What are the Benefits of a Hercules Infitting Hinged Freezer Door for Cold Storage Facilities in Sterling, VA?

Commercial and industrial facilities are flourishing in Sterling, Virginia. The number of cold storage warehouses is also upscaling faster than expected due to the need for such kind of facility. 

Basically, cold storage keeps the products at a pre-set temperature for the purpose of keeping the product’s freshness. In essence, the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables becomes longer. This is the cooler room refrigeration and in effect even if it is cost-effective, it could keep the products from spoiling as it keeps to control the moisture level to help extend the freshness of the goods. 

To sustain the freshness of the products in the cooler room refrigerator, an efficient door is needed to seal the storage area but somehow allow the access or passage of the equipment and product deliveries. 

The most suitable door for this facility is the Hercules Infitting Hinged Freezer Door for Cold Storage Facilities in Sterling, VA.

It is designed to be utilized in environmentally controlled buildings such as freezers and coolers where only hand trucks and personnel movement are necessary. It provides a thermal performance of high R-value, superior airtightness and low thermal bridging in result to 30% cost-effectiveness versus the traditional multi-part cold storage doors. 

Our engineers are trained to design high-performance doors to meet the specific design criteria of the clients. As a matter of fact, the proven performance and high customer satisfaction of the Hercules product lines are worldwide. It specializes in cold storage, controlled environment, food and beverage processing/distribution, and pharmaceutical industries.

If you are in Sterling, VA and opted to get hold of the door, it is highly recommended to avail the services of Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ. We are dedicated to serving our customers with products and services, which satisfy the highest level of specifications to achieve all major international industry certification standards. 

We offer Hercules Infitting Hinged Freezer Door for Cold Storage Facilities complemented with the highly skilled installation by our well-trained technicians. The following are its benefits:

  1. Quick and easy installation
  2. Excellent thermal properties
  3. Extensive range of options

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