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Warehouse, cold storage, manufacturing, commercial and industrial facilities must have proper loading dock equipment and high-performance doors to obtain optimum productivity.

Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of DuraServ near Winston Salem, NC, is the leading distributor of Serco loading dock systems and Cornell, Jamison, Wayne Dalton, and Rytec commercial doors. Our extensive product lines feature access control integration, durability, insulation, fast cycles, high lift clearance, little required maintenance, and speed.

Overhead Door Company of the Foothills’ team of experts are ready and prepared to plan and design your loading dock system. We work directly with architects and facility managers to ensure the exact loading dock equipment you need to optimize performance is installed. Everything is done to custom measurements and capacity requirements.

Our repair service and maintenance programs ensure loading dock levelers, industrial doors, dock seals, dock shelters, and truck restraints are always in working condition.

Call Overhead Door Company of the Foothills at 828-388-8700 or connect with us online for assessment, installation, service, and maintenance of loading docks and commercial doors in Winston Salem, NC.

Loading Dock Equipment

Overhead Door Company of the Foothills provides high-performance loading dock equipment and commercial door solutions to the toughest commercial and industrial businesses in Winston Salem, NC.

Dock Levelers & Lifts

McGuire loading dock levelers and lifts include industry-leading features which increase productivity and improve the safety of the loading dock.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

    • MP Mechanical Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

    • Autodok® H Series Hydraulic Leveler
    • HP Hydraulic Leveler

Air Powered Dock Levelers

    • CentraAir® Air Powered Leveler
    • MA Air Powered Leveler

Specialty Dock Levelers

Edge of Dock Levelers

    • HED Hydraulic EOD Leveler
    • MEDLF Mechanical EOD Leveler

Dock Seals & Shelter

Dock seals or shelters cover the gap between a dock and a trailer by creating an extension of a facility that seals the top, sides and back of a trailer.

Dock Seals

McGuire dock seals create an airtight seal between a dock system and trailer.

Dock Shelters

McGuire dock shelters enclose trailer tops and sides for ultimate sealing efficiency. Dock shelters offer reliable performance and protection from compression and reversing trailers.

Safety Equipment & Truck Restraints

Loading dock safety equipment prevents dock accidents during loading and unloading.

Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restraints keep a truck or trailer stationed at the dock.

Safety and Light Communication System

Safety and light communication systems improve security and productivity at the loading dock.

Safety Barriers

Safety barriers protect personnel, goods, and equipment from accidentally rolling off the dock.

    • APS Bollard Pole
    • APS Dock Impact Barrier
    • Dock Guard™ Safety Barrier Lip

Overhead Doors

Overhead Door Company of the Foothills offers commercial doors from rolling doors to sectional doors and high-speed doors. Designing an efficient loading dock involves analyzing and assessing an entire operation to determine and identify the proper door solution.

Commercial Rolling Steel Doors

Overhead Door carries a full line of rolling steel doors including rolling steel fire doors, insulated rolling steel fire doors, rolling steel service doors, and rolling fire counter doors. Rolling steel doors provide long-lasting performance and are reliable solutions for self-storage facilitieswarehouses, pharmacies, hospitals, offices, schools, and retail businesses.

Overhead Sectional Doors

Overhead Door™ steel sectional doors, insulated steel sectional doors, and aluminum sectional doors are economicaldurable, and reliable. An assortment of door panel profiles, track and hardware, and specialized options allows the further customization of doors to your specific project requirements.

Knock Out Doors

Knock out doors, the most rugged options, are designed to prevent damage to door panels and tracks when impacted. Knock out doors are the best solution for damaged dock doors in busy loading docks.

    • Pflow Model M Vertical Lift System
    • TKO Cruiserweight Knock-Out Door
    • TKO Thermalweight Knock-Out Door
    • TKO Welterweight Knock-Out Door

High-Performance Doors

High-Performance doors optimize efficiency, improve production flow, operate quickly, raise the number of opening and closing cycles, and require less maintenance and repair costs.

Hörmann high-speed doors provide the best quality, value, and selection of interior and exterior doors to optimize the flow of traffic, improve temperature-controlled areas, and save energy in industrial facilities and commercial buildings.

Hercules doors are solutions for a temperature-controlled environment, namely, food manufacturers and distributors in the dairy, meat, produce beverage, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

Chase traffic doors are a cost-effective solution for fast and efficient, two-way movement through an opening where visual, sound and environmental barriers are required.

Dynaco high-performance doors are safe, reliable, maintenance-friendly, and comply with European standards. Dynaco doors save energy, reduce operational costs, streamline traffic flow, and optimize logistics.

Door Operators

Commercial door operators provide security and reliability to business facilities. LiftMaster door operators have a compact design, an emergency chain hoist with an electric interlock, and adjustable friction clutches.

    • LiftMaster 115v Hoist Logic Operator

Aftermarket Products

Aftermarket products prevent energy loss and ensure dock personnel and equipment are protected from accidents.

Energy Saving Products

Equipment Upgrades

    • APS Air Bag Conversion Kit
    • APS Flexback Panel
    • APS Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans that efficiently move air through an industrial space. HVLS fans are ideal in climate-controlled and non-conditioned areas.

Loading Dock Equipment and Commercial Doors Uses

    • Auto Dealers
    • Cold Storage
    • Distribution Centers
    • Energy Efficient Facilities
    • Food & Beverage Plants
    • ·High Security Areas
    • Industrial Operations
    •  Manufacturing Facilities
    • Parking Garages
    • Pharmaceutical Facilities
    • Retail Businesses
    • Service Centers
    • Transportation & Transit
    • Warehousing Facilities

Trust the Professionals at Overhead Door Company of the Foothills 

Our job is to provide insight and choices regarding loading dock safety and operational needs to North Carolina businesses. We take great pride in our “Service First” approach and have made exceptional service the heart of our business. Our top priority is to provide superior options and solutions to build strong and lasting relationships.

Call Overhead Door Company of the Foothills at 828-388-8700 or connect with us online to discover why we are Winston Salem, NC’s most trusted distributor and service provider of loading dock equipment and commercial doors.

7 Reasons Why The Manufacturing Facilities are being secured by the High-Speed Fabric Door in Charlotte, NC

The utilization of a high-speed door in both the commercial and industrial applications is getting popular in Charlotte, NC because the productivity of the facility increases. Inherently, the assembly of a high-speed door is exceptional because it is designed to have a higher operating speed and at the same time it has the durability to sustain a higher number of opening and closing cycles. Inspire of this attribute, this type of door has been engineered for a lower maintenance and repair requirements.

The production of a high-speed fabric door has also been noted to be a valuable product because it provides the utmost proficiency to the facility as well as security and safety. The following are few of the reasons why the use of the high-speed fabric door ensures safety:

1. It is manufactured with built-in safety features because it has a flexible bottom and it can be operated using a wireless device on top of its in-plane infrared sensors. Moreover, due to its springless design, it requires minimal interruption for maintenance but may be subjected to a quick field repair.

2. With its high-speed feature, it minimizes its cycle time that prevents the decreasing energy loss and in a way improves productivity and lowers the risk for costly repairs.

3. Its built-in safety attribute automates the complete shuttering of the door when obstructed and in effect, it reverses the door’s action when sensed the obstruction using its wireless reversing bottom edge.

4. Fabric Materials facilitates the easy cleaning process and it is best suited for a food-related facility. In short, it is also manufactured to promote both food safety and hygiene, which are deemed risk factors to be managed.

5. Remote control operation for efficiency and profitability from the remote controls in the forklift, radar, and floor loops, which results in a higher time saving from the manual opening and closing of the door.

6. An effective barrier for the contamination of the inside air with the outside temperature because the high-speed fabric door has the tightest seal and it is the most reliable one. As a result, it promotes an energy-saving feature and at the same time eliminates the build-up of ice in the freezer and reduces the defrost cycles.

7. Security and ease of access should always be intertwined to ensure the personal comfort of the employees. Though, a simple type of doors or even without a high-speed door may facilitate a faster and prompt engagement but jeopardizing the security of the personnel.

The above attitudes of the high-speed doors are sufficient enough to support their value to promote the comfort and ease of access with a higher degree of security.

Further, the use of high-speed fabric doors may likewise prevent contamination and reduces noise pollution.

If you are in Charlotte, NC, it is highly advisable to avail of the products and services of Overhead Door Company of Charlotte, a division of DuraServ Corp because we install high-speed doors and even fix broken stuff relating to loading dock equipment and fixtures.

We gained our reputation through our efficient works, which prioritize the interest and welfare of our clients for their utmost satisfaction. We particularly ensure that your dock is secured and safe to level up your facility’s productivity and profitability.

Our topmost high-speed fabric door is High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-990 because it is assembled with a flexible bottom and a high-speed interior fabric door that is ideal for high-traffic manufacturing, pharmaceutical as well as warehouse and distribution facilities. It has a built-in safety feature highlighted by the flexible bottom with wireless monitored reversing edge.

For your needs about high-speed exterior rubber door, high-speed door, high-performance door, commercial door, commercial door repair, high-speed exterior rubber door Charlotte NC, high-speed door Charlotte NC, you may visit our official website to learn more about the High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-990 or you may refer to the brochure

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You may also send your service request online for a prompt response.

Our dedicated coordinators await your call to provide you with your needs. You may visit our service centers are the following service areas at Charlotte including Concord, Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Huntersville, Mooresville, Lake Wylie, Weddington, and Davidson.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Door in Fort Myers, FL

Purchasing commercial steel doors is not as easy as choosing the first commercial door one sees. Rather, it takes different things to consider such as working with a well-established commercial door company. Excellent companies’ business owner with different products and services. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing commercial doors in Fort Myers, FL. 

1. Assess their field of expertise.

The first thing that a prospective buyer needs to check is whether the company has the expertise to perform well on a project. The experience, training, and the company’s credentials add up to their profile as a provider of all kinds of commercial doors such as rolling service doors and full view doors. 

It is a must that companies must be licensed, bonded, and insured. These assure the prospective buyer that the company has qualified people that could work on the project. 

A bonded company means that there are assurances when there are untoward incidents. A company that is insured ensures that the cost in the event of accidents and injuries will be charged against the insurance company.

2. Check for feedback.

A company’s reputation is significant when it comes to services related to full view doors. There are numerous rating sites that provide review ratings by former clients. With the bulk of information on the internet, it would also be best to ask for people who have tried the company.

3. Determine if they are reliable. 

A company’s commitment to its promises is an important thing to consider when choosing a provider for roll up sheet doors. A company that does not beat deadlines will affect a person’s business. There are also companies that offer a 24-hour service. This is very helpful if a person’s business needs a repair for their Cornell commercial doors. A delay in the repair means a setback in one’s business. 

4. Implement quality and price balance.

Most buyers often desire to have the lowest priced- Clopay commercial doors and Janu commercial doors. However, buyers must consider that the price usually corresponds to its quality. One’s budget must include determining whether the company offers different services that can fulfill the needs of one’s company. 

5.Check if they conduct routine maintenance. 

Choosing a commercial door requires checking if the company offers maintenance for the purchased doors. Repairs for poor quality commercial doors might create additional unnecessary expenses if these are not planned properly. 


Companies often have their set of requirements when planning to buy commercial doors. Taking these tips will increase the probability of finding a long-lasting commercial door. 

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