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Passport Door and Dock Systems, a division of DuraServ Corp, has been serving Raleigh and its surrounding areas for their client’s commercial door and dock needs. 

ServingRaleighand surrounding areas, Passport Door and Dock Systemshelp you make the best choices of loading docks, automatic doors, sectional doors, and high-performance storefront doors by offering an extensive portfolio of products specially suited to meet your needs.

Our services include, but not limited to the following:

Our products include:

What makes Passport Door and Dock Systems stand out from the rest?

Durable Products

We have durable products for rugged places. We offer Loading dock systems and Commercial garage doors that have perfect insulation, speed, lift clearance, high cycle, low maintenance, access control integration and more. We also offer the loading dock equipment for smooth transition of goods from a truck to a platform at different dock heights.

Insulated Doors

Doors are pretty fundamental features of business establishment, not only do they need to provide protection from the elements and would-be intruders – they also need to have proper insulation to keep your products clean and fresh.

Fairly recently though, the role doors play in the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope of your business establishment has become more highly appreciated. Just like walls or windows, they can be specifically targeted for improvement and in doing so can help bring down costs and energy bills.

Dock equipment you can trust:

  • Seals
  • Levelers
  • Edging of dock
  • Bumpers
  • Dock locks
  • Dock lights

Solution and Application of Loading Dock System

Operation Efficiency

Always practical and also constantly reputable. Rolling steel garage doors set up by Passport Door and Dock Systems Raleigh will certainly offer you the assurance that your facility as well as residential or commercial property are safe and also protected. We will certainly make a commercial rollup garage door configuration that fulfills whatever specifications you need. This type of industrial door is ideal for centers that need lots of clearance and also side room.

Safety and Security

Innovation in the trucking and material handling industries is constant, and staying on top of these with different upgrade solutions for vehicle restraints, loading dock levelers, industrial doors and other loading dock equipment will elevate the performance and safety of your products. 

Environmental Control

Loading dock maintenance programs through Passport Door and Dock Systems involve an ongoing schedule of regular maintenance visits to ensure your loading dock levelers, industrial doors, vehicle restraints and other related equipment are always in top working order.

Loading Dock System and Commercial doors are the vital barrier between your warehouse and the elements outside. Your doors must operate smoothly and efficiently through thousands of cycles, and must stand up to the wear and abuse that comes with any busy dock operation. Passport Door and Dock Systems carry a wide range of dock doors suited to the toughest challenges, from high wind load environments to cold storage. 

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We serve businesses in Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Burlington and Henderson, North Carolina.

How To Determine The Ideal Dock Seal for Your Loading Dock Leveler in Houston, TX

The fruitful flow of products within and outside of facilities is crucial in today’s highly competitive world. Prioritized attention must be given to the loading dock area for this to realize. Since the best way to begin is to focus on the dock area first, predominantly because the loading docks are the most critical area of any distribution center, be it a warehouse or loading docks and where the material handling, and the loading and unloading process takes place.

The loading dock is one of the busiest areas in your warehouse to make sure that it’s a safe, secure and highly productive workplace, loading dock seals can help you attain this objective.

Dock seals are the barriers and shields between the loading dock door entry and the surface of the backed-in trailer when it is in a position to load or unload goods or items. Dock seals are well-designed to contact the trailer surface at the door and compress, producing a tight seal around the door.

Since loading dock is the most important and busiest part of the facility that comes into play from the start till the end of the material handling cycle, it is essential to make sure that the loading dock is built for high performance, energy-efficient, and achieves safety standards to lessen the risk of hazardous injuries and accidents at the dock. For this, it is vital to invest in high-quality loading dock equipment.
Southern Dock Products, a Division of DuraServ discusses the benefits that must be considered in determining the ideal dock seal for your next loading dock leveler in Houston, TX :

  • Safer Working Site in Your Loading Dock

A trusted loading dock seal helps keep your dock workers protected and safe. Preventing accidents and hazards by keeping the floors dry from rain outside thus avoids slip-and-fall injuries from happening. Safeguarding the welfare of your workers and equipment can save a lot of money against insurance and accidental costs which in the long run benefits company bottom line. 

  • Increased Productivity 

Productivity will increase by installing the proper dock seals. Dock seals maintain the loading dock operation by helping it running at maximum efficiency and playing a critical role in keeping cooled air inside climate-controlled and cold storage facilities.

Additionally, superior energy efficiency will be achieved by separating both environments with its sealing power and not wasting energy-use due to unstable working environmental temperature. 

A productive loading dock is an income-generating business investment every owner or investor must-have.   

  • Protecting and Safeguarding Against Outside Elements  

The outer parts of your warehouse’s dock doors are continuously exposed to the extreme temperature changes and weather elements like rain, sleet, snow, and wind, however, having a reliable loading dock seal can make a lot of difference in your loading dock operations. Dock seals help protect and keep out the elements that can hinder your dock operations while maintaining the ideal climate to keep things running smoothly.

Southern Dock Products has a variety of Serco dock seals products that will make a big impact in your loading dock operation. To check out our Serco dock seal products, click on https://bit.ly/southerndockproducts-dock-seals, our Service Technicians would be happy to serve at our seal Houston TX, and loading dock seal Houston TX.

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What is a Dock Seal and Its Importance for a Loading Dock System in Naples, FL?

Dock Seals are the froth cushions of the trailer that is being squeezed into when it backs in and comes to rest against the dock bumpers, and is the one that forms a seal around three sides of the trailer. Dock seals are used best when the size and style of trailers being served have only minor variations.

By establishing dock seals, a tight lapse between the loading dock and trucks can be made. It administers your loading dock to be productive and safe from harm by the tight seal that actuates as a shield against weather elements.

Dock seals have a lot of advantages such as it’s economical, highly effective and excellent seals especially if there are additional seal features, versatile when dock entrances are relatively small-the space between the door entrances are compact and or when the variety of sizes of trailer being serviced is bounded, and head curtains can be manually adjusted.

It is an important part of the loading dock system because if the dock seals don’t function well then the whole system won’t be able to operate correctly and also it provides a tight seal for a small budget only. It is vital for you to have the only best loading dock seal that won’t dilapidate easily if the loading dock receives congestion and would give the best performance. 

Finding the right loading dock seal and loading dock equipment is complicated with a lot of products all over the market. Don’t worry Action Automatic Door & Gate Company got you covered, since 1981, we have been providing homeowners and businesses with the highest quality products and service of garage doorsopenersgates, access systems, and commercial door systems. Below are some of our dock seals, please do check it out:

  • SERCO S2000 ULTRA SEAL with Head Curtain
  • The ULTRA-SEAL® Foam Dock Seal with Head Curtain has a versatile design with an adjustable head curtain that kept a tighter sealed at the same time can accommodate a variety of trailer heights. Comes with a roll formed, galvanized steel side & head pad backing, and includes two color guide stripes system.

  • SERCO S600 DOCK SEAL with Fixed Head Pad
  • Designed for smaller doors (9′ wide x 9′ high or less), has a Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad model that separates both environments internally and externally. Automatic with heavy-duty construction built that can offer long life-service with minimal maintenance and big savings on cost.

  • An L-Shaped Side Pad Foam Dock Seal with Head Pad designed for a trailer that is 8′ or 8′ 6″ wide, with access to the vehicle when docked at doors up to 9′ high. Equipped with compression foam head pads

    (L-shaped) and Serco Steel galvanized steel framing.

  • SERCO S800 DOCK SEAL with Adjustable Head Pad
  • Highly flexible for a full range of trailer heights, featured with a manually adjustable head pad allowing to position the head pad on a 48″ vertical track. Has a heavy gauge steel pan with a standard 18″ high foam head pad

  • SERCO S700 DOCK SEAL with Head Curtain
  • For a variety of vehicle heights, has a hood-style head curtain seals. Ideally for doors that are 9′ high or taller, and with a durable fiberglass that provides stiffness to the curtain top for moisture drainage.

    Moreover, has a seamless aluminum tubing that provides support for the head curtain.

  • SERCO S3000HL L-PAD DOCK SEAL with Head Curtain
  • Custom built for a modular hood-style head curtain against over-compress due to extra projection.

    Strongly built with a roll formed, galvanized steel side & head pad backing, and its doors sizes are available up to 10′-0″ Wide.

  • SERCO S2500G Sliding Head Pad Dock Seal
  • Technologically advanced designed- Guardian Foam Dock Seal with Two-piece Movable Head Pad System that moves vertically with the vehicle, helps reduce the wear on your head pad and side pads, at the same time increases dock seal’s service life with big savings on costs.  

  • Our one of a kind design with a Base fabric-Black 22 oz Vinyl. 8” exposure wear pleats (head pad corners), Kiln Dried, #1 grade, Southern Pine wood framing. Additionally, has a foam core(endurance-tested) that is continuously bonded to frame surface with flexible, nonflammable adhesive.

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    Why Add a Serco S900DD Dry Dock System in Your Loading Dock Facility in Farmville, NC?

    Commercial and industrial buildings and warehouses contain a loading Dock or loading bay. Just as the name implies, a loading Dock is where vehicles that deliver goods are loaded and unloaded. There are three kinds of loading docks—fully enclosed, flush with the building envelope, or exterior.

    Loading Docks are vulnerable to danger. These include forklifts that get in and out of truck trailers that make sharp turns to avoid staged pallet loads, open doors that lead to 3-foot drops to the driveway and stacked pallets that can drop on passersby. The worst among these is the danger of Dock floors that are wet or slick.

    Twenty-five percent of accidents lead to injuries in Docks. Thus, loading docks are considered as a danger zone. “Slips and falls accounted for 34 percent of workers’ compensation claims, putting these incidents as the second leading cause for claims,” according to the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point. 

    These accidents connected with loading dock have claims that reach up to $6.6 billion yearly, according to the 2007 data of Liberty Mutual Safety Index. Research showed that the number of injuries related to slips and falls increases even though there was a decrease in the incidence of other injuries. 

    Reasons Why A Serco S-900DD Drydock Seal System Should Be Added in a Loading Dock Facility

    1. Moisture-free. The Serco S-900DD Drydock Seal System utilizes a wiper pad to keep external moisture and rain out of the loading/unloading area. This pad keeps the trailer at the door. This Serco dry dock system does not require high maintenance. 

    2. Significant features. The Serco dry dock system Farmville NC features include an “automatic position that does not require manual activation. It has heavy-duty galvanized steel channel frame. It also has translucent fiberglass raked head frame for fast water drainage. It boasts of a high-resilient foam core protected with three layers of durable coated fabric. It also has weighted side covers that provide extra protection for the dock area. It has a rugged support bracket that mounts over existing equipment,” from SERCO

    3. Safer workplace. One of the advantages of using dock seal Farmville NC is that they offer a safer working condition in the loading dock equipment. Floors are kept dry and injuries are prevented.  Unwanted pests and bugs are kept from entering business establishments. These can prevent workers from getting sick because of these pests.

    4. Maximize efficiency. Using the proper dock seal increases productivity as the loading dock is the busiest in the workplace. Fear among workers because of unsafe working conditions delays progress in loading and unloading process. 

    5. Extends lifespan of loading dock doors. The dock doors are constantly exposed to the wind and rain which makes them prone to damage. With the proper dock seal, the outer edges of the dock doors are protected from these elements. 

    A loading dock facility has its concerns that affect its workers. Thus, there is a need for the business establishment to use a Serco S900 DD Dry Dock System.

    If you need professional help in dealing with the safety of your loading dock facility, you may contact Passport Door and Dock Systems at the following.

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