Guide for Choosing the Right Loading Dock Leveler for Your Manufacturing Business in Hickory, NC

In the United States, Hickory is home to one of the oldest furniture manufacturers. It is a city located primarily in Catawba County, with the boundaries extending into Burke and Caldwell counties.

To date, Hickory, NC has been a home of numerous manufacturing companies catering for other products, which is not entirely related to furniture manufacturing facilities. A high percentage of commercial and industrial facilities have been established particularly undertakes the conduct of business, which utilizes the use of the loading dock system.

The loading dock system is the integration of numerous pieces of equipment that are being operated to promote efficiency and effectiveness. These sets of equipment include the loading dock shelter and seals, barrier, vehicle restraints, high-speed rolling door, leveler and lifts, and other equipment similar in nature like the industrial fans and the like.

One of the most imperative undertakings is the conduct of delivery and distribution of goods through the loading dock. To undertake such activity promptly, it is very important to utilize the use of the loading dock leveler and lifter. To this end, the dock leveler and lifter manage to flatten and fill-in the gaps between the dock leveler and the floor of the trailer truck delivery vehicle.

There are no fast and easy rules that will serve as the guide on choosing the right dock levelers & lifters. But the best rule is to choose the products and services of companies with a trustworthy reputation.

There are five (5) most common types of loading dock levelers, which are the hydraulic, mechanical, air-powered, specialty, and edge dock levelers and lifters.

If you are in Hickory, North Carolina, it is strongly recommended to select the products and services of Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of DuraServ Corp. We are the largest and popular distributor of loading dock equipment particularly the dock leveler and lifter. We carry the products brand of McGuire and these loading dock levelers and lifters are as follow:

1. McGuire’s mechanical dock leveler, which is popular with its inherent attribute of providing strength and durability on top of being an economical solution to basic applications. It is built with a strong structural steel frame supported with the full-width rear hinge added strength and durability.

2. McGuire hydraulic dock levelers are assembled with low maintenance and repair qualities. It is also built with the structural steel frame with the push-button functionalities. It has the safest loading dock choice because it contains an in-line velocity fuses that prevent the free fall in a truck pull-out situation.

3. McGuire air-powered dock levelers are engineered as an economical alternative to hydraulic levelers. But it also has the push-button activation feature.  As its regular feature, it has an airbag or bellows system, which is used to raise and lower the deck.  Farther, it is likewise built with a structural steel frame and a full-width rear hinge for additional strength and durability.

4. McGuire specialty dock levelers with the usual unmatched environmental control for temperature-sensitive applications. It offers a low lifetime ownership costs and with the best built-in safety feature.

5. Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Leveler has a dependable push-button control yet quiet functionalities with the two (2) cylinder design with deck and lip.

In more than twenty-three (23) years of experience, we have been furnishing, installing, and fixing the high degree of quality garage doors, garage door openers, dock equipment, and other related products. To provide the utmost service to our clients, we managed to undertake and thorough training and seminars to equip our technicians to carry out efficient services.

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Why a Kelley HHC Heavy-Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler is Ideal for Applications Moving a Large Volume of Heavy Loads?

A lot of people lately wonders what is the best hydraulic dock leveler and if there is one, why it is ideal for applications that can move a large volume of heavy loads?  

Many hydraulic dock levelers are going in and out of the market and are being exposed, not only to physical shops but also to the online world. A hydraulic dock leveler from Just Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, brings out a type of hydraulic dock leveler that can increase the power of the workforce in a business or establishment. It is the Kelley HHC Heavy-Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler. 

The Kelly HHC heavy capacity hydraulic dock leveler, a type of hydraulic dock leveler is built to last in the most demanding environments. It has a capacity of 60,000 lb. or 80,000 lb. A loading dock leveler that is ideal for applications that can move a large number of heavy loads, like in the paper production, auto manufacturing, and steel industries. This hydraulic dock leveler in Baltimore MD combines all the features that Kelley hydraulic levelers are known for, together with a rugged design that is fit for handling tough loads.  

This type of hydraulic dock leveler is designed for productivity and smooth operation. It is operated automatically with a single push-button activation and a mechanically activated lip.  The HP’s unique gravity lip extension extends the lip automatically in a smooth and quiet fashion as the dock leveler goes falls down into the trailer. 

Kelley HHC Heavy-Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler is one of the best and ideal loading dock leveler because of its lip extension, regenerative hydraulics, yieldable hydraulic lip, NEMA 4 non-metallic push-button control panel, hydraulic velocity fuse safety stop, open subframe design, full operating range toe guards, below-dock and loading capability, 18’’ lip standard, grease fittings, integral m-10 maintenance strut, and lip support latch, 24’’ pit depth standard, heavy-duty B-duty B160-14F dock bumpers.  

As time goes by, maintenance is a necessity and we offer annual maintenance programs to help you in extending the life of your Kelley. The service wasn’t repaired. If service is being required, the service department is available.  

We can quickly serve any part of the Mid-Atlantic region. Our team will be glad to serve Baltimore, Maryland (410) 536-0505, Jamesburg, New Jersey, (609) 448-6550, Sterling, Virginia, (703) 450-2800, South Windsor (860)528-1036, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania. We assure you that we have a team of fully-trained technicians to attend to your needs anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic region.  

Just-Rite Equipment has products to work with any commercial setting that has a loading dock. “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market” is our mission and we live by it! You can contact us today if you have questions about Kelley HHC Heavy-Capacity Hydraulic Dock Leveler and other loading dock equipment. You can reach us at (609) 448-6550 today! Or visit our website or

What is a Dock Leveler and Its Advantages for Industrial and Commercial Applications in Round Rock TX

dock leveler is used to bridge the gap between the delivery of vehicles and the difference of height and distance in warehouse floors. They are installed and can be seen in warehouses to make loading and unloading of vehicles easier. It is also a height-adjustable platform that is used to ensure a smooth transition between a dock and a truck which helps to keep forklifts away from accidents that can cause serious injuries and damages to equipment. The loading dock leveler is made up of a simple metal plate.

Dock levelers can be used to any warehouse entrance, loading or unloading zone, and industrial building. They make it possible to receive deliveries from any vehicles without having to worry about the bridge between the warehouse and the vehicle. When you remove the gap, you save time on unloading. Make sure that there is no damage to products because of an unsafe loading and unloading environment. 

Before we go to the advantages of dock levelers for industrial and commercial applications, let us know the types of levelers: 

hydraulic dock leveler is stored in the dock pit and gives the smoothest transition between the dock leveler and trailer. It gives improvement to the safety and productivity at the loading dock. It keeps injuries from occurring and minimizing the forklift and product damage. 

The mechanical dock leveler is a poweramp, provides strength and durability to basic applications and an economical solution.

Air powered dock levelers are also an economical alternative to hydraulic levelers but are operated with push-button activation. A bellow system or air bag is used to raise and lower the deck. 

Advantages of Dock Levelers

The amount of time and effort is the first advantage of using your dock levelers. They make loading and unloading easy and convenient for your workers. It is not also safe for your employees but it can also keep your dock levelers away from damages. 

Aside from saving time and making loading and unloading of vehicles easier, dock levelers are also very easy to operate. The dock leveler’s height is hydraulically controlled. It has a specific advantage over pneumatic dock levelers as there is no need for large pumps or air bags. They are unique enough to meet the demands of almost any situation. There’s no complex wiring and additional steering unit. Dock levelers are simple and can give you excellent logistic demands.

When it comes to loading and unloading delicate items, our dock designers can help you find the perfect dock leveler to make it much easier. We have commercial doors to fit every need, we are more than just a door company. Overhead Door Company of Austin has everything to create a safe and sound environment from the moment a truck arrives until it leaves again. Give us a call if you want to experience simple and awesome dock levelers. Contact us through our hotline number (512) 442-1561. We can also be reached in our service areas: Austin | Georgetown | Round Rock | Cedar Creek | San Marcos | Cedar Park | Pflugerville | Temple. You may also contact us through or

Top 3 Advantages of a Hydraulic Dock Leveler

A hydraulic dock leveler is equipment that may be initially pricey but something that you would surely need if you want your business or warehouse to be safe, efficient, and productive. With the hydraulic dock leveler, you do not need a pull chain anymore. Everything is done by pushing the right buttons. It is more ergonomic than mechanical and it can be operated easily by your staff.

With the best hydraulic dock leveler, you can enjoy the top three advantages that includes: safe operation, efficient functionality, and wise investment.

Safe operation

A safe working environment is what every manager and staff deserve. Because the Serco hydraulic dock leveler  is controlled by pushing buttons only, there will be more precision and less effort on the operator. The controller can focus on the exact timing and location of the lifting of the merchandise in storing or shipping. This can also assure a lesser or zero accidents in the operations in the loading dock.

With less mishaps, the people are safe; goods are kept in excellent condition; and the equipment and trucks are free from malfunction.

Efficient functionality

A dock leveler that does not require manual activation unlike one where a person must endanger his body by moving around the platform is a highly recommended. Because the mechanical leveler is made up of lip latches, springs, hold-downs, and other movable parts that are frequently replaced, accidents can happen.

A problem that may be caused by a truck being separated from the dock during a loading or unloading process is called a stomp out. However, the hydraulic dock leveler makes it easy and safe for workers as well as goods and equipment to be held under control. Most importantly, the quality of this equipment is certainly reliable.

Wise investment

Despite the additional cost of installing hydraulic dock leveler, it is surely a wise investment because it makes the processes in the loading dock safe, efficient, and productive. This type of dock leveler is a sure way to eliminate stump out issues because of its full range free float. It has velocity fuse with free fall protection. In this condition, the leveler and other workers are safer and so are the goods, trucks, and equipment. Experts in installing and maintaining hydraulic dock leveler New Orleans LA and from other locations are always available to give expert advice and services. Their products are also worth your money’s value.

Call at 504-822-0345 for inquiries of services and quotation. If you want to contact our friendly customer service, click here or request a service at You will never be disappointed by choosing their services. Moreover, for quick service request, click here and be helped by their able and willing service crew. In addition, you can visit their website to see the wide range of their product samples, specifications and quotations.

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What is the Purpose of a Hydraulic Dock Leveler for Commercial Applications in Austin, Texas

Commercial facilities in Austin, Texas have enjoyed a massive increase mainly for storage purposes. Good thing that such facilities have installed the loading dock system needed to facilitate the prompt and efficient transfer of commodities to and from the storage areas and towards the distribution centers. 

Through the integration of various equipment in the dock system, the value and contribution of the dock leveler have been ignored. The only occasion when the utmost importance of the dock leveler is appreciated when it breaks down and leaves the facility to a manual method of transferring the commodities. 

A dock leveler is vital to the regular functioning of the commercial facilities as they make the supposedly hard way into an accessible and easy approach to the storage process. It actually provides a bridge to fill in the gaps between the lip of the dock and the delivery truck trailer where the goods, commodities, and equipment may smoothly pass through directly towards the storage areas instead of going around the main door for hard access. In short, a dock leveler expedites the passage of the items for storage. 

When we say dock leveler, it refers to a permanent fixture that is mounted at the dock’s door. It is essentially comprised of a metal plate known as lip and placed in a stowed position. 

On the other hand, there are two (4) types of levelers that include:

1. Mechanical Dock Leveler 

2. Hydraulic Dock Leveler

3. Air Powered Dock Leveler

4. Specialty Dock Leveler

Though it is expensive to utilize the Hydraulic Dock Leveler, it facilitates a higher level of productivity due to its superior qualities such as the high-end materials used for the assembly and it requires a lesser engagement of manpower on its operations. 

To this end, it is highly advised to utilize the Serco Hydraulic Levelers in the Commercial application in Austin, Texas

With the integration of technological advancements and particularly installing the Serco Hydraulic Levelers in the warehousing industry, it is worthy to be noted that the method of loading and unloading have been proficiently been undertaken and to an effect, delays are tremendously been resolved. Apart from that safety in the facility has been ensured effectively. A safer working condition may definitely lead to a better work environment and happier workers, which may generate a productive business.

The advantage of the hydraulic dock leveler is its low maintenance attribute because it does not have the required pull chain operation anymore as compared to the mechanical dock leveler.

If you are looking forward to getting hold of a high-quality dock leveler, it is strongly recommended to avail of the services of Southern Dock Products. We are a division of DuraServ Corp. We have the right products and skilled technicians that can facilitate the proper dock leveler assembly and installation to your commercial facility. As a matter of fact, we can proficiently undertake how to install a customized hydraulic leveler to fit your dock.

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How a Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HLQ Improves Industrial Operation in Miami, FL

The warehousing industry has invented numerous technological advancements throughout the years. One element which has earned vital importance is a dock leveler, generally because it is essential for unloading and loading trailers and trucks. Most significantly, dock levelers help lessen the probability of accidents and increase productivity.

To make a simple terminology, dock levelers are permanent fixtures placed at the dock’s door. It consists of a metal plate known as a lip. It is placed in a stowed position and functions by being lowered onto the trailer’s or truck’s body. These levelers are amenable for various and specific functions and can either be telescopic or hinged. Similarly, they can also be automatic or manually such as hydraulic dock leveler Miami FL. Before you decide on a dock leveler, consider the following factors in order to pick and pinpoint the best options:

What you need the leveler for?

When determining the ideal leveler, you ought to determine if you will be utilizing a forklift to load and unload the trucks, and how much weight capacity you will need.

Levelers like the hydraulic ones offered by Serco hydraulic dock leveler HLQ Miami FL are well-suited and the right choice for handling heavy loads. If you have wide trailers coming to your dock, make sure you select one that is too functional to meet all those criteria.


The width and the length of the dock leveler are intended by the vehicles that visit your warehouse. High capacity trailers with a bed of 6-18 inches have become popularly known. Low profile tires and air ride suspensions are likewise gaining popularity. These create a gigantic gap between the truck bed and the dock. Hence, you require a dock leveler that is long enough to ensure a smooth operation like the recommended Serco hydraulic dock leveler, highly suitable for food beverages applications where speed and high performance are high requirements.  


The safety of your workers and your workplace is necessary if you wish to operate a productive business. Thus, it is highly recommended to have a safe dock leveler. Take ample time before deciding on a dock leveler to ensure all factors regarding the goods being loading and offloaded and the truck specs are taken into full consideration.

For loading docks that accept a higher volume of loading and unloading operations, a Serco hydraulic dock leveler HLQ and even hydraulic dock levelerare best suited. These are more powerful and rugged. They are capable of handling the workload of even the highest volume manufacturing docks for industrial operations where safety and security are top priorities. Henceforth, it totally improves industrial operations in Miami, FL.

Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HLQ 

Design Highlights:

  • Latest New Design: Exclusive SafeTFrame® Design/ CLEAN FRAME® Design
  • Powered-in/Powered-out Lip Extension: Patented HYDRA MAX® 
  • Hydraulics: Regenerative/ Hydraulic Lip: Yieldable 
  • Control Panel (Non-Interlock Capable): Non-Metallic Push-button 
  • Power: Single Phase or Three Phase
  • Velocity Fuse Safety Stop: Hydraulic 
  • Toe Guards: Full Operating Range 
  • End loading Capability: Below-dock 
  • Lip Standard: 16″
  • Strut & Lip Support Latch: Integral Maintenance 
  • Dock Bumpers: Mushroom-style Stop Button
  • Hydraulic Lip Control: Independent /Quick Cycle
  • Control Panel(Interlock Capable): Steel NEMA 12 

To know more about Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HLQ in Miami, FL call Overhead Door Company of South Florida, a division of Duraserv at (954) 266-7960. or through our website at

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What is the Common Type of Loading Dock Leveler Used for Industrial Application in Dallas, TX?

The loading dock business is an accomplished industry in Dallas, Texas and the top industry leader, Southern Dock Products have the most sought after products for all loading dock designs and needs. Southern Dock Products has high quality equipment from loading docks, dock seals and shelters to the most common type of loading dock levelers in Dallas, Texas that has topmost quality.

These loading dock levelers are specifically designed to correct height differences between loading docks, loading platforms, and truck or trailer beds. To make sure that the company will be able to provide the right equipment for a specific use, Southern Dock Products offers a wide variety of loading dock levelers to suit the different industrial applications. 

Starting from mechanical dock levelers which are economical and are commonly used for basic applications while still providing durability and strength, Southern Dock Products have various designs like the Serco Mechanical Dock Leveler Model WL This model has a single adjustment point extension spring counterbalance, high tensile steel lip, deck and beams and structural steel safety legs which are important features for an effective mechanical dock leveler. 

Hydraulic Dock Levelers are also commonly used in Texas for they are push-button activated that makes it easier for dock attendants to control for safe operations. These hydraulic dock levelers improve safety and productivity in the warehouse while minimizing forklift and product damage and are also preventing injuries. For this reason, Southern Dock products made sure to have a variety of designs for their hydraulic dock levelers. From Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HLQ and Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HD that have Hydraulic Velocity Fuse Safety Stop and Yieldable Hydraulic Lip among other features to Serco Hydraulic Dock Leveler Model HFC that has Neoprene or Brush Weather seal Heavy-duty B410-14F Dock Bumpers and Steel NEMA 12 Push-button Control Panel (Interlock Capable) as two of its highlights; the company ensure that they only offer you the best with features that will help improve your warehouse’ safety and productivity.

Air Powered Levelers are also not far behind. These levelers are perfect if you don’t want any spring or hold-downs to repair or replace. The models include Serco Air Powered Edge-of-Dock Model and Serco Air Bag Dock Leveler Model AB. Air Powered Levelers are ideal for easier and safer operations and Southern Dock Products designed their models with efficiency and quality in mind.

Lastly, we have our Specialty Dock Levelers to accommodate those loading docks that have specific needs. Southern Dock Products has Serco Versadock Dock Leveler that has a full 9′ wide below-dock access for when the truck bed heights extend beyond the usual 12″ reach of the most conventional levelers. The design also has regenerative hydraulics, yieldable hydraulic lip and below-dock endloading capability. The other design on the other hand was named Serco Power-Assisted Dock Leveler Model PAL which combines the most important features of both the mechanical dock levelers and the hydraulic dock levelers since the model has the durability of a mechanical leveler and Serco’s proven, high-performance, hydraulic operation.

No matter what your loading dock needs, Southern Dock Products has it and more with top-notch quality. Give us a call through the following numbers and let’s chat: Toll Free Number: 1-800-994-2361; Fort Worth, TX: (817) 686-7300; Houston, TX: (713) 868-5443; Austin, TX: (512) 442-1561; Dallas, TX: (800) 994-2361; San Antonio, TX: (210) 359-9552; Shreveport, LA: (844) 826-5301; Baton Rouge, LA: (844) 826-5301; Atlanta, GA: (770) 338-9988; Savannah, GA: (912) 239-9652; Orlando, FL: (407) 656-1289; Tampa, FL: (813) 643-7000; Jacksonville, FL: (904) 282-3438; Charlotte, NC: (704) 594-5094. Or you can send us an email of your inquiries at and

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Why a Loading Dock Leveler is Necessary in an Industrial or Commercial Operation in Lakewood, NJ?

Efficient industrial and commercial operations in Jamesburg, New Jersey have been equipped with the loading dock system. This system has been completely assembled with different equipment dock fixtures with the efficiency that operate at par with each other.

A loading dock leveler is part of the loading dock system. It serves as the bridge to fill in the gaps between the facility and the transport vehicle. In essence, the delivery of the gods is easily facilitated due to the easy passage of the equipment and the goods towards the storage rooms.

The loading dock leveler is mounted out the endpoint of the dock to carry out the direct loading and unloading access. But most of the time, the value and efficiency of the dock leveler are overlooked. 

There are various types of loading dock levelers and it is vital to select which one is best for your facility needs. Since it directly relates to the transfer of goods from the delivery truck to the warehouse facility, it would be best to secure a dock leveler that fits your budget and the demand for your regular needs. 

The loading dock leveler is vital to the manufacturing and warehousing facilities and it is a brilliant move to purchase the one with more proficient attributes like the one with the cost-effective and energy-saving qualities. 

Relative to this, a dock leveler should thoroughly be appraised first before the conduct of your purchase to ensure that it also includes a proficient safety feature that promotes an accident-free work area.

Moreover, the high-quality and durability of the dock leveler should also be considered in order to reduce the frequency of maintenance and repair. 

If you are looking for a high-end and robust dock leveler, you need to avail of the products of Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey Commercial, a division of DuraServ Corp. We can help you find the best fit for your application needs and requirements as we have the complete access to the full line of Overhead commercial door products ranging from the rolling grilles to high-speed roll-up doors to beautiful glass aluminum doors. We are confident enough that we can have and deliver the right product to meet and fulfill your needs.

For your needs about loading dock leveler, mechanical dock leveler, hydraulic dock leveler, air-powered dock leveler, specialty dock leveler, loading dock leveler Jamesburg NJ, and dock leveler Jamesburg NJ, you may visit our official website to learn more about our product offers at

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What is a Hydraulic Dock Leveler and Its Design Highlights for Business Operation in Tampa, FL?

You want to spend less time in preparing for the loading and unloading of goods when the dock starts to get busy. And because of that, a hydraulic dock leveler is one of the choices that can help you cut down on that time. The Serco line of hydraulic dock levelers gives various economical and reliable choices to keep your business running smoothly. The hydraulic leveler is raised and lowered at the touch button unlike the mechanical leveler. It is also easy in maintenance. The Serco hydraulic dock leveler is a leader in the industry when it comes to hydraulically operated dock levelers and are known for its strength and durability. 

hydraulic dock leveler is created for both structural integrity when it comes to operation and safety features for the personnel’s protection. Hydraulic dock levelers are push-button activated. It maximizes raise and lip extension functions to full power with the use of hydraulic cylinders. It also has available multi-unit hydraulic pump and motor stations. 

This dock leveler is easy to operate and is the lowest maintenance available. When it comes to safety, it is one of the loading dock choices because these levelers contain an in-line velocity fuse to avoid free fall in a truck pull-out station. 

Its main function is to give safe and durable bridge between the building and the trailer. The bridge allows safe transportation of material in loading docks and for the safety of the workers.

Below are the design highlights for its business operations: 

  • SafeTFrame Design – adds more steel and structural strength to the rear frame of the dock leveler and permits the dock leveler to be leveled in the pit without using steel shims which can change over time. 
  • Patented HydraMax powered-in/powered-out lip extension mechanism – uses a double acting cylinder to give a smooth activation to the powered lip extension.
  • Regenerative Hydraulics – this is used to level up the out-stroke speed of piston of a cylinder that acts double. The fluid from the rod end of the cylinder regrows with the flow of the pump. The fluid being supplied to the blind end of the cylinder is greater than the pump flow rate because of its volume. 
  • Yielded Hydraulic lip – make use of an “in line” pressure relief valve, maintains the lip in an extended position and the deck lowers with the lip extended position once a vehicle departs. 
  • Non-Metallic Push-button Control Panel (Non-Interlock Capable) – a switch mechanism to control some features of a machine or a process.
  • Models can be provided with an emergency stop button or mushroom-style stop button which terminates the movement of the leveler at any point during the cycle. 
  • Hydraulic Velocity Fuse Safety Stop – this is one of the design highlights that avoids the unexpected stop of hydraulic fluid pressure. Designed to allow systems to continue or at least not fail in times of a system breach. A 16” lip standard is also available as one of its design highlights. 

Looking for a hydraulic dock leveler wherein its design highlights are excellent, full of quality and getting ready to build? At American Roll Up Door, a division of Duraserv, our team helps in designing and giving efficient and safe hydraulic dock leveler to ensure your industry runs smoothly. If you want to maintain your dock leveler, contact us in our service areas phone number. Jacksonville: (904) 6950950 | Orlando: (407) 8572427 | Tampa: (813) 6437000 or visit our websites: