4 Things You Must Know About High-Speed Doors for Top Industries in Raleigh, NC

High-speed doorshave various uses for different industries. Here is some of the basic information regarding thesehigh performance doors.

High-speed doors defined

The name speaks for itself. These high speed doors are faster counterparts of traditional door systems such as roller shutter, PVC fabric door, sectional door, and roller doors. These Rytec high speed doors are designed to operate at speed in consideration of high usage reliability, most efficient energy consumption, and a longer lifespan for its parts.

High speed doors Raleigh NC seamlessly combine with the establishment’s traffic movements that include vehicles, forklifts, automated conveyors, or pedestrian traffic. Organizations must take care that the choice and design of these Rytec high speed doors Raleigh NC must be aligned with the traffic characteristics to prevent accidents. The most significant factor to consider is the speed at which these doors open and close.

Advantages of using high-speed doors 

There are many benefits when it comes to using a high speed sliding door. Doors are kept closed at the maximum time possible. There is a decrease in energy and temperature losses when doors are sealed. There is also a decrease in risks involving cross contamination. Moreover, there are also optimal operating rhythms. Problems involving high traffic areas can result in nightmares in the absence of high-speed doors.

Applications that use high-speed doors

Different industries utilize high-speed doors. These include the food and beverage industry. These industries use rapid doors to simulate closed air doors that are significant when it comes to maintaining pressure assessment and steady temperature.

Another industry is clean room operation. Airborne pollutants mustn’t spread from a common site to a sterilized one in a facility. These are used in the pharmaceutical, research, electronic, and semiconductor facilities.

Production industries also need high speed doors to divide areas for employees and areas that have noxious and corrosive substances.

High-speed doors are also used in automotive industries as they make sure of the logistic processes to ensure optimum production.

High-speed doors offered by Passport Dock and Door

Passport Door and Dock Systems offers high-speed external flexible doors that use Trekking folding technology that provides greater wind resistance with combined better insulation. “The Trekking technology for Nergeco Entrematic automatic folding flexible doors provide greater wind resistance by increasing the number of stiffeners distributed from top to bottom of the opening. They tension the curtain evenly down to the bottom of the slides to provide better weatherproofing. They distribute pressure over the whole of the frame uniformly thus providing reliable and continuous operation, even when subjected to a high wind load, without jamming or flapping and without any unnecessary and hazardous weight at the bottom.“


High speed doors are vital to the operation of different industrial establishments. Companies who know the need must use these high speed doors for optimal processes.

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Why Add a Hybrid Door to Your Existing Cold Storage Doors in Raleigh, NC?

Cold Storage areas in your warehouse or establishment must be installed with Hybrid AC & CAC with VersaFlex™ because of the outstanding benefits you will gain from it. Your hybrid door will give the protection of your stock from contamination, save energy, and is proven durable and long-lasting. In other words, adding a hybrid door in your existing cold storage doors means investment and savings.

Maximizes the energy efficiency 

These high-speed doors are made of an insulated hittable bi-parting or single sliding doors that open and close quickly keeping the temperature stable with very little and swift intervention. They provide another layer of safety feature to guarantee that the opening continues to be accessible for workflow. With just a touch on the button or remote control, this user-friendly and convenient way of opening and closing the entry point to your storage room will maximize your use of electricity.

Significantly reduces moisture infiltration

The fast movement of the cold storage doors lowers the moisture infiltration into your stocks. In this way, the goods and equipment inside are hardly disturbed and contaminated by the outer conditions and even the entry and exit of personnel and moving lorries or trucks. They also keep the temperature stable and avoid the entry of contaminants.

Significantly reduces air exchange 

These high performance doors significantly reduce air exchange in between quarters of opposite or temperature yet are closed for expensive air infiltration and energy efficiency. They can automatically open and close just right for the amount of time to let people and equipment get in and get out.

AC and CAC is retrofitable

Another important benefit you can get from these storage doors is that you can restore them to the existing bi-parting or single sliding doors. This flexibility feature allows you to perform various tasks within a shorter period.

Additional air doors can be added 

Moreover, you can install additional hybrid door Raleigh NC to take advantage of its energy saving efficiency. You are investing in these doors because you get more value for the money you have spent on purchasing and installing them.

Warm side or cold side mount

The warm side or cold side mount is perfect for high-traffic entryways where ice and infiltration have been a challenge. Much is accomplished with high speed doors Raleigh NC and you can be assured of their durability and capacity. Made of high-quality materials, they can stand extreme and varying temperatures and pressure.

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