What are the 5 Preventive Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Door in Scottsdale, AZ?

If you are in Scottsdale, AZ or any parts of Arizona, garage doors are used in homes and commercial establishments. It provides a combination of convenience, security, and refinement that is often under-appreciated that is until something breaks. Being the largest moving part of most people’s homes, garage doors are susceptible to wear and tear that can degrade usability, reduce visual appeal, and even compromise safety and security.

It’s easy to take your residential or commercial garage door for granted. It opens, closes and looks great, but what about the day it stops working? Few things can be as frustrating as a garage door that won’t open or as dangerous as a door that doesn’t work properly. There are a lot of ways you can do to keep your garage door in good condition. Here are the top five residential and commercial garage door maintenance tips:


Grinding or screeching metal not only sounds terrible, but it can also lead to a major failure of your garage door. That’s why having lubricant, especially white lithium grease, is a top preventive maintenance tip for garages.

Once the door is properly lubed, raise and lower the door several times to be sure the lubricant spreads evenly.

Tip: Don’t overuse lubricant — use a clean rag to wipe off any excess material.

Nuts and Bolts

Garage doors are heavy. Regular use of a garage door all but guarantees that nuts and bolts will eventually work themselves loose.

You’ll want to check with your garage door manufacturer regarding proper torque specifications, but if anything is loose: tighten it or call professionals to help if you don’t know what to do. They will know what to do.

Motor and Roller Check

Damaged garage door rollers are often the reason that a garage door may not close or open properly. Garage door rollers are little wheels that track along the side of your garage door. The rollers slide up and down the track in order to raise or close the door.

Also, if the door is taking longer than usual to open or close, that’s a good indicator that maintenance is neededThere might be something wrong with the motor. Always listen to your garage door. Sound is a good way to indicate if there is something wrong with your garage door motor.

Check Your Weatherstripping

A working weatherstrip keeps the weather out of your garage! Regardless of what type of weather you have, a weatherstrip is a simple way to prolong the life of your garage door.

Weatherstrips are typically made of rubber. You’ll find that weatherstrips eventually dry out and fall apart. If you notice that parts of your weatherstrip are decayed, broken, or flaky, it’s time to get a replacement.

Tip: Be sure to purchase the right type of weatherstripping for your garage door. If you’re unsure which one to buy, check with the manufacturer of your garage door.

Get the Help you Need from the Professionals

Garage doors are complicated, heavy things. If you’re looking to delve into the world of garage door maintenance, it’s better to do it with a professional at your side. After all, safety is paramount — there’s no point risking your health and safety.

Carry out these garage door maintenance checks every six months, and you will prolong its working life. If you are ever unsure, call in the professionals. 

These are just some garage door maintenance tips. If you are in Scottsdale, AZ, contact the best garage door company near you and ask for an estimate.

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Why It’s Important to Schedule Your Garage Door Maintenance in Scottsdale, AZ?

Based on the advantageous and beneficial functionality, residential homes and commercial facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona installed garage doors mainly for safety, and security as well as for the added aesthetic appearance. This particular integration transforms a garage door into an elegant and exquisite door that will boost the value of the residential home. 

The aesthetic appearance of the residential home as well as the commercial establishments has been boosted when modernized garage doors were installed for beautification and ornamental effects. As a matter of fact, an elegant looking garage door may change the appearance of your structure, which to effect increases the real property market value.

In short, the combination of good-looking and durability attributes of the garage doors is significant and they complement each other to enhance their functionalities. 

Basically, the garage is a storage area where people store their personal properties like the car, hardware power builder tools, car tools, and other tools similar in nature. Garage doors, on the other hand, secure the contents of the garage. 

With this idea in mind, the assembly and installation of this type of high-end residential and commercial garage door are deemed a good investment in Scottsdale, Arizona

The nature of a garage door is robust with the high-impact quality that can withstand hurricane force winds and other catastrophes. However, the simple tasks of the garage door will also increase its wear and tear characteristic especially if the door is habitually being operated on a most frequent manner.

In this regard and after a whole day and wearisome operation of a garage door especially in a commercial setting, the door may need a corresponding schedule of maintenance and thorough repair. To ensure that germane repairs are needed to be undertaken, the following signs should manifest:

1. The door stocks up and could hardly be opened and closed;

2. It produces sounds that are irritating;

3. It dislocates from its track or hinges.

In the presence of the above-cited signs, your garage door should undertake the complete maintenance. 

Cookson Door Sales of Arizona offers high-end and quality garage doors, which are assembled and manufactured with proficient workmanship.

In addition to the provision of training, the company facilitates a weekly safety meeting and an in-depth safety undertaking every month to guarantee the best garage door assembly and installation.

All communications for scheduling and service delivery are handled by the operations center to ensure the work is managed in the office promptly and correctly. It is where quick phone calls are undertaken to communicate the timely reminder about the scheduled tasks as the on-time service call for installation.

We improved our services as well as our tools on how to smoothly craft an exquisite garage door that our clients will truly love and value. 

Typically, the installation of a well-maintained garage door has the following benefits:

  • It offers an additional architectural appeal
  • It increases the value of the real property

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