How Can a Dynaco Slimline Stainless Optimize Cleanrooms Operation in Jacksonville, FL?

Globally, as private business investors or government organizations invest in specialized industrial productions or scientific research are developing, advancing, and on the quest for knowledge and truth continues to grow through an objective and systematic method of finding a solution to a problem.  

Similarly, American Roll-Up Door Companya Division of DuraServ never stops in their quest to be “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market” attitude. Undertaking every possible ways and means, as our company journey through the challenges of modern times, our learning never ceases to stop.

DuraServ, being the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, provide solutions for applications such as high volume warehousing & distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retails and other specialized applications like specialized industrial productions or research facilities.

Research facilities advanced and improved through time with modern technology, and also as more specialized requirements grew. And so does DuraServ, keeping up with industry’s latest trends and updates, thus offers its latest models specifically designed and engineered for cleanrooms – Dynaco Slimline Stainless.     

Dynaco Slimline Stainless

Dynaco Slimline Stainless are high-performance doors and flexible quality commercial doors ensuring a tight seal for clean rooms, keeping pressure levels at a stable rate and protecting against contaminants. It provides an airlock system that correct pressure differentials and pressure resistance to separate inside and out environments. Highly suitable for applications like scientific researches, pharmaceutical manufacturing, integrated circuits, CRT, LCD, OLED, and microLED displays, where extremely low levels of particulates, such as vaporized particles, dust, or airborne organisms are extremely high priorities.


The Dynaco Slimline Stainless has patented side guides and full-perimeter door seal design. It has an air-tight seal as protection against contaminants and airborne particles. These high-performance doors correct pressure differentials and the PVC door current is pressure resistant. 


Due to the design of Dynaco high-speed doors and air-tight features, operations are fast and efficient. Hence, energy is conserved, the climate is controlled, and the cost is minimized.

Fast and quiet

With a rapid door cycle of up to 1,2 m/s open speed and 0,5 m/s close speed, the open time is kept to the minimum. This practically eliminates door downtime, minimizing airborne pathogens from infiltrating. The low-friction guides ensure silent operation. 

Totally Safe

Dynaco Slimline Stainless has no rigid curtain elements that could cause damage to equipment and employees. 

Dynaco Slimline Stainless is one of the latest high-performance commercial doors of American Roll-up Door Co., a Division of DuraServ, has been in the business in Central and Northern Florida since 1981. Whatever is your consideration in choosing for your commercial doors – energy-efficiency, functionality, or disaster-proof or aesthetically pleasing, we have it. 

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