Overhead Doors Distributor and Installation Services in Tennessee

Since 1979Industrial Equipment & Specialties has been providing businesses with the highest quality products, services, and solutions to commercial dock and door customers throughout the Mid-South.

Looking for overhead doors in Tennessee? Call Industrial Equipment & Specialties at (901) 363-2112  or connect with us online for commercial and industrial overhead door solutions.

Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional overhead doors are panel–style doors that run vertically along the wall or liftback over the loading dock area. These doors can be insulated or non-insulated, motor-operated, or manual. They are the economic option for most facilities.

Coiling doors

Coiling doors are slat-style doors that roll up around a barrel. These units are perfect for low headroom or large opening-type applications.

RYTEC Fast-Fold® Electric Door

With its natural ability to withstand forklift impact without sustaining damage, the Fast-Fold® door introduced the Break-Away™ concept to the United States in 1985. It can be used almost anywhere, for interior, exterior, warehousing, manufacturing, or commercial applications.

Design Highlights

    • Fast: Opens at up to 84 inches per second for improved traffic flow.
    • Threshold Safety: With its full height, clear PVC panels, the Fast-Fold provides great visibility and added safety for interior applications where fork trucks and other equipment are crossing the threshold in both directions, crossing the door’s traffic lane, or both.
    • Energy Efficient: Overlapping Puralon™ panels with rope tie panel connectors offer a great seal to dramatically reduce energy loss.
    • Durable & Low Maintenance: Engineered to last millions of cycles with minimum maintenance.
    • Takes A Hit: Withstands fork truck impact with little or no damage, virtually eliminating downtime.
    • Easy Installation: Modular construction and easy to hang panel mounting hardware allow for quick and easy installation.

RYTEC Spiral® VP™ Sping Balanced (SVP-B)

For commercial environments with light to moderate traffic, the lower speed/lower cycle Spiral VP door offers aesthetic quality, durable performance, and reliable security.


    • Architecturally designed to complement the high-speed Spiral® line – for lower speed, lower cycle applications
    • Crisp lines provide a stylish look ideal for new and existing auto dealerships and commercial automotive applications
    • ‘Moving facade’ provides open accessibility and secure separation in hospitality-focused environments
    • Unmatched 20-year warranty on high-cycle components including rollers, hinges and door tracks

RYTEC Spiral®

The Spiral® commercial overhead door offers high-speed operation for high-traffic situations and rigid aluminum slat construction that eliminates the need for a second security door.


    • No metal-to-metal contact reduces wear on the door panel and offers fast, quiet operation.
    • Opening speeds up to 60 inches per second allow for improved traffic flow and enhanced customer perception.
    • Counterbalance system, patented spiral design, and AC drive reduce wear and increase door longevity, with minimal preventative maintenance.
    • Double-walled aluminum slats, integral rubber weather seals, and a heavy-duty hinge system provide solid security.

RYTEC Spiral® LH®

The Spiral® LH® (Low Headroom) door offers high-speed for high-traffic situations. It meets low headroom garage door requirements for parking garages and other commercial structures.


    • Special track design allows a door to fit with as little as 10 inches of clearance.
    • Innovative engineering uses a compact, variable-speed motor to achieve opening speeds up to 60 inches per second within a smaller footprint.
    • Counterbalance system, patented spiral design, and AC drive reduce wear and increase door longevity, with minimal preventative maintenance.

RYTEC Predadoor NXT®

The PredaDoor NXT is the top-selling high-speed roll-up door with next-generation features. Ideal for interior and exterior applications where speed, low maintenance, and dependability are critical.


    • Limited amount of conventional wear parts require minimal maintenance or repair for the life of the door.
    • Fast opening speeds, up to 50 inches per second, improve traffic flow, productivity and energy conservation.
    • NXT Quick-Set repair allows the door to be easily reset without tools.
    • Variable AC drive and intelligent controller reduce wear on door parts and control power consumption.

RYTEC Powerhouse SD®

Compared to conventional industrial rubber roll-up doors, the Powerhouse® SD is virtually indestructible while offering power, performance, and dependability to meet the demands of the world’s most extreme environments.

Ideal for heavy equipment, storage, government, parking, manufacturing, and warehousing, the Powerhouse® SD can be built up to 24′ wide x 30′ high.


    • Stronger, tougher and sturdier than conventional rubber doors.
    • No shear bolts, wear-away parts or field repairs are required after most impacts.
    • Direct-drive, variable speed motor and no conventional wear parts extend the life of the door with minimal maintenance.
    • Release & Restore™ system allows the panel to release without damage to the panel, side frames or bottom bar, and self-reset in just seconds.

RYTEC Fast-Fold® Pneumatic Door

Running on standard shop air with very few moving parts, the Fast-Fold® Pneumatic door is a classy yet economical alternative to impact doors and strip curtains. Ideal for cold storage, manufacturing and warehousing, the Fast-Fold® Pneumatic can be built up to 12′ wide x 14′ high.


    • Overlapping Puralon™ panels provide energy efficiency by creating a tight seal and reducing energy loss.
    • Opening speeds of up to 72 inches per second offer improved traffic flow with instant access to the full height of the opening.
    • Pneumatic cylinders are built to provide years of trouble-free operation.

 RYTEC Clean-Roll®

The Clean-Roll allows for a complete wash-down with numerous sanitary features. It’s engineered with stainless steel components for applications requiring absolute cleanliness while providing low-maintenance and energy-saving benefits as well.


    • Engineered to meet USDA hygienic standards for meat, poultry, dairy, and seafood applications.
    • Designed for complete wash-down while innovative engineering prevents liquid contaminants from dripping into the traffic pathway, improving productivity.
    • USDA/FDA-compliant design virtually eliminates potential sites for germ manifestation.
    • High-speed operation, up to 50 inches per second, helps maintain a safe, controlled environment.

RYTEC Spiral® VP Lower Speed, Lower Cycle Rigid Door

Featuring the stylish design and structural integrity of the Spiral® high-performance door series, the Spiral VP® door offers a new combination of quality, value, and performance for lower speed, lower cycle applications.
Spiral® VP for Transitional/Hospitality Areas
    • Shatter-proof and scratch-resistant LEXAN™ slats provide visibility and natural light
    • Rigid door durability provides security
    • Small footprint, allowing installation almost anywhere
Spiral® VP for Low Cycle Traffic
    • Same look as other Rytec Spiral® model doors for a consistent look
    • Standard lift, high lift, and vertical lift options available
    • Sleek styling, quiet functioning, and compact profile

Tennessee’s Most Reliable Overhead Door Distributor and Service Provider

IES offers sales, service, and installation as a supplier for loading dock needs to the tri-state area with a mix of quality product lines that have a national reach.

Stuck with a service challenge you can’t fix? We can help. Industrial Equipment & Specialties love the challenge of finding solutions to your biggest problems. We are your single-source provider for solutions that work for your loading dock products and service needs.

Call Industrial Equipment & Specialties today at (901) 363-2112 or connect with us online to discover why we are Tennessee’s most reliable overhead door distributor and service provider.

The Best Commercial Door Installation and Repair Company in Toronto, CA

Commercial doors are among the most used, damaged, and neglected assets in commercial and industrial facilities. Usually taken for granted and when it malfunctions or gets damaged, repairs are inevitable. The result is the loss of the company’s precious time, production efforts, and money. If you need to repair or install a new commercial door, you need to look for a great company that can give the best benefits for your company.

Consider below the top five best companies in Toronto, CA that can help you decide and make the right choice for your commercial door repair:

1.The Best Door Company

Address: 41-B Buttermill Avenue, Vaughan, ON L4k 3×1 

Phone No.: (647) 952-2188

Email: joseph.visconti@thebestdoor.com

Contact us: https://www.thebestdoor.com/contact/

Company Features:

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Fully Trained and Certified Technicians
  • “One Customer-One Contact” for all service needs
  • Most Trusted in the Market
  • Over 35 Years of Experience
  • Large Retails

Being your One-Stop-Shop for Commercial Door includes 24/7 parts and service. They work around the clock to keep your doors and dock equipment up and running.

  • Team of factory trained and fully qualified service technicians -35 years of experience
  • Team of knowledgeable coordinators
  • Full fleet service and installation trucks
  • Fully stocked warehouse

Achievements and Awards (DuraServ Corp.)

  • Wayne Dalton Circle of Excellence (2016)
  • Serco/Kelley Top Volume Distributor (2002-2018)
  • Rytec Largest North American Dealer (2009-2018)
  • Wayne Dalton President’s Club (2005-2015)
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (2018)
  • MHEDA MVP Award (2013-2018)

Products They Service: Wayne Dalton/ Rytec/ Chase Door/ Albany/ Entrematic/ Hercules

They do Turnkey System Installations/ Solutions, and Dock Remodeling for several applications: High Volume Warehousing and Distribution, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Refrigeration / Cold Storage, Parking Areas, Manufacturing, High-Security Facilities, Heavy Industrial Applications, Energy Efficient Facilities, Transportation and Transit, Retail, and Auto Dealers and Service Centers.

Company Profile:

  • The BestDoor Company, a division of DuraServ Corp, they are a division of the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors.
  • They sell, install, and service everything we provide – and do it better than most. 
  • They have a mission “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in their market” and we live by it.
  • Since 1984, the company has earned a great reputation for providing outstanding products and services to its base of several thousand active customers in Central Ontario.
  • DuraServ Corp delivers service on a national scale to customers with large facilities, often in multiple locations, across the United States and in Canada.

2. Lenworth

Address: 4141 Sladeview Crescent, Units #1-3, Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 5T1

Phone No.: 1-877-665-6555

Contact us: https://lenworth.ca/contact/

Company Features:

  • Well-trained technicians
  • Fair & competitive pricing
  • 24/7 Emergency service
  • With 10 years of experience


  • Commercial Electrical Services
  • Industrial & Commercial Installations
  • Preventative Maintenance

Company Profile:

  • A Family Owned Business Founded by An Industry Veteran
  • Since 2003 Lenworth has been proud to offer loading dock and commercial door sales and service to customers in the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities.
  • They review customer history, application, issues, and then provide recommendations for better products that reduce downtime and operating costs.


Address:  6815 Steeles Ave West, Etobicoke, ON M9V 4R9

Phone No.: Toll-Free: +1 866 400 2050/+1 905 264 7400

Email: service@nexindustrial.com

Company Features:

  • Automated Communication Solutions
  • Fully Trained Technicians
  • Support safe work environments
  • 24/7 Same day & Emergency Services


  • Preventative Maintenance
  • After Hours Help
  • Construction & Design
  • Professional Evaluations

Company Profile:

  • NEX offers complete turnkey solutions all over the Greater Toronto Area
  • NEX Industrial has been a proud Toronto based company that offers reliability and quality. 
  • They offer complete turnkey solutions like commercial Door Systems, Loading Dock Safety Equipment, Building Restorations/Enhancements, and Security Systems to Monitor entire facilities.

4. Superior Door & Gate Systems Limited

Address: 5309 Maingate Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 1G6

Phone No.: 905-828-7000

Email: SALES@SDGS.ca

Company Features:

  • Estimating
  • Troubleshooting
  • Service/Parts
  • Planned Maintenance/Service Contracts
  • Certified Installers/Experienced salesforce

Company Profile:

  • Superior Door & Gate Systems Limited provides the service you require in your day-to-day operations.
  • Our Service Technicians are highly trained professionals, available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • They have built a solid reputation for quality and service at competitive prices.

5. TNR Doors

Address:  200 Fairview Road, Unit #2, Barrie, ON L4N 8X8

Phone No.: 705-792-9968 /Toll-Free: 866-792-9968

Company Features:

  • Variety of High-Performance Doors
  • Focus on Customer Care
  • Troubleshooting

Company Profile:

  • They have a mission statement of “Going the Distance”
  • Customer success is our team goal.
  • Provide innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of their dealers and customers. 

In deciding for the best commercial door repair company for your business needs, always consider the several factors and circumstances that involve short to long-term goals of your company. Remember do not settle for anything less than what you deserve for your money’s worth. Choose only the best of the best in commercial door repair of Toronto CA.

The BestDoor Company, a Division of DuraServ has it all and the perfect choice for your commercial door service and repair in Toronto CA. Being the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors says it all. The BestDoor Company has earned a great reputation for providing outstanding products and services to its base of several thousand active customers in Central Ontario.Give them a call at 647-952-2188, or through their website. You can also make service request, or visit our Service Area Offices: Ontario CA, Toronto CA, Concord ON, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Hamilton, Markham, and Scarborough, Ontario.

Best Commercial Door Repair in Baltimore, MD

Commercial door repairs are costly and expensive. Often overlooked and neglected by many, commercial doors are subject to damage, overused, and misuse.

Whether you are replacing a damaged high-performance door, installing a new commercial door, or retrofitting for upgrades, you will be in need to find and decide a reputable and trustful company that you can trust and depend on.

Considering a lot of good companies all over the market offering all sorts of products, services, and promises, it would be difficult to tell who is the right choice. However, only great companies stand out from the rest that has a lot of potentials and to be the best of the best that can serve its customers in all aspects, not just selling them its products and services. To help you save the time and hassles of searching for your ideal commercial door repair company, check out below our suggested sorted reviews:

1. Just-Rite Equipment

Address: 6685 Santa Barbara Ct Suite B, Elkridge, MD 21075

Tel.: (410) 536-0505

Email: servicemaryland@duraservcorp.com and sholden@justriteequip.com


  • Emergency response
  • Available 24 hours for parts and service
  • Convenient service areas
  • Annual maintenance program
  • Fully Trained and Certified Technicians
  • National Scale of Service with facilities across the United States and Canada

Being your One-Stop-Shop for commercial door and loading dock equipment includes 24/7 parts and service:  

  • Full fleet of service and installation trucks
  • Fully stocked warehouse
  • OEM Parts and Service 
  • Team of factory trained and fully qualified service technicians – some with over 25 years of experience
  • Team of knowledgeable coordinators to take your call
  • We work around the clock to keep your doors and dock equipment up and running 


  • Turnkey system installations and dock remodeling for:
    • New Construction
    • Remodel
    • Turnkey Solutions

Working with your architects and/or facility manager, contractors, and engineers our team of experts is ready to get involved in your loading dock design from planning, building, and installation.

PRODUCTS WE SERVICE:  We work with all the best names and superior brands in the industry: Serco, Kelly, TKO, Cornell/Cookson, Clopay, CHI, Wayne Dalton, and Haas.


  • Wayne Dalton Circle of Excellence (2016)
  • Serco/Kelley Top Volume Distributor (2002-2018)
  • Rytec Largest North American Dealer (2009-2018)
  • Wayne Dalton President’s Club (2005-2015)
  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (2018)
  • MHEDA MVP Award (2013-2018)


We have the loading dock equipment and expertise for every industry and application: High Volume Warehousing and Distribution, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Refrigeration / Cold Storage, Parking Areas, Manufacturing, High-Security Facilities, Heavy Industrial Applications, Energy Efficient Facilities, Transportation and Transit, Retail, and Auto Dealers and Service Centers.


At Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, since 2001, we have been known for providing high-quality and dependable commercial doors and loading docks to customers in the Mid-Atlantic regions.

Our team of professionals offers design consultations with you outlining timelines, costs, and the care of your purchased product from Just-Rite Equipment.

For complete dock renovations, expansions, and upgrades, we can design/build and supply a complete turnkey solution to meet the demands of the busy loading dock environment. We have the expertise, equipment, and fully-trained manpower to ensure your project is completed as specified, on time and budget. We can deliver service on a national scale to customers with our large facilities, often in multiple locations, across the United States, and in Canada.

2. Gate Repair Baltimore

Address: 6507 Hilltop Ave Baltimore, MD 21206

Tel.: (443) 338-6256

Email: baltimoregates@gmail.com


  • Same day repair for all kinds of roll-up doors and gates
  • Maintenance and inspection
  • New roll-up door installation
  • Overhead door repair in Baltimore
  • Operator repair and installation
  • 24-7 Emergency repair service


Gate Repair Baltimore is a company that specializes in roll-up doors and roll-up gates repair in Baltimore. We serve all Baltimore, MD, including Baltimore County Maryland. Our team of technicians is trained and experienced, performed the countless amount of gates repair and installation. Gate Repair Baltimore of Baltimore offers the same day and emergency roll up gates’ repairs in Baltimore.

3. Baltimore Precision Door, Inc.

Address:2201 Tacoma St, Baltimore, MD 21230

Tel.: 410-426-6986

Email: info@bpdoorinc.com


  • Sales & Service Installation of garage doors, industrial doors, grilles, shutters, and loading dock equipment
  • Family owned and operated company 
  • UL 325 Compliant & EPA Certified
  • Safety Trained Technicians


Baltimore Precision Door, Inc. has provided commercial door sales and service to the Baltimore, Washington Metropolitan Area since 1989.

We have certified dealers and installers for a large variety of door manufacturers allowing us to meet the specifications of your job and provide timely repairs. We are a certified women-owned small business. We offer free estimates and 24-hour emergency service.

4. Tri-State Locksmith 

Address: Baltimore, MD 21209

Tel.: 410-346-9000

Email: dispatch@tristatelocks.com


  • Free Quote & Quick Repair Process
  • Reasonable Pricing
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service


  • Residential/ Commercial/Automotive Locksmith
  • Security Systems & Security Safe Services
  • Door Repair


Tri-State locksmith is a family-owned and operated mobile locksmith offering services in Baltimore, central Maryland, & Washington DC for cars, homes, and businesses. We offer our customers an extensive variety of quality locks, doors, architectural hardware, and supplies.

We take pride in our integrity, fast service, and fair rates.

5. King Door & Lock

Address: 10022 Brunett Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20901

Tel.: (301) 363-2264

Email: manager@kingdoorandlock.com


  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Affordable Service
  • All Major Credit Cards Accepted
  • Online Scheduling


  • Residential & Commercial Door Repair, Replacement, and Installation
  • Commercial & Residential Lock Installation, Replacement, and Repair


King Door and Lock is an established door and lock company offering complete door service in MD and DC and complete lock service. We offer complete door installation and repair, and lock installation and repair for all of Maryland and Washington DC, including all surrounding areas. With our professional residential door lock services in DC and MD, you can rest assured that your home is secure and has the best locks for your needs.

Be smart and choose wisely.

When it comes to choosing for your best company, is always the dilemma of most facility managers or business owners. Just better decide what’s best for your company. Remember before deciding, that company is capable of offering and delivering what you expected them to do and that can give great benefits for your company’s bottom line profits.

Just-Rite Equipment Company

Undeniably and without question, Just-Rite Equipment is the right and best commercial door service and repair company choice. Besides being trusted and have been known for providing high-quality and dependable commercial doors and loading docks to customers in the Mid-Atlantic regions, they have the capabilities, resources and can deliver the service on a national scale to customers all across the United States and in Canada.

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, your One-Stop-Shop commercial door repair company for your commercial door and loading dock equipment needs which includes 24/7 OEM parts and service, a team of factory-trained and fully qualified service technicians, and can work around the clock to keep your doors and dock equipment up and running. 

Give us a call for your commercial door repair Baltimore MD at Sterling, VA: (703) 450-2800, Baltimore, MD: (410) 536-0505, Jamesburg, NJ: (609) 448-6550, and South Windsor, CT: (860)528-1036, or contact us through our website.

For faster service, you can make a service request, or visit our service area offices: Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

The Best Commercial Door Repair in Raleigh, NC

A commercial door in Raleigh NC, whether it would be a sectional door, rolling steel door, or high-speed door is one of the most prized assets in every commercial building or property or business in Raleigh North Carolina. It boosts the appearance of your business property and serves as an added layer of security protection.

Many Raleigh, NC businesses invest in getting quality commercial doors, or if something happens, ask for the help of a professional commercial door repair company in Raleigh, NC. If you also need a lending hand with your commercial door repair, let us recommend you best commercial door repair in Raleigh. NC.

We have detailed the companies in our list below. Feel free to read on and get to know each one of them. Expert recommended best commercial door repair in Raleigh, North Carolina. All of commercial door repair services face a rigorous inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. You deserve only the best!

1. Passport Door and Dock Systems

About the Business: 

Passport Door & Dock Systems, A Division of DuraServ, is a highly rated garage door repair and installation company. They fix broken springs, broken doors, and more.

They fix or replace broken doors and dock equipment, and do work with their technicians/employees.

Best for:

  • Commercial Door Services.


1. Commercial Door Repair 

2. Commercial Door Installation: 

  • Installation of Commercial Doors in: 
    • High Volume Warehousing & Distribution
    • Food & Beverage
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Refrigeration/Cold Storage
    • Parking Garages
    • Manufacturing
    • High-Security Facilities
    • Heavy Industrial Applications

3. Dock Design 

Products Offered: 

Commercial Door Products

  • Commercial Rolling Steel Doors
  • Commercial Sectional Doors
  • High-Performance Doors

Dock Levelers & Lifts

  • Mechanical Dock Levelers
  • Hydraulic Dock Levelers
  • Air-Powered Dock Levelers
  • Specialty Dock Levelers
  • Dock and In-Plant Lifts

Dock Seals & Shelters

  • Dock Seals
  • Dock Shelters
  • Dock Seals Options
  • Inflatables

Safety Equipment & Truck Restraints

  • Truck Restraints
  • Wheel Restraints
  • Aftermarket Products
  • Energy Saving Products

Industrial Fans

  • Serco ATEC Fan
  • C-Class Commercial Fan


  • Angier: 45 Fish Drive Angier NC, 275
  • Farmville: 3528 S. Fields Street Farmville NC, 27828

Contact Phone: 

  • Angier: (919) 639-0334
  • Farmville: (252) 753-6100


Service Areas: 

Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville, Wilmington, Cary, NC, and surrounding cities

Website: https://www.passportdockanddoor.com/

Why Choose:

  • They have a fleet of fully stocked vehicles and a team of factory-trained service technicians that work around the clock to keep loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently. 
  • They work with architects and/or facility manager.
  • They ensure you specify and install the exact loading dock equipment.
  • They are the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors. 
  • They sell, install, and service everything they provide – and do it better than most. 
  • Free estimate and on-site consultation
  • Discounted rates
  • A+ rating in BBB
  • Financing available

2. Aladdin Doors

About the Business: 

Aladdin Doors is a Raleigh veteran-owned and operated business that has two locations and serves Durham, Cary, Raleigh, and surrounding areas. The business serves residential and commercial customers, and provides garage door sales, maintenance, and repair. Aladdin Doors provides same-day service, 24/7 emergency service, and free on-site consultations. The business is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating. Customers remark on their professionalism, punctuality, and knowledge.

Best for: 

  • Residential and commercial garage door services


  • Garage door repair – Raleigh
  • Emergency garage door repair – Raleigh
  • Garage door installation

Products Offered: 

  • Garage door openers
  • Garage door replacement
  • Garage door spring replacement

Address: 211 East Six Forks Road, #110, Raleigh, NC 27609

Contact Phone: (919) 629-9669

Email: service247@aladdindoorsnc.com

Website: https://www.aladdindoors.com/locator/15767.14777.aladdin-garage-doors-of-triangle/

3. Overhead Door Company of Raleigh Inc


  • Garage Door Repair


  • Garage Door Repair
  • Garage Doors

Address: 3224 Gresham Lake Rd, Raleigh, NC 27615

Contact Phone: (919) 876-0637

Website: http://www.ohd.com/index.html

4. Commercial Openings Inc. 

About the Business: 

Commercial openings is a commercial door specialist that provides metal and wood doors. It also provides door hardware such as hinges, locks, closers and exit devices. They also supply division TEN products such as bathroom partitions and accessories including grab bars, Paper towel dispensers, Soap dispensers, and mirrors. Commercial openings has an inventory of metal doors and solid core wood doors with both birch and RED OAK veneers.

Best For:

  • Quality Doors, Overhead Doors, and Overhead Doors


  • Solid Core Wood Doors, Metal Doors & Frames, Lock’s & Closers, Hinges, Towel Dispensers, Toilet Partitions, Stainless Steel Partitions, Solid Plastic Partitions, Soap Dispensers, Plastic Laminate Partitions

Address: 3904 Capital Blvd, Raleigh, NC 27604

Contact Phone: 919-878-9000 or 919-878-9302

Website: http://commercialopenings.com

5. Springer Overhead Doors

About the Business: 

Springer Overhead Doors is a woman-owned, local business. They have a reputation for dependable, fair and consistent work; and provide customer-oriented services. In Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, there is no trip charge. They provide service and installation of sectional and roll up garage doors to small businesses and residential customers.

Best For:

  • Garage Door Services


  • Garage door service and installation, garage door opener service and installation, dock and dock leveler work, truck doors, roll up and sectional doors (commercial and residential).

Address: PO Box 97754, Raleigh, NC 27624

Contact Phone: (919) 270-4739

Website: http://www.garagedoorcontractorraleighnc.com

6. A 24 Hour Door Service

About the Business:

“We have the most cutting edge utility vehicles equipped specifically for bringing you the quickest service in the industry. Our vehicles are pre-equipped with all tools and parts required to repair any door. We can repair most doors on the same day!”

Best For:

  • Garage Door Services


  • Garage Doors
  • Entry Doors
  • Door Frames
  • Garage Operators
  • Emergency Board up
  • Overhead/Rollup
  • Storefront
  • Automatic Doors

Address: 3629 Tryon Road, Raleigh, NC 27606

Contact Phone: (919) 821-0701

Website: http://www.just4doors.com/

In choosing a commercial door repair company: 

You need to ensure that your property is well maintained at all times and that all the features are in a state of good repair. This holds in the case of the doors on the premises as well. These doors tend to see a great deal of wear and tear since employees and staff members as well as clients and customers will be using this daily basis.

And if you find that any door isn’t functioning the way it should, you must callPassport Door and Dock Systems professionals to tackle the job for you. This is a highly specialized job and you must choose the company with care.

When you are looking for high-quality Commercial Door Repair in Raleigh, you need to look no further than Passport Dock and Door Systems. They assure you the best products, top-notch service, and the most reasonable pricing. For any more information about the installation and repairs of these doors, call the number given above. You can also use an online form to send us queries, comments, or concerns.

The Best Commercial Door Repair in Austin, TX

Whether you’re installing the brand-new commercial doorsectional door, rolling steel doors, or high-speed door or simply maintaining the ones you already have, it’s important to establish a long-term relationship with a reputable commercial door repair company in Austin TX. They will always be there to assist you and make sure your commercial doors are working well 24/7.

Good companies will provide you with a wide range of commercial door repair in Austin TX, but great companies are different – they strive to serve instead of just making a sale. Are you looking for the best commercial door repair in Austin, TX? 

1. Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ

Phone number: (512) 442-1561 

Address: 6231 E Stassney Ln

Bldg 13, Ste 275

Austin, TX 78744

Southeast Austin

6231 East Stassney Ln, Bldg 13, Suite 275, Austin, TX, 78744

Email: cwillis@ohdctx.co 

Service Email: serviceaustin@duraservcorp.com

  • They offer a complete line of warehousing dock-related equipment and 24/7 emergency service at each one of our 22 locations.
  • They have 24/7 Emergency Repair Crew specializes in commercial door repair at all hours of the night and weekends when most repair companies are closed. Whether you’ve been burglarized or have run the forklift through the dock door, they can help.  

Services offered:

  •  Commercial Sectional Doors
  •  Commercial Rolling Steel Doors
  •  Knock-Out Doors
  •  Door Operators
  •  High-Performance Doors
  •  Dock Levelers & Lifts – Mechanical
  •  Dock Levelers & Lifts – Hydraulic
  •  Dock Levelers & Lifts – Air Powered
  •  Dock Levelers & Lifts – Specialty
  •  Dock Levelers & Lifts – Loading Dock Options
  •  Dock Levelers & Lifts – Dock & In-Plants Lifts
  •  Dock Seals
  •  Dock Shelters
  •  Dock Seals Options
  •  Dock Inflatables
  •  Truck Restraints
  •  Safety & Lighting
  •  Impact Barriers
  •  Protective Systems
  •  Wheel Restraints
  •  Energy Saving Products
  •  Equipment Upgrades

About the Business: 

  • Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ, fixes or replace broken doors and dock equipment, and do their work with their technicians/employees. 
  • With their fleet of fully stocked vehicles and a team of factory-trained service technicians, they work around the clock to keep your loading dock equipment operating safely and efficiently. 
  • Their job is to provide insight and choices regarding facility safety and operational needs for docks and doors. 
  • Identifying customer’s “unconsidered needs” in this regard is our highest priority – they do it well. 
  • Working with your architects and/or facility manager, their team of experts is ready to get involved in your loading dock design from inception.
  • They ensure you specify and install the exact loading dock equipment you need to optimize performance (down
  •  to the last dock bumper).
  • They are the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors.
  • They sell, install, and service everything we provide – and do it better than most. 
  • There mission is “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market” and they live by it.

2. Porte

Phone Number: (512) 483-1327

Address: 1300 W Anderson Ln

Austin, TX 78757

About the Business: 

PORTE is proud to be an Austin based Wrought Iron Door Company that manufactures products in the USA and Mexico.

2. Diamond Doors

Phone number: (512) 650-7574

Address: Austin, TX 78745

3. Cedar Park Overhead Doors

Phone number: (512) 596-2029

Address: 1408 N Bell Blvd

Cedar Park, TX 78613

About the Business: 

We are a Local Family owned, Veteran owned, and Female owned business serving all of the Austin Area. They do both commercial and residential work. They are Amarr Diamond Dealers and Raynor Elite dealers as well as LiftMaster ProVantage Dealers. They are IDEA certified and have two Master Technicians

4. Alliance Overhead Door 

Phone number: (512) 696-3891

Address: Alliance Overhead Door

13200 Pond Springs Rd.

Austin, TX 78729

About the business:

Expert garage door repair services and professional garage door opener Installations for residential homes and commercial businesses. 

5. Always Available Garage Door Repair

Phone Number: (512) 552-5690

Address: Austin, TX 78734

Bouldin Creek, 78704 (South Austin)

About the Business:

Always Available Garage Door Repair is an established garage door company based in Austin, TX. They have over 50 years of combined experience and specialize in garage door installation, replacement, and repair work. It depends on us for same-day service, honest pricing, and superior customer service.

Choose Wisely

Choosing the best commercial door repair company that matches your needs can be tricky – especially considering the different aspects you need to take note of. Just remember when selecting your top pick to make sure you are in good hands.

Overhead Door Company of Austin, TX Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ, can work with Austin’s diverse business sectors to create the safest most efficient docks regardless. Overhead Door Company of Austin has the right products to help you design the right dock to keep you running smoothly. Contact Overhead Door Company of Austin today.

Best Commercial Door Repair in Hickory, NC

The commercial overhead rolling steel door is one of the vital pieces of equipment in the warehouse, particularly in the loading dock. The loading dock system is the integration of the different mechanical and hydraulic sets of equipment that provides for the smooth and efficient dock functionality.

The utilization of the various and proficient pieces of equipment in the dock has been advocated to promote higher productivity and profitability.

The use of the dock equipment is indispensable to carry out effective performances for the advantage of the facility and the workers. However, the fact that this equipment may also post a threat to the safety of the workers should not be discounted especially if we are speaking about commercial doors. Thus, safety measures should always be observed to provide a safe and secure working condition to all the workers.

In this relation, the issues on the breakdown of the equipment, which may affect a dangerous workplace may directly be addressed by undertaking regular and scheduled maintenance for the equipment parts replacement and repair. This scheme keeps our clients’ dock system running continuously to avoid the untoward downtime. If such is the case and if you are in Hickory, NC, you may need the products and services of Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of DuraServ Corp.

We always see to it that we have the complete availability of different parts of the loading dock equipment to ensure that we could promptly provide the needs of our clients. In short, we normally make a fully stocked warehouse. Aside from that, our highly skilled technicians are immediately available to extend our utmost professional support. Our technicians are trained complemented by years of experience. Just to mention, some of our professional technicians were able to accumulate a 25-year experience.

Further, we provide a 24/7 service, which includes both the provision of parts and services within Hickory, NC, and also to the adjacent areas. All our services are aimed towards an efficient and safe loading dock operations of our clients. Furthermore, we offer free surveys to check your equipment on top of their performances regularly as part of our commitment.

For your needs about commercial door repair, commercial door service,commercial door parts and service, commercial rolling steel doors, commercial sectional doors, knock outdoors, high-performance doors, commercial door service Hickory NC, you may visit our official website to learn more at https://bit.ly/ohdfoothills-parts-service.

But for your queries and other concerns, you may contact us at the telephone number 828-388-8700 or you may contact us online for a faster transaction at https://bit.ly/ohdfoothills-contact-us. You may also send your service request at https://bit.ly/ohdfoothills-service-request

For more information, you may call us at any time convenient to you and our courteous coordinators are always available to provide the utmost support for your complete client satisfaction.

Also, you may visit the nearest service areas covering the areas of Hickory, Morganton, Lenoir, Statesville, Troutman, Lincolnton, Asheville, West Jefferson, Mount Airy, Clemmons, Pilot Mountain, Winston Salem, Mocksville, Newton-Conover, Claremont, Taylorsville, Wilkesboro, Boone, Black Mountain, Marion, and Spruce Pine.