your loading dock seal undergo preventive maintenance?

First and foremost, preventive maintenance is a maintenance that is routinely or regularly performed on certain equipment to avoid the likelihood of failure or damage. Usually, it is done while the equipment is still in good working condition so that it does not break down unexpectedly.

Loading dock seal preventive maintenance offers several benefits for your loading business application such as:

1. Longer life-span of the equipment

An efficient preventive maintenance program will extend the life-use of your loading dock equipment.

It will help your loading dock business perform reliably and efficiently, preventing costly unexpected repairs by detecting any possible operational defect or malfunctions.  

Our loading dock seals maintenance team in Atlanta can do preventive maintenance services for any type of business application to your dock seals or dock shelters. You will not be disappointed with our service.

  • Planned Maintenance Program
  • Protect your Investment
  • Reduce Lifetime Ownership Costs

2. Improves productivity

Through preventive maintenance, your worker’s productivity will increase and more profits to the company. If your equipment breaks down or failed in the middle of an operation, there will be delays in the delivery of your goods, or products and losing the morale of your workers. In the worst-case scenario, if this happens all the time, you would be losing your reputation to your customers for not delivering on time.

Our dedicated Atlanta Dock Seals Repair Team can assess your dock seal repair problems and, in many cases, have your dock equipment functional within a few short hours. Our service department stands ready 24/7 available, all year round.

OEM Parts and Accessories

  • Minimize Downtime
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Stock Inventory
  • Parts and Availability

3. Safer work environment

Scheduled periodic inspections will create a safer loading dock environment. Loading dock accidents or hazards can happen anytime, however, with a scheduled periodic inspection this can be prevented pre-emptively by keeping the equipment in good condition and functioning normally with zero-accident free for your loading dock business.    

Seals and shelters are another important part of the docking systems. Our products provide the perfect loading dock solution and we work with the best names in the business like Wayne Dalton, TKO, Rytec, or Albany to combine the right product for your loading dock needs. Check out our Commercial Doors and Loading Dock Equipment products.

Who to call for your emergency dock seal repair in Atlanta, GA?

Atlanta, GA has a vast market of loading dock manufacturers, and finding the right dock seal company provider is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

One thing for sure, what we recommend is a One-Stop-Shop loading dock company – Southern Dock Products, a division of Duraserv, a division of the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of loading dock equipment and hi-speed doors.

Considering a logical reason, why would you waste your time on a company that has limited products and services, if you can have it all under a single business transaction setting. Loading dock seals maintenance in Atlanta, GA is your One-Stop-Shop loading dock provider for commercial doors and loading dock equipment, offers 24/7 Parts & Services with our stock of high-quality tools, equipment, and professionals:

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Factory trained and fully qualified service technicians
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Full fleet of service and installation trucks
  • Fully stocked warehouse
  • Team of knowledgeable coordinators to take your call

Get to learn more about us at (770) 338-9988 or Toll-Free Number: 1-800-994-2361, or through our website for any questions about our dock seals or any loading dock needs such as commercial doors, safety equipment, and truck restraints, dock leveler and lifts, aftermarket products, dock seals and shelters, and industrial fans in Atlanta GA.For a service request in Fort Worth, TX, Houston, TX, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, Shreveport, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, Jacksonville, FL, and Charlotte, NC.

8 Tips to Maximize Efficiency at your Loading Dock in Atlanta, GA

Loading docks are the heart that circulates oxygen and blood throughout the entire body of your warehouse.  When they are operating effectively, you can maximize your facility’s productivity and profitability.

But then, when your loading dock operations are incompetent, this could result in diminished productivity, product or equipment impair, and even probable accidents.  Take time to follow our tips to assure you are efficiently performing operations at your loading dock and maximizing profits in Atlanta, GA.


Tip No. 1: Designed airflow

Focusing on airflow within your facility permits workers to be as convenient as possible, which raises their high integrity and morale, their productivity results, and eventually company bottom line profits.  One of the first procedures in enhancing facility airflow is to install HVLS fans.

HVLS fans such as Serco ATEC Fan can keep your employees cool and comfortable. The 2-3 mph breeze delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree reduction keeping them comfortable and at ease in their working environment with big savings on heating and energy cost.

Tip No. 2: Let there be an illumination

High-powered loading dock lights provide proper illumination around the loading and unloading dock areas and along the insides of the trailers. This light allows a safe working environment for workers where they can freely move around and avoiding accidents to happen.

Loading dock lights allow for a facility to be properly lit around the loading and unloading area.  As well as lighting up the inside of the loading dock area, dock lights are useful for lighting up the inside of trailers as well.

Tip No. 3: Superb Performance 

Hydraulic or Air-Powered levelers offered by Southern Dock Products that operate at the touch of a button are the most efficient dock leveler choices.

The Serco Air Bag Dock Leveler Model AB model does not depend upon manual activation, yielding in the best combination of efficiency and stability on the loading dock business today.

Tip No. 4: Employee protected zones

A busy and effective warehouse is often a productive warehouse. Alongside with dock equipment like forklifts and trailers, dockworkers and other people continually moving around your warehouse, it’s essentially important to keep a highly productive and accident-free facility.

Southern Dock’s Dock Guard™ Safety Barrier Lip safely provides access to the facility while making sure safety barriers are within the work areas.

Tip No. 5: Keeping Up and Following Procedures

To assure safety and efficiency, all dock equipment at the loading dock areas must operate in the correct and proper sequence.  Incorrect order can potentially lead to equipment damage and even injury to the workers.

Southern Dock’s Intelligent Loading Dock Design is engineered to maximize productivity, safety, and value all over your loading docks. Everything is done to your requested measurements and capacity requirements to assure you achieve your company bottom line.

Tip No. 6: Clear and Consistent Communication 

Both exterior and interior loading dock traffic lights offer excellent communication between the truck driver and dock workers.  Vivid and consistent communication assures that during the unloading and loading process with vehicle or trailer trucks departure takes place safely and efficiently.

Additionally, the G-Flex LED Dock Light™ has a light communication feature that can provide a minimum amount of energy for the maximum light output into your trailer.

Tip No. 7: Go for Vertical

The Serco Vertical Dock Leveler of Southern Dock Products permit truck drivers to back right up to the dock bumpers with the no need of getting out and opening the trailer doors beforehand.  This enhances the efficiency of the loading and unloading steps by safely speeding up the loading dock process and eliminating unwanted work.

Tip No. 8: Restraints

Wheel chocks can take precious time to position, and if they are misled, they can be a hazard and not perform well.  A safer and more efficient choice is powered vehicle restraints. When the truck backs up to the loading area, Southern Dock Product’s vehicle restraints secure the trailers and safely holds it until a truck is ready to depart.

Vehicle restraints such as Serco Universal Truck-Chock In-Ground Wheel Restraint prevent accidents like trailer upending, landing gear collapse, vehicle walks, and early departure. Designed with a chock flush mounted in-ground, providing no interference for snowplows or drive cleanup.

How to optimize your loading bays?

Keeping a comfortable and healthy working environment for your employees is one of the priorities to ensure an efficient workable facility. Prohibiting unwanted exchange of air at your loading bays can assure that a good indoor temperature is well-maintained.

A dock shelter creates a secure seal around your loading bay entrances when vans are docked. Optimizing functionality at your loading bays is effortless with a Serco S2200 Ultra Shelter.

Loading is smooth, both by hand or with a pallet truck or roll cage thanks to the removable bottom cushion. And Serco S2200’s tight sealing further improves functionality as it maintains worst weather out – and an optional rain protection roof can often be added so you can be sure that all detrimental weather conditions stay outside.

How often your dock leveler should be serviced?

Thinking when and how often to service your dock levelers at first depends on the type of dock leveler you utilize.

When it speaks of servicing mechanical dock levelers, they are highly recommended to execute routine maintenance checks and tasks every day, with a more thorough maintenance inspection taking place every three months.

Our Atlanta dock levelers service office offers a variety of mechanical dock levelers which include:

Planned Maintenance Program

  • Protect Your Investment
  • Reduce Lifetime Ownership Costs

Daily, our Atlanta dock repair Team can make sure that all dirt and debris are detached from in and around the leveler so its performance is not hampered with.  Additionally, our Atlanta loading dock repairs will make sure the hinge section of the lip and the platform is tidy and distinct to reach customer’s repair and service satisfaction.

24/7 Parts and Service Availability

  • Full fleet of service and installation trucks
  • Fully stocked warehouse
  • Team of factory trained and fully qualified service technicians 
  • Team of knowledgeable coordinators to take your call

 OEM Parts and Accessories 

  • Minimize Downtime
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Stocked Inventory

Seals and shelters are another significant part of the docking systems. Atlanta Dock Seals have systems that are designed to balance the weather system between trucks and warehouses. 

Moreover, Atlanta dock shelters can extend help that keeps humidity outside where it belongs, not destroying your products or taxing your refrigeration.

Southern Dock Products offers a variety of dock seals and shelters such as:


Why consult the experts in loading dock?

The moment a dock leveler goes down, it can produce essential operation setbacks in both shipping and receiving, leading to repercussions that ripple throughout the company. 

Warehouse interference caused by bottlenecks in the loading dock put customer relationships in danger. A broken dock leveler can result in additional labor costs, challenges with vendors and suppliers, and a risky work environment.

Hence, consulting experts in loading dock is the rightful move that you have to perform. Whether you have an urge of a minor adjustment on a pit leveler or emergency loading dock equipment repair, you can depend on the Southern Dock Products service team to be on time, courteous, and safe.

Let Southern Dock Productsa Division of DuraServ, help you with our tips to assure you are efficiently performing operations at your loading dock and maximizing profits for company bottom line.

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