What is the Difference Between an Air Curtain and Strip Curtain for Warehouse Cold Storage in Miami, FL?

Diverse customer needs are changing the cold storage industry-and these needs are not just for value services but also to the nature of the goods themselves being stored. Which brings cold storage facilities to adjust, adapt, and evolve, as to how they process their products involving equipment like air curtain, strip curtains, and high-speed doors for the benefit of a cold storage business.

Facility managers or business owners are challenged to meet with such needs, emphasizing its significant importance and the impact it will take on their businesses in Miami FL. 

We in Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a division of DuraServ, share some fundamental overview about cold storage equipment like air curtain, strip curtains, and high-speed doors on how it can help your cold storage business in Miami FL.    

What is Cold Storage?

Cold storage is the storage of any temperature-controlled substance that prevents that substance from spoilage, decaying, or damage.   

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High Speed Exterior Rubber Door-992

Why install your cold storage facility with High-Speed Door?

Nowadays, high-speed refrigeration works best to ensure a total maintenance temperature in a refrigerator. High-Speed Doors offer several advantages to cold storage facilities:   

  • Energy savings

High-speed doors can reduce energy consumption by 40%, and can minimize operating time on the refrigeration system for a longer period. Since they have an opening speed of up to 100 inches per second, air filtration is kept at a minimum, saving a lot of dollar-savings on energy costs.

Our Dynaco Freezer M2 model can limit cold air loss and save energy costs. Designed with a superior seal minimizes temperature loss and temperature variation to save energy and costs.

Dynaco Freezer M2
  • Fast Doors

With high-speed doors, incidents like collisions and bumps would be lessened to happen. Even if collisions do happen, some models have a quick reset feature to automatically return, eliminating or minimizing downtime.    

Our High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-991 has a speed of 70” per second, ideally perfect for separating controlled environment spaces such as food and beverage facilities, high traffic zones, storage rooms, and manufacturing areas to prevent cross-contamination.

High Speed Exterior Rubber Door-991
  • Low Maintenance Cost

High-speed doors have lightweight panels and roll-up or sliding designs, making less strain on operating parts and require lower horsepower drives to operate, thus downtime and maintenance costs will be less.

The High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-992 model is economical as to maintenance costs, designed with break-away features, impact detection features, push-button self-repair, and plug and play wiring which reduces the need for a licensed electrician.

  • Superb seal with High R-value

When the door closes, the sides and bottom form an energy-efficient seal. Additionally, today’s high-speed doors are composed of materials with high R-value.

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What is an air curtain?

An air curtain is a type of equipment or portal in which air flows downwards. The equipment creates a high-pressure radial fan that results in a form of a barrier between different zones.

Air curtains in Miami also offer benefits like good visibility and safety from collisions. Additionally, no more waiting times and hygiene is also ensured.

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What is a strip curtain?

strip curtain is the most common type of barrier used for cold storage facilities. Typically installed between the ante-room and the freezer room and requires little investment.    

Though strip curtains in Miami are economical, however, strip curtains compromise hygiene. As forklifts carry the products they come into contact with the strips and could contaminate the products through the curtain.

Where to get standard high-speed doors and curtains for your warehouse cold storage in Miami, FL?

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