What are the Best High Speed Doors for Your Food Processing Sanitary Requirement in Dallas, TX?

Most of the distribution facilities overlooked the value of their doors. The main reason is that it is only a small piece of equipment that is considered to have the least role in the regular function of the facility.

However, the major reason why the installation of the doors should be given a priority is that it provides the utmost safety against food contamination on top of the fact that it also promotes energy-saving features. Thus, it is imperative to consider the speed, security, productivity, and most especially the efficiency.

That being said, the installation of a high speed door to your distribution center is indispensable to promote your profitability.

Therefore, a high speed door is the best solution for your food Processing Sanitary requirement.


Why it’s vital to choose the most suitable high speed door for your business?

High speed doors are Dallas clean roll doors with a high speed operating attribute that can sustain a higher number of the door opening and closing cycle a day. In fact, a high speed door requires low maintenance and repair costs only.

The following are the reasons why you should have a high speed door to your food processing sanitary facility:

1. It undertakes a maximized cycle time that as a result decreases the energy loss as it increases productivity;

2. It promotes safety because there will be not the manual lifting of the door that may result to back injury to the personnel. Aside from that, it is an automatic response for the high speed door not to close when an obstruction has been detected.

3. It advocates security because the materials being utilized to assemble the high speed doors are made of high-quality steel, which is impact-resistant.

4. It promotes efficiency and higher productivity because the forklift may pass through continuously to and from the storage area, unlike the manual door that needs the forklift to open it widely before anything can pass through. In short, there will be more deliveries to be undertaken every day as well as the distribution of food.

5. It is hygienic because high-speed doors are engineered to have a tight seal to prevent the contamination of food from the outside dust and insects. Apart from that, high-speed door, particularly for the food processing, has the easy to clean material that is designed for the harsh wash-down application.

6. Control facility’s temperature because of the door’s short cycle time that keeps the door close most of the time not to mention the door insulation feature.

These are the grounds why it is really an advantageous move to get hold of a Dallas Rytec clean roll door to your facility. The most popular door for this application is the Clean Roll Door.


What are the features and applications of a Clean Roll Door?

The clean roll door such as the Rytec CR5000 Clean Roll Door is the only door that has been engineered to comply with the comprehensive hygienic standards.

It is assembled using stainless steel that is USDA compliant material. Its production has been formulated to integrate the complete washdown to support its various sanitary design features.

The highlighted attributes of the Rytec CR5000 Clean Roll Door are:

1. Drip-Safe Option – it enables the fragile good cargoes to be transported safely through the door-way further to protect the raw or processed food from the contaminants and moisture.

2. Sanitary Design – prevents the liquid contaminants from dripping towards the pathway and can virtually eradicate the potential manifestation of germs.

3. Energy efficient – it conserves energy and at the same time controls the climate temperature while filtering the entry of the pathogens.

4. Safe – it is being operated by air under pressure, which makes the whole mechanical features proficient equipment.

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