How Dock Seals & Shelters Work to Improve Loading Dock System in New Orleans, LA

The motion of products that comes in and out of facilities is highly competitive around the globe. Special attention must be given to the loading dock area. A lot of factors must be considered when coordinating and choosing the right loading dock equipment. Most of the workplace nowadays is not safe and we must not tolerate such unsafe work practices. Planners must ensure that the loading dock area is not just efficient but also safe. You can minimize dangers and accidents by installing loading dock safety equipment. And two of the most important loading dock equipment is the dock seals and shelters

Dock Seals

Dock seals are made of foam pads wherein the trailer compresses into when it backs and comes to rest against the dock bumpers causes it to form a seal around three sides of the trailer. Generally, dock seals give a tight seal for a low price and can worn tear out easily at loading docks in which it receives heavy traffic. Docks can be used if there are minor difference in sizes and styles of trailers being served. 

Dock Shelters

Dock shelters are paddocks that close the perimeter of a trailer to create a seal. This is polished by applying pressure against sides of the trailer with fabric curtains fitted with fiber glass stays. Dock shelters can be fitted in larger dock door openings and services a wide variety of trailer heights and styles while being put through to less damage from daily wear and tear. They are also allowed to access loads on the trailer whether full and unobstructed for maximum loading and unloading efficiency. 

Each of them represents a huge hole in the wall of your facility. Stretched together, these loading dock equipment gives a big opportunity for bad things to enter your facility-think about dust, insects, rodents, weather disturbances such as rain, wind and good things such as heating and cooling energy to escape. 

Weather-related product loss and damage and contamination, employee comfort and safety, hygienic facility, neatness and cleanliness, air quality and maintenance of products are all concerns connected to protecting and controlling the environment at the loading dock. Any actions given by the company to seal up holes is one of the loading dock solution. It makes sure that it can have an immediate positive effect. Effective dock sealing products from Overhead Door Company of New Orleans is offered and designed to be installed quickly. This is to ensure that docks are sealed up tight and your people, products and profits are protected. 

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