Why Invest in Commercial Doors for Severe Weather for your Commercial Building in Florida?

Business and weather are inseparable. If you are planning to invest in a business in Florida this year, consider weather first. You probably know that Florida is a hurricane-prone state in the US.

However, what you might not know is Florida has some of the largest cargo ports in the United States. Cargo ports comes with warehouses and loading docks. Loading dock businesses in Florida are the perfect place to find your commercial doors for severe weather conditions.

Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a division of DuraServ, since 2001, has been servicing all of South Florida including West Palm, Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties with their loading dock equipment and service needs. Here we have a fundamental overview of Overhead commercial doors.


What are the types of Commercial Doors?

Commercial doors are commonly used in commercial buildings, or establishments, however, here we have 4 basic types of commercial doors:

1. Roll-up Doors

Doors that uses slats of aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel roll up in an overhead coil. They can be found in commercial, institutional, industrial, and other establishments.

2. Fire-rated Doors

A fire-rated door is an entryway or door that works like roll-up doors, either raised or lowered manually or automatically by a motor, its purpose, to resist the spreading of fire between spaces in buildings or establishments.

3. Security Grilles

A type of door model available with side-folding or upward-coiling. Usually made of aluminum or galvanized steel, providing state-of-the-art security features and offers aesthetic designs to suit your needs.

4. Sectional Doors

Are doors made up of panel sections that are connected with hinges, When the door opens and closes, the wheels at the edge of each panel rolls up inside a vertical track.

What is the specification of tough doors for severe weather?

Unlike ordinary doors, wind load-rated overhead doors or hurricane-rated door, are engineered and designed to withstand strong high winds, and storm-like rains with state-of-the-art advanced features to prevent failures:

1. Built from High-Quality Strong Materials

Wind load-rated overhead doors are built from high-quality galvanized steel, making hurricane-proof doors.

Try to imagine what’s it like when a hurricane passes through your building or office establishment and your door fails to protect the weakest part of your building. Leaving your building door wide open would expose your products, goods, or items to outside elements, and burglars, not to mention the damage to your whole building.

At Florida garage door, we have several models of strongly built and highly durable hurricane-rated door models like Overhead Door- Thermacore 591 Insulated Sectional Door model.

Our Thermacore® 591 doors are built with hot-dipped galvanized steel exterior panels, roll-formed, and designed for exceptional strength and sound suppression capabilities. Wind load design available for usage in high-wind conditions.

Overhead Door- Thermacore 591 Insulated Sectional Door

Key Highlights:

  • Standard Max Width: 35’2″ (10,719 Mm)/Standard Max Height: 24’1″ (7,341 Mm)
  • Panel Thickness: 1 5/8″ (41 Mm)
  • R-Value: 14.86 (2.63 W/Msq)
  • Air Infiltration: 15 Mph (24 Kmph) .08 Cfm (2.26 Lmp)/ 25 Mph (40 Kmph) .08 Cfm (2.26 Lmp)
  • Wind Load: Meets ANSI/Dasma 102-1996

To learn more about our Sectional Doors, click here.

2. High-Quality Wind load Strength

Wind load refers to the measurement rate of any pressure or forces that the wind exerts on a building or an establishment. Ordinarily, a standard Overhead door has a 20PSF wind load rate, while this door has different wind load rates on installation and construction specifications.

Standard features of wind load-rated doors are:

  • the wind locks are made of heavier or stronger material
  • contain heavier, stronger and closer bolt spacing
  • has heavier and deeper guide angles
  • more costly due to upgrade parts and components
  • ends of the rolling door curtain slats have windsocks as and lock

Our Florida Door Repair can provide one of the best in Commercial Windload Door Models assuring your commercial business the full protection against strong rain-like storms and high-winds of hurricanes.    

1. Overhead Door- Model 610 Rolling Steel Service Door – strong and durable, handsome and versatile, and can withstand wind loads up to 20psf. The 610 Series is a door tough enough to perform exceptionally well in demanding industrial environments with severe storm-like climates. 

2. Overhead Door- Model 620 Stormtite Rolling Steel Service Door- The Stormtite™ 620 Series – an Airtight Solution for Heavy-Duty Applications. This special door is designed from high-cycle and high-wind load to combination, spark-resistant, and crane way doors.

3. Overhead Door- Model 625 Stormtite Insulated Rolling Steel Service Door – Model 625 heavy-duty door is featured with insulated stainless steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel slats, and offers wind load protection up to 20 PSF.

Get to know more about our full line of Commercial Rolling Steel Door models here.

3. Top-of-the-Line Performance Criteria

Hurricane Overhead doors are tested, and certified by several third-party testing facilities to meet high-quality standard performance criteria such as:

  • ANSI/DASMA-108
  • ASTM E 330
  • Florida Building Code (FBC)
  • Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)
  • Signed and Sealed Calculations
  • Miami-Dade County test protocols TAS 201, TAS 202 and TAS 203

At Florida high-speed door, all our High-Performance or High-Speed Doors are certified and tested as a High-Quality Performance Criteria in either one or more of its accreditations.

1. High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-990 – ideal for high-traffic manufacturing, pharmaceutical, warehouse, and distribution facilities.

2. High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-991 – is best for separating controlled environment spaces such as food and beverage facilities, high traffic zones, storage rooms, and manufacturing areas to prevent cross-contamination.

3. High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-992 – is a strutted, heavy-duty interior high-speed fabric door with an independently tested static pressure resistance of 76 mph and dynamic ultimate pressure resistance of 53 mph.

4. High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-992 – has industry-leading standard safety features include reversing edge, two sets of infrared obstruction detection sensors, and door stop devices.

5. High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-993 – is a strutted, exterior high-speed fabric door with an independently tested static pressure resistance of 76 mph and dynamic ultimate pressure resistance of 53 mph.

6. High-Speed Exterior Rubber Door-994 – is a high-speed heavy-duty exterior door that is a perfect door solution for parking garages, mining, auto/transit, and manufacturing facilities.

Our wide selections of commercial doors are guaranteed to last for many years, have a glimpse of our best high-performance door models.

Where to get the highest quality product and installation of commercial doors in Florida?

When in search of the highest quality of product and installation of commercial doors in Florida, finding the best commercial door provider can answer your needs.

Get Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a division of DuraServ Corp. is your reliable commercial door provider. The company is famous for being the leading service provider in the loading dock, door, and equipment industry. We deliver service on a national scale to customers with large facilities, often in multiple locations, across the United States, and in Canada.

Contact us at (954) 266-7960, or through our website for your commercial door needs or any dock equipment and doors, we have the products and skilled technicians to keep your dock running at its peak.

Our Florida door service of well-trained technicians and stocked trucks are prepared to fix anything that might get broken.

You can make a service request or visit us personally at our Service Areas: South Florida – Miami, Miramar, West Palm, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe County, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Doral.

Common Questions to Ask When Buying Roll Up Doors in Miami-Dade, FL

If you’re planning to buy a commercial roll-up door and are in the process of selecting in the Miami-Dade, FL market, there are some fundamental elements to consider. Beginning with the basics, here are some overview of commercial roll-up doors:

What is a Commercial Roll Up Door?

Commercial roll-up doors are known as metal slatted doors that keep in a coil located above the building interior or exterior portal of entries. They establish elevated security against entry at the same time as protection from natural environmental factors. It is manufactured with roll-formed metal slats that interlock to create a solid rugged curtain.


What are its benefits and applications?

Commercial and Industrial roll-up doors are becoming a popular choice for several businesses because of their multiple benefits:

  • Super strong and almost impossible to break
  • Reliable Insulation
  • Blocks External Noise
  • Highly Durable
  • Space Saver
  • Easy to operate 
  • Fairly inexpensive
  • Lightweight and easy to install

Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a division of DuraServ, offers a variety of commercial roll-up doors that are ideal for self-storage, storage, agricultural, and recreational uses. Some common applications include:

  • retail
  • food and beverage
  • pharmaceuticals
  • refrigeration/cold storage 
  • heavy industrial applications
  • energy-efficient facilities
  • transportation and transit
  • auto dealer service centers
  • manufacturing controlled warehouses

Why consult a professional when planning to get Roll-Up Doors?

In reality, there are many door providers in the market today that can answer what your company needs and agenda. Each has the experience, expertise, and integrity with credentials to prove they are worthy to render their products and services.

However, the biggest challenge is how are you gonna find and choose the right company. With each company offering a lot of great marketing promotions and full of promises, it is hard to tell which one is suitable for your company’s needs.

First off, if you are looking for the right place where to find the right company, that is, in Florida, you are on the right track. Florida is where big businesses of logistics & distribution industry can be found which includes transportation and logistics and broader wholesale trade that employs more than half a million Floridians.


Overhead Door Company of South Florida

Nearly every major global logistics integrator already has a presence in the state, including Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a Division of DuraServ,  the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors,  we have the products and skilled technicians to keep your dock running at its peak. No one does docks in South Florida better than our Florida High-Speed door.

We offer one of our best commercial roll-up doors – Overhead Door- Model 600 Coil-Away Rolling Steel Service Door model in Miami-Dade, FL, provides both value and quality in a light-duty, highly attractive commercial Florida roll up doors.

What is a coiling fire door?

A coiling fire door is a special coiling roll-up door having a special release mechanism that will close in the event of a fire or fire alarm.

Here are some questions usually ask by professionals before deciding to get a coiling roll-up door and will help you assist when consulting an expert to make that right decision.

1. Is the door of the right size?

This seems most likely too distinct, but doors that are too gigantic or too petite for a given building often find their possible way to the job site. See to it to counter check, not just the door itself, but all its operating components. This is especially vital for furnish projects which may oblige to account for existing guides.

Overhead Door- Model 600 Coil-Away Rolling Steel Service Door is designed to fit openings up to 16′ wide and 16′ high (4877 mm by 4877 mm) and ideal for closure for any number of light commercial and industrial applications. Our Florida Overhead Door service office has a variety of commercial roll-up products available, servicing all of South Florida.

2. Where would be the door be installed?

This is important for several reasons like functionality, technical specific needs, and facility requirements. If the door to be installed in the kitchen, it should be on the countertop and unlikely to a full-height door.

Model 600 Coil-Away is easy to install, trouble-free performance and smooth operation. It is computer designed and precision manufactured to our exacting standards and your job specifications. Additionally, fabricated of 24 or 26 gauge galvanized steel (depending on door width) for strength, with durability ensured by the door’s steel guides and brackets.

3. What material is the wall construction made of?

Not all wall constructions will support the installation of the coiling fire door. Generally, firewalls are either masonry or non- masonry to have something very substantial to attach with. Commonly, for coiling fire doors requires a wall that meets UL approved construction, and usually, this means 14 gauge channels, wood 2x material, or structural steel. It is advisable to check with the fire-rated door specialist, for there are several requirements and compliances for fire-rated doors installation.

Overhead Door- Model 600 can be standardly mounted facing the wall and has a counterbalance of high tensile helical torsion spring housed in a steel tube or pipe barrel assembly, making it perfect for masonry or non- masonry installations or establishments.

4. What made out of door material is the best for me?

Presently, in the market of fire doors, there are two basic materials, stainless steel, and steel. In terms of finishes, stainless steel has 2 types: mill, and two levels of bright polish, #2B, and #4. As to its location of installation, if the door subject to high humidity, stainless is a better choice.

The aesthetic appeal of the Coil-Away™ 600 Series is painted with a rust-inhibitive, roll-coated finish that includes a baked-on primer coat that is .2 mils thick, and a baked-on polyester topcoat that is .6 mils thick. Offer a variety of three exterior/interior colors: white/white, white/ brown, brown/white.

5. Can the door be opened, or only during fires?

Warehouse or facility requirements vary depending on fire door replacements. Like if the fie door is located on a mounted loading dock application, a higher usage plan is required. This requires a fire-rated specialist to learn options available.

Built for functionality, Coil-Away™ 600 is crafted of quality galvanized steel interlocking slats, with all-steel brackets and guides and 20,000-cycle helical torsion springs, the door is designed to perform and last.

6. Does the door bring about energy needs?

Each state has its own energy codes. Code modifications and a complicated interaction within the establishment specifications can create door a lot of options. This requires the expertise of energy professionals.

The Coil-Away™ 600 is a quality door that’s built to perform reliably for life – ensuring low maintenance, less downtime, fewer repair costs, and has a 24-month limited warranty.

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Considering you feel you are on the right track and ready to make that decision happen, feel free to contact us (954) 266-7960, or through our website, for any query about Model 600 Coil-Away Rolling Steel Service Door model or any commercial and residential roll-up doors and dock equipment needs at our Florida Overhead Door service office in Miami-Dade, FL. You can make a service request or visit us personally at our service areas: South Florida – Miami, Miramar, West Palm, Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe County, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, and Doral.