Why Choose Hercules Heavy-Duty Vertical Sliding Door for Warehouse Loading Docks in Sterling, VA

Warehouse loading dock is an establishment or facility that allows the trucks to unload and load the goods efficiently and safely.It is designed for safety and it helps to hasten the transfer of goods in and out of the building or facility.

Usually, a warehouse loading dock is found in the industrial and commercial buildings freight-terminal and facilities, where it has different applications like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, heavy industrial applications and refrigeration/cold storages.

For refrigeration and cold storages , perishable goods like fresh meats, vegetables , fruits , fresh fish, dairyproducts, products need for pharmaceuticalindustries, foodprocessingcompanies needs to be stored in warehouse loading docks to have a longer lifespan and storage, after which goods or items be delivered to the table of every household.

Some cold storage loading dock facility managers managed to invest in their facilities by using an all-in-one loading dock doors, which they thought may have saved their company of thousands of dollars, however, in the long run, it seems so good to be true.

Nowadays, modern and smart facility managers take into great considerations not only major factors but also minor concerns and issues such as space, speed, workloads, and others, with great considerable importance as one of the factors to have a long term investment success for a company.

Hercules, a company with 64 years of experience, technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities has the answer to your controlled environment door solutions. Unlike any ordinary vertical sliding doors, HERCULES high performance and high-speed sliding doors offer a complete line of specialty doors for your specific applications that perfectly suits and needs of any controlled environment business such as food manufacturers and distributors in the dairy, meat, produce, beverage, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

The HERCULES Series Vertical Lift cold storage door is the solution for your cold storage system. Strongly featured, with its flexibility designs and highly applicable to multiple building applications.

Beneficially ideal for applications where the side room is minimum or when several door openings are close together, thus saving more space and work downtime which eventually comes with more company profits.

Next, the solution to the traditional loading dock problem-drive-thru traffics for forklifts and freight vehicles. Drive-thru traffic causes hazards and accidents in which a lot of companies are burdened with unexpected costs, however, with Hercules Heavy-Duty Vertical Sliding Door’s unique engineered design, drive-thru traffics are no more.  

Other notable and specifications features:

  • Superior airtightness
  • Thermal performance of high R-value
  • Low thermal bridging
  • Available with electric or manual operation
  • The double vertical lift door is also available (Limited Headroom) to slightly more than half the door height
  • Flexible Custom Counterweight that matches the weight of each individual door
  • Uses NEMA 4 Control Box where durability and safety are ensured
  • Built for long-lasting usage with its heavy-duty hardware and tracks

Hercules Heavy-Duty Vertical Sliding Door

Specification Highlights:

  • Width: 5′-10’/Height: 7′-10’/Thickness: 4″ 6″
  • R-Value: 33 50
  • Insulation: Polyiso CFC-free(Foamed-in-Place)
  • Door Panel: Structural Framed(HDPE Rails Clad)
  • Metal: 24, 26 Gauge Stucco(Embossed)/Galvanized Steel(Painted)
  • Safety Edge: Pneumatic Instant Reversing (Full Height)
  • Defrost: Freezer Doors(120 volt Perimeter Cables)/Gaskets Frost-free
  • Operation: Manual/Electric

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