Cornell Roll Up Iron Rolling Service Doors in Jacksonville, Florida

When you are looking for an insulated door or any type of commercial doorsAmerican Roll-Up Door Co. has all your roll-up needs.  Our company provides security against the entry as well as ensures protection from weather both at the interior and exterior openings in the industrial and commercial and other buildings.   Service doors provide security against entry as well as protection from the weather at the exterior and interior openings in industrial, commercial, institutional, and other buildings.  These doors are made from slats of formed galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel that roll up to store in a coil above an opening.

When you need an interior or exterior overhead door that is secure, durable, customizable and compact – you need a rolling service door. Our overhead service doors feature a rugged design manufactured with quality materials that lower the total cost of ownership. And, because American Roll-Up Doors custom builds each roll-up door to your exact aesthetic specifications, we can create a rolling door that seamlessly fits into your existing designs.

As the rolling service door industry leader, Cornell has many overhead coiling doors to meet your needs. Whether you are in need of an exterior door, security door, or insulated door, all our overhead rolling doors are custom made to your specifications. Rolling service doors are available in a variety of materials, finishes, gauges, and options.


  • Standard construction up to 30′ wide, 30′ high
  • For openings that fall outside of the standard construction, please contact us

Usage: The doors are constructed for use daily and can stand operation of up to 20 cycles a day which makes it 50, 000 cycles for the doors’ lifetime.

Operators: The doors can open by chainmotor, hand, push-up operation, depending on weight, size or frequency of operation. 

Model MG: A medium-duty operator for doors that will cycle no more than 20 cycles per day.  The operator shall be equipped with an emergency manual chain hoist assembly that safely cuts operator power when engaged.

Model SG: A heavy-duty operator for larger doors or doors which cycle more than 20 cycles a day.  When equipped, the emergencymanualchain hoist assembly is automatically disengaged when the motor is energized.  

It is important to note that chain operated doors shall be designed so that the door immediatelystops upward or downward travel and is maintained in a stationary position when the hand chain is released by the user. 

Materials and Finishes:

  • Brackets: Made of steel with powder coating to match curtain     
  • Counter-Balance Shaft: made of steel that supports curtain and contains torsion springs to assist in the operation    
  • Hood: made of galvanized steel with GalvaNex polyester enamel finish to match curtain and provides weather resistance at the head of the door
  • Curtain: made of galvanized steel with GalvaNex polyester enamel finish in gray, white, tan or brown shades.  Its slat has an R-value of 8.0 as calculated 
  • Guides: made of structural steel with powder coating to match curtain which supports the weight of the door
  • Bottom Bar: made of extruded aluminum supplied in mill finish if the width is less than 24 inches 5 centimeters; made of steel with powder coating to match curtain if the width is greater than 24 inches 5 centimeters
  • It’s Availability: Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  • It’s Available Slats: Standard Slats, Perforated Slats, Customized Slats 

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