Tips When Choosing High-Speed Doors for Severe Weather for your Industrial Businesses in Austin, TX

High-Speed doors are one of the indispensable equipment in a commercial facility. The efficiency of the high-speed door also affects the productivity of the warehouse facilities because the regular transport or delivery of the goods is being undertaken through the loading dock if a high-speed door is installed.

What is a High-Speed Door or High-Performance Door?

High-speed doors are products of advanced technologies that facilitate the fast door functionalities in a commercial and industrial setting to promote higher productivity. These types of doors can handle a higher degree of productivity and profitability through a lower maintenance cost.


What makes a tough high-speed door?

Typically, Austin Commercial Door may be classified as tough when it meets the following requirements:

  1. It is manufactured using the roll-up steel materials.
  2. It is an impact-resistant door that can withhold a collision or even the effects of a hurricane.

What Type of Albany high-speed door best for severe weather?

All the high-speed doors of Albany are assembled with the utmost quality and durability. However, each door has its unique attribute that can be matched only to the purpose for which it will be utilized.

Since all the doors of Albany are manufactured with the heavy-duty frames and high dependability, any one of the following high-speed doors may withstand severe weather conditions. Our doors are engineered for industrial applications. That is why you can expect safety and efficiency even during the severe weather condition. 

However, Albany Ultra Tough M&I Rubber Door are suited for severe weather application because they come with a thick rubber curtain, patented wind lock design and an airtight seal, they can also resist extreme wind pressure.

They are the following:

Where you can get the highest quality products and installation of a high-speed door in Austin, TX.

In Austin, TX, it is the Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ Corp is the only trustworthy and professional company that may deliver you needs in terms of high-speed doors.

We have mastered the creation and design of the safest and most efficient loading dock system with the integration of high-quality and durable high-speed doors. We have all kinds of doors to fit both your commercial and industrial applications.

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How Equipped is your Warehouse or Distribution Center To Prevent Food Contamination Risks in Austin, TX?

A warehouse or distribution center that caters food is very sensitive that mandatorily requires utmost care and protection.

The pieces of equipment to be installed in a food warehouse or distribution should be assembled particularly for this specific purpose only. Otherwise, your food will be subjected to food contamination.


What is a warehouse or distribution center?

A warehouse or distribution center is a specialized demand-driven building that is engineered to integrate a refrigeration system or air-conditioning, which stocked goods for redistribution purposes to the retailers and wholesalers.

This facility is designed for perishable goods only and a special door is highly recommended to be installed to sustain and promote the freshness of the products.

A contamination risk has always been experienced by the different food manufacturers including the functions that carries or load food products. This undertaking should always be in line with the guidelines being observed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) to be considered compliant. This process is been formulated to prevent the proliferation of foodborne illnesses.

With the serious observance of FSMA, it elevates the safety level of these facilities into a safe zone against contamination. For instance, in the presence of an Austin broken door, the owner of the facility has the obligation to undertake a corresponding Austin spring repair.

What is STHAF rule?

The Sanitary Transport of Human and Animal Food (STHAF) is one of the reforms being advocated by FSMA and as a matter of fact, it is one of the latest regulations being undertaken to get hold of the enforcement phase.

What kind of roll-up door suitable for the warehouse facility?

There are several types of roll-up doors designed for this facility. The best ones are being offered by Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ Corp and they are as follow:

  1. Overhead Door- Fireking 631 Series- Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door
  2. Overhead Door – Fireking 634 Series – Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door
  3. Overhead Door- Fireking 630 Series- Insulated Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door
  4. Overhead Door- Fireking 630 Series- Rolling Steel Fire Rated Service Door
  5. Overhead Door- Model 600 Coil-Away Rolling Steel Service Door
  6. Overhead Door- Model 610 Rolling Steel Service Door
  7. Overhead Door- Model 620 Stormtite Rolling Steel Service Door
  8. Overhead Door- Model 625 Stormtite Insulated Rolling Steel Service Door
  9. Overhead Door- Model 640 Rolling Fire Counter Door
  10. Overhead Door- Model 641 Stainless Steel Rolling Fire Counter Door
  11. Overhead Door- Model 660 Integral Frame Rolling Fire Counter Door

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