How to Determine Commercial Hurricane Door Requirement for Industrial Application in Philadelphia, PA?

What is the door wind load?

A wind load is a measurement being undertaken as to how strong and destructive the wind force will be. But it is not only measured by the speed of the wind but also, the consideration of the following factors:

  • Wind Speed
  • Mean Roof Height
  • Roof Slope
  • Surrounding Topography
  • Exposure Category
  • Directionality Factor
  • Door Area
  • Importance Factor
  • Zone
  • Positive or Negative Pressure
  • Internal Building Pressure

Wind Load or otherwise known as the Test Wind Load is the engineered limit or a commercial rolling door in Philadelphia capacity. The building code requires a performance proof for a test wind load that is 1.5 times the specified design wind load.

Overhead Door - Model 600 Coil Away Rolling Steel Service Door
Overhead Door – Model 600 Coil Away Rolling Steel Service Door

What are the commercial door options?

There are several options to choose from and they are as follow:

  1. High-Performance Doors – these doors are designed for high-traffic applications 
  2. Commercial sectional door in Philadelphia – these are engineered for extra heavy-duty applications
  3. Commercial Rolling Steel Doors – these doors are manufactured with durability as they are made up with the stainless-steel curtain, frames, and hoods

What are the important details to get the right door solution for your business?

It is important to identify the purpose where the industrial door in Philadelphia is used. Let us take, for example, the high-speed door in Philadelphia will be utilized to withstand the wind pressure, it will be sustained by the commercial door wind load in Philadelphia and these are the recommended products:

Overhead Door - Overhead Door - Model 610 Rolling Steel Service Door
Overhead Door – Overhead Door – Model 610 Rolling Steel Service Door

Where to get the highest quality of commercial door in Philadelphia?

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