What Type of Commercial Sectional Door is the Best for Auto Dealers in Jamesburg, NJ?

Ever wonder why you see so many sectional garage doors on residential and commercial establishments all over the United States. How come they are so popular and loved by so many? What’s make them an in-demand garage doors of the American people?

Probably, history can speak for itself. The auto dealer industry couldn’t be more thankful to its inventor, C.G. Johnson, who made the first overhead sectional garage door and founder of Overhead Door Corporation way back in 1921. With its first inventive engineering designs, it paved the way how people to understand and conceptualized the importance of garage doors in every American household. Through those young times, Wayne Dalton is also instrumental in the way how garage doors and openers invented, developed and produced superb doors using innovative technology.  Ever since though convincingly enough, more Americans are satisfied and happy how these sectional garage doors provide beneficially in many ways.

As garage doors evolved through the years, more engineering feats and developments emerge with the advancement of technology, these sectional garage doors became more highly upgraded, beautiful, highly functional and beneficial that can be found on several applications or businesses.

For auto dealers and service centers, sectional doors are considered the forefront and profit-maker marketing tools. Before, commercial sectional garage doors served mainly on car showroom customer service lounges where they show transparency within businesses to create a positive impression on customers. But nowadays, the challenge to upgrade and develop for the next generation of commercial sectional doors are heeding its calling in the auto industry.

That is why Wayne Dalton offers a solution, with the introduction of its latest commercial sectional door suitably best for auto dealers – the Wayne Dalton-Full View 451 Aluminum Full View Sectional Door model.

Wayne Dalton – Full View 451 Aluminum Full View Sectional Door

Wayne Dalton’s Aluminum Full-View doors or Aluminum Full-View doors are preferred choice when it comes to multi-functional featured commercial sectional doors like visibility, aesthetics, weather resistance and virtually maintenance-free. Ideally suitable for commercial applications, such as car washes, auto dealerships, and restaurant patios.

As originally built for auto car shows, Aluminum Full-View doors are constructed with a large glass panel which allows maximum light and visibility for clients to view car on-sale models. Likewise, the contemporary glass folding doors can be constructed on the upfront entrance to the building or office establishments allowing natural light into the building, and at the same time adding a unique expression to your business property.

Auto dealers can make use of its aesthetic and colorful designs, where they can choose from approximately 200 RAL powder coat options to complement and blend with exterior colors of a building, commercial establishments, or even residential buildings.

Combined with a wide variety of glass choices which includes annealed, acrylic, insulated and polycarbonate glass, anodized (clear, black, bronze), and powder coat finishes (white, brown, bronze, black), makes Aluminum Full-View door the perfect choice for auto service center’s forefront marketing profit-making strategy.

The Full View 451 Aluminum Sectional Door is engineered to withstand against extreme weather conditions like strong winds, typhoons, and even hurricanes. Engineered with an interior mounted slide lock, jamb and header seals are weather-stripped and have a wind load rate up to ±30 psf, up to 16’2” wide. Additionally, provides security and safety to auto business offices where there is less security maintenance like auto dealers, coffee shops, cafes, and even trendy retail spaces.

Constructed with high-quality materials for excellent durability, strength, and virtually low maintenance. Stiles and rails are extruded aluminum alloy 6063-T6 and with a beveled edge around panels. Tracks and hardware are built with hot-dipped galvanized steel, and the doors feature vinyl seals between sections and on the bottom of the door, make it a budget-friendly investment for any business that has a cost-savings budget on maintenance.

Undeniably, auto dealers and service centers in Jamesburg, NJ should invest with Wayne Dalton’s Full View 451 aluminum full view sectional door model, whether it’s for the service bay or the drive-in customer service entrance, efficient and functional door operation can lead to more profits and with great savings on maintenance costs.

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