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Warehouse, cold storage, manufacturing, commercial and industrial facilities must have proper loading dock equipment and high-performance doors to obtain optimum productivity.

Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of DuraServ near Winston Salem, NC, is the leading distributor of Serco loading dock systems and Cornell, Jamison, Wayne Dalton, and Rytec commercial doors. Our extensive product lines feature access control integration, durability, insulation, fast cycles, high lift clearance, little required maintenance, and speed.

Overhead Door Company of the Foothills’ team of experts are ready and prepared to plan and design your loading dock system. We work directly with architects and facility managers to ensure the exact loading dock equipment you need to optimize performance is installed. Everything is done to custom measurements and capacity requirements.

Our repair service and maintenance programs ensure loading dock levelers, industrial doors, dock seals, dock shelters, and truck restraints are always in working condition.

Call Overhead Door Company of the Foothills at 828-388-8700 or connect with us online for assessment, installation, service, and maintenance of loading docks and commercial doors in Winston Salem, NC.

Loading Dock Equipment

Overhead Door Company of the Foothills provides high-performance loading dock equipment and commercial door solutions to the toughest commercial and industrial businesses in Winston Salem, NC.

Dock Levelers & Lifts

McGuire loading dock levelers and lifts include industry-leading features which increase productivity and improve the safety of the loading dock.

Mechanical Dock Levelers

    • MP Mechanical Leveler

Hydraulic Dock Levelers

    • Autodok® H Series Hydraulic Leveler
    • HP Hydraulic Leveler

Air Powered Dock Levelers

    • CentraAir® Air Powered Leveler
    • MA Air Powered Leveler

Specialty Dock Levelers

Edge of Dock Levelers

    • HED Hydraulic EOD Leveler
    • MEDLF Mechanical EOD Leveler

Dock Seals & Shelter

Dock seals or shelters cover the gap between a dock and a trailer by creating an extension of a facility that seals the top, sides and back of a trailer.

Dock Seals

McGuire dock seals create an airtight seal between a dock system and trailer.

Dock Shelters

McGuire dock shelters enclose trailer tops and sides for ultimate sealing efficiency. Dock shelters offer reliable performance and protection from compression and reversing trailers.

Safety Equipment & Truck Restraints

Loading dock safety equipment prevents dock accidents during loading and unloading.

Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restraints keep a truck or trailer stationed at the dock.

Safety and Light Communication System

Safety and light communication systems improve security and productivity at the loading dock.

Safety Barriers

Safety barriers protect personnel, goods, and equipment from accidentally rolling off the dock.

    • APS Bollard Pole
    • APS Dock Impact Barrier
    • Dock Guard™ Safety Barrier Lip

Overhead Doors

Overhead Door Company of the Foothills offers commercial doors from rolling doors to sectional doors and high-speed doors. Designing an efficient loading dock involves analyzing and assessing an entire operation to determine and identify the proper door solution.

Commercial Rolling Steel Doors

Overhead Door carries a full line of rolling steel doors including rolling steel fire doors, insulated rolling steel fire doors, rolling steel service doors, and rolling fire counter doors. Rolling steel doors provide long-lasting performance and are reliable solutions for self-storage facilitieswarehouses, pharmacies, hospitals, offices, schools, and retail businesses.

Overhead Sectional Doors

Overhead Door™ steel sectional doors, insulated steel sectional doors, and aluminum sectional doors are economicaldurable, and reliable. An assortment of door panel profiles, track and hardware, and specialized options allows the further customization of doors to your specific project requirements.

Knock Out Doors

Knock out doors, the most rugged options, are designed to prevent damage to door panels and tracks when impacted. Knock out doors are the best solution for damaged dock doors in busy loading docks.

    • Pflow Model M Vertical Lift System
    • TKO Cruiserweight Knock-Out Door
    • TKO Thermalweight Knock-Out Door
    • TKO Welterweight Knock-Out Door

High-Performance Doors

High-Performance doors optimize efficiency, improve production flow, operate quickly, raise the number of opening and closing cycles, and require less maintenance and repair costs.

Hörmann high-speed doors provide the best quality, value, and selection of interior and exterior doors to optimize the flow of traffic, improve temperature-controlled areas, and save energy in industrial facilities and commercial buildings.

Hercules doors are solutions for a temperature-controlled environment, namely, food manufacturers and distributors in the dairy, meat, produce beverage, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries.

Chase traffic doors are a cost-effective solution for fast and efficient, two-way movement through an opening where visual, sound and environmental barriers are required.

Dynaco high-performance doors are safe, reliable, maintenance-friendly, and comply with European standards. Dynaco doors save energy, reduce operational costs, streamline traffic flow, and optimize logistics.

Door Operators

Commercial door operators provide security and reliability to business facilities. LiftMaster door operators have a compact design, an emergency chain hoist with an electric interlock, and adjustable friction clutches.

    • LiftMaster 115v Hoist Logic Operator

Aftermarket Products

Aftermarket products prevent energy loss and ensure dock personnel and equipment are protected from accidents.

Energy Saving Products

Equipment Upgrades

    • APS Air Bag Conversion Kit
    • APS Flexback Panel
    • APS Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Industrial Fans

Industrial fans are High-Volume, Low-Speed Fans that efficiently move air through an industrial space. HVLS fans are ideal in climate-controlled and non-conditioned areas.

Loading Dock Equipment and Commercial Doors Uses

    • Auto Dealers
    • Cold Storage
    • Distribution Centers
    • Energy Efficient Facilities
    • Food & Beverage Plants
    • ·High Security Areas
    • Industrial Operations
    •  Manufacturing Facilities
    • Parking Garages
    • Pharmaceutical Facilities
    • Retail Businesses
    • Service Centers
    • Transportation & Transit
    • Warehousing Facilities

Trust the Professionals at Overhead Door Company of the Foothills 

Our job is to provide insight and choices regarding loading dock safety and operational needs to North Carolina businesses. We take great pride in our “Service First” approach and have made exceptional service the heart of our business. Our top priority is to provide superior options and solutions to build strong and lasting relationships.

Call Overhead Door Company of the Foothills at 828-388-8700 or connect with us online to discover why we are Winston Salem, NC’s most trusted distributor and service provider of loading dock equipment and commercial doors.

Energy Saving Loading Dock Products and Equipment Upgrades

Servicing Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania

Loading dock systems are vital to the efficiency of warehouses, pharmaceutical facilities, industrial plants, retail establishments, and manufacturing operations. Upgrading loading dock areas with Just-Rite Equipment ensures increased plant safety and efficiency, minimized maintenance, energy savings, accessibility to storage areas, durability, and cost-effective solutions to meet market demands.

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, provides superior aftermarket loading dock system options including energy savings products by APSRytec, and Serco and APS equipment upgrades to Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania. We prioritize our clients’ needs and provide the best suitable options for them. Our certified service team installs, maintains and services loading dock equipment and commercial doors with complete customer satisfaction.

Call Just-Rite Equipment today at (609) 448-6550 or connect with us online to discover energy-saving loading dock products and equipment upgrades in Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania

Aftermarket Products

Aftermarket products enhance existing and new facilities to increase productivityenergy efficiency, safety, and security.

Energy Saving Solutions

Energy loss at the loading dock due to gaps between doors, dock levelers, pit walls and trucks can end up costing thousands of dollars each year.  Energy savings is a top priority for many companies, and Just-Rite Equipment supports those efforts by offering a variety of product solutions.

Equipment Upgrades

APS equipment upgrades improve existing or new loading dock facilities to maximize loading dock potentialproductivity, and safety.
      • APS Air Bag Conversion Kit
      • APS Flexback Panel
      • APS Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Call the Loading Dock Products and Equipment Upgrade Experts

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, offers high-performance energy-saving loading dock products and equipment upgrades to Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, Eastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas. We keep loading docks safe, secure, and efficient by designing and implementing premier loading dock solutions.

Just-Rite Equipment is an APS, Rytec, and Serco dealer providing several upgrade options to optimize loading safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Call Just-Rite Equipment at (410) 536-0505 or connect with us online today to discover energy saving loading dock products and potential equipment upgrades.

Essential Tips on How to Find a Reliable Distributor of Loading Dock Equipment, Commercial Doors, and Services in Dallas, Texas

Nowadays, warehouses with efficient loading dock designs are becoming a necessity for any business application in Dallas, Texas.  

Whether you are a facility manager or a business owner, finding the right company with efficient loading dock designs is like finding a reliable distributor of loading dock equipment, commercial doors, and services, which has become a complex and challenging task for businesses.

We at Southern Dock Products, a division of Duraserv, can help you with our informative essential tips to bring you a step closer in your search for a reliable distributor of your loading dock equipment, commercial doors, and services in Dallas, Texas.

What is a loading dock?

A loading dock or also known as a loading bay is typically part of the facility working area located in a building’s sidewall where goods, products, or items are sorted and staged for the loading and unloading by a trailer, transport vehicle, or trucks. They are commonly found in warehouses and facilities, industrial establishments, and commercial buildings.

At Southern Dock Products, we have the right products and staff to keep your dock safe and efficient. With twelve branch locations serving the Southern United States from Texas to North Carolina to Florida and every state in between. Check out some of our loading dock equipment and commercial door products.

Why loading dock system is important?

Loading dock systems is a section or part of the whole warehouse working environment. Each section has its specific functions and roles that contribute to the success of the whole working systems of a company.    

Loading dock systems are essentially important because it is the busiest working area in a certain facility or warehouse. It functions as a vital point in the receiving and delivery of company assets or property.     

Safety and accessibility are the top priorities for an efficient movement of goods. As workers perform loading and unloading processes, loading dock equipment and attachments are designed to ensure the safety of workers as they move shipments to the transport vehicles. 

Commonly, dock equipment includes dock levelers to bridge the gap between the docking bay and the transport vehicle, safety lighting accessories to lighten up the loading dock area, vehicle-to building communication systems, and weather protection.

Our loading dock equipment Team in Dallas of engineers and technicians can maximize productivity, safety, and value with our Intelligent Loading Dock Design Model. 

Intelligent Dock Design Model

  • improve productivity
  • improve safety
  • reduce capital costs
  • experts, you can trusts
  • eliminate costly and time-consuming surprises

Learn more about our Dock Design Model.

What are the parts of a loading dock?

Warehouses or facilities with loading docks systems have their specifications and designs to suit their needs and solutions, though they may vary from one another still they follow standard designs.

Below are some typical parts of a standard loading dock system:

1. Inbound Bay Area – also known as inbound docks or unloading area/receiving area, a working area where shipments of products, arrive and received from another company or external sources.

2. Outbound Bay Area – known also as outbound docks or loading area, a working area where shipments  of items are shipped out for delivery to another company.

At Dallas Loading Dock Levelers, we have convenient service areas in Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Georgia so we can quickly service any part of the South-Atlantic region. 

Get a glimpse of our loading dock levelers and other equipment products.

3. Shipping Bay Area – an area in the warehouse or facility where products are prepared for the shipment before proceeding to the loading bay area.

4. Packaging Bay Area – an area in the warehouse or facility where products are packed, verified, or processed, which depends on the type of business as required.

Our dedicated Dallas Loading Dock Equipment Repair Team can assess your loading dock equipment repair problems and, in many cases, have your dock equipment functional within a few short hours. Our service department stands ready 24/7 available, all year round.

OEM Parts and Accessories

  • Minimize Downtime
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Stock Inventory
  • Parts and Availability

5. Staging Bay Area – also known as the holding area, an area in the warehouse or facility where items are sorted, recorded, and registered for the next processing.

6. Storage Bay Area – an area in the warehouse or facility where products are stored or archived safely, and kept for the next processing inside the warehouse or facility.

Our Dallas Loading Dock Equipment Maintenance Team can do loading dock equipment maintenance services for any type of business application. You will not be disappointed with our maintenance service.

Planned Maintenance Program

  • Protect your Investment
  • Reduce Lifetime Ownership Costs

Why Choose Southern Dock Products as your Loading Dock System Contractor and Maintenance in Dallas, Texas?

Considering there are hundreds of loading dock manufacturers and the complexities of the loading dock market, the search in choosing the right loading dock system contractor and maintenance service company is a pain in the neck.

One thing for certain, what we suggest is a One-Stop-Shop loading dock company – Southern Dock Products, a division of DuraServ, the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturer of loading dock equipment and hi-speed doors.

At Southern Dock Products, a division of Duraserv Corp., your One-Stop-Shop loading dock provider for commercial doors and loading dock equipment, offers 24/7 Parts & Services with our stock of high-quality tools, equipment, and professionals:

  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Factory trained and fully qualified service technicians
  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Full fleet of service and installation trucks
  • Fully stocked warehouse
  • Team of knowledgeable coordinators to take your call

What are the industries served?

Southern Dock Products has close to 20 years of experience in the loading dock, door, and equipment service industry. Big or small, simple or complex, standard or specialized, bring the challenge to us and we work closely with them to find the best solutions in different industries such as:

  • heavy volume warehousing and distribution
  • food and beverage
  • pharmaceuticals
  • refrigeration/cold storage
  • parking garages
  • manufacturing
  • high-security facilities
  • heavy industrial applications
  • and many more

To serve everyone in Dallas, TX, we have a variety of loading dock equipment products and services to help any type of business application all over Dallas, Texas. Learn more about our dock levelers and Lifts.

Make that decision happen, contact us at (800) 994-2361/Toll-Free Number: 1-800-994-2361 for any inquiry about our dock seals or any loading dock needs such as commercial doors, safety equipment, and truck restraints, dock levelers, lifts, aftermarket products, dock seals, shelters, and industrial fans in Dallas, Texas.You can make a service request. We are servicing the following areas: Fort Worth, TX, Houston, TX, Austin, TX, Dallas, TX, San Antonio, TX, Shreveport, LA, Baton Rouge, LA, Atlanta, GA, Savannah, GA, Orlando, FL, Tampa, FL, Jacksonville, FL, and Charlotte, NC.

What are the Vehicle Safety Tips for your Warehouse in Raleigh, NC?

The warehouse operation is one of the busiest facilities in Raleigh, North Carolina. With the updates in technology, most warehouse facilities in Raleigh were adversely affected because they failed to upgrade.

What is a Warehouse?

Simply, a warehouse is a large and plain structure where goods are stored and is usually located in the outskirts of the city.

What are the risks in a warehouse?

Warehouse facilities process the distribution, transfer, and delivery of goods to and from the storage area. 

Due to the nature of engagement in warehouse facilities, risks are always anticipated:

  1. The accident caused by defective wheel restraintsheavy equipment, and machinery sometimes causes accidents like products falling from a forklift due to unstable and slippery flooring;
  2. Reckless drivers of heavy equipment and machinery colliding with one another, especially during reverse driving;
  3. Goods, containers, and boxes may pose an obstruction to the driveway that causes mishaps;
  4. Unmaintained equipment and machinery may cause fire due to electric faulty wirings;
  5. Defective roll-up doors may trigger a high impact on the forklift.

What are the primary safety concerns that a company should have in a warehouse operation?

All personnel should undergo basic orientation as well as advance training specific to their job description.

List of Vehicle Safety Tips

  1. The fundamental approach to prevent accidents and reduce the level of  injury in a warehouse is by providing high-quality and durable safety equipment such as but not limited to the truck restraints
  1. Regular schedule of equipment/vehicle maintenance, necessary repairs or replacement of equipment parts.

If you are in need of high-end loading dock safety equipment, truck restraints, and vehicle wheel restraints, we have the products and services at Passport Door & Dock Systems, a division of DuraServ Corp.

We have been installing Raleigh vehicle safety equipment and supplies since 1995 in Central and Eastern North Carolina. We are one of the most trusted distributors of safety loading dock equipment, and truck and wheel restraints. 

We are in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration

For concerns or questions, please contact us at (919) 639-0334 and (252) 753-6100, you may also contact us here for a service request.Visit our service areas in North Carolina, Angier, Farmville, Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville, Wilmington, Cary, NC, and surrounding cities.

Guide for Choosing the Right Loading Dock Leveler for Your Manufacturing Business in Hickory, NC

In the United States, Hickory is home to one of the oldest furniture manufacturers. It is a city located primarily in Catawba County, with the boundaries extending into Burke and Caldwell counties.

To date, Hickory, NC has been a home of numerous manufacturing companies catering for other products, which is not entirely related to furniture manufacturing facilities. A high percentage of commercial and industrial facilities have been established particularly undertakes the conduct of business, which utilizes the use of the loading dock system.

The loading dock system is the integration of numerous pieces of equipment that are being operated to promote efficiency and effectiveness. These sets of equipment include the loading dock shelter and seals, barrier, vehicle restraints, high-speed rolling door, leveler and lifts, and other equipment similar in nature like the industrial fans and the like.

One of the most imperative undertakings is the conduct of delivery and distribution of goods through the loading dock. To undertake such activity promptly, it is very important to utilize the use of the loading dock leveler and lifter. To this end, the dock leveler and lifter manage to flatten and fill-in the gaps between the dock leveler and the floor of the trailer truck delivery vehicle.

There are no fast and easy rules that will serve as the guide on choosing the right dock levelers & lifters. But the best rule is to choose the products and services of companies with a trustworthy reputation.

There are five (5) most common types of loading dock levelers, which are the hydraulic, mechanical, air-powered, specialty, and edge dock levelers and lifters.

If you are in Hickory, North Carolina, it is strongly recommended to select the products and services of Overhead Door Company of the Foothills, a division of DuraServ Corp. We are the largest and popular distributor of loading dock equipment particularly the dock leveler and lifter. We carry the products brand of McGuire and these loading dock levelers and lifters are as follow:

1. McGuire’s mechanical dock leveler, which is popular with its inherent attribute of providing strength and durability on top of being an economical solution to basic applications. It is built with a strong structural steel frame supported with the full-width rear hinge added strength and durability.

2. McGuire hydraulic dock levelers are assembled with low maintenance and repair qualities. It is also built with the structural steel frame with the push-button functionalities. It has the safest loading dock choice because it contains an in-line velocity fuses that prevent the free fall in a truck pull-out situation.

3. McGuire air-powered dock levelers are engineered as an economical alternative to hydraulic levelers. But it also has the push-button activation feature.  As its regular feature, it has an airbag or bellows system, which is used to raise and lower the deck.  Farther, it is likewise built with a structural steel frame and a full-width rear hinge for additional strength and durability.

4. McGuire specialty dock levelers with the usual unmatched environmental control for temperature-sensitive applications. It offers a low lifetime ownership costs and with the best built-in safety feature.

5. Hydraulic Edge-of-Dock Leveler has a dependable push-button control yet quiet functionalities with the two (2) cylinder design with deck and lip.

In more than twenty-three (23) years of experience, we have been furnishing, installing, and fixing the high degree of quality garage doors, garage door openers, dock equipment, and other related products. To provide the utmost service to our clients, we managed to undertake and thorough training and seminars to equip our technicians to carry out efficient services.

For your needs about loading dock equipment, loading dock leveler, leveler repair, dock leveler repair, mechanical dock leveler, hydraulic dock leveler, air-powered dock leveler, specialty dock leveler, the edge of dock leveler, dock leveler, dock lock, dock lock repair, loading dock leveler Hickory NC, dock leveler repair Hickory NC, you may visit our official website to learn more.

For your queries and other concerns, you may reach us at telephone number 828-388-8700 or you may reach us here.

You may also send your service request online.

Our clients’ product and service satisfaction are our utmost priority. To serve you better, you may get in touch with our service areas to a prompt response at Hickory, Morganton, Lenoir, Statesville, Troutman, Lincolnton, Asheville, West Jefferson, Mount Airy, Clemmons, Pilot Mountain, Winston Salem, Mocksville, Newton-Conover, Claremont, Taylorsville, Wilkesboro, Boone, Black Mountain, Marion, and Spruce Pine.

How an Efficient Loading Dock System Keeps the Supply Chain Moving in New York

Do you know how were you able to get your food on the table? Not just how you bought that food from a grocery store or any food establishment, but the know-how of the supply chain processes involved? Unknowingly to most Americans, the food supply chain system is a highly complicated system that involves processing and manufacturing to distribution, also applies to other areas of applications such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, and our daily necessities.

Nowadays, loading dock companies across the United States are upgrading their warehouses in compliance with new governmental regulations as being imposed. Besides, other companies are taking in advance a step further by anticipating future regulations like safety, security, and loading dock issues to the next level by using some state-of-the-art solutions to address the efficiency in loading docks.

Most good loading dock companies like Overhead Door Company of New Jersey, a division of DuraServ, the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors, now offers these ideas to go one better and playing ahead in the business game of loading docks.

  • Advance awareness and familiarization of government initiatives

It’s 2020, it pays well to know in advance. Be wary of federal government initiatives from agencies like Food and Drug Administration; Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration; U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service; and even the Department of Homeland Security.

Certain programs and guidelines affect the supply chain and direct certain needs to reinforce and uphold new rules and regulations.

  • Re-evaluate security systems and protocols

Most company’s think outside of the box, hiring third party consultants testing how good or bad their security systems works. They even come to the unthinkable point to let them be ‘robbed’, in that way they may know, study, and ‘feel’ the strengths, and weaknesses of their security protocols. By checking and re-evaluating your security systems you will ensure company assets such as dock levelers, restraints, loading dock lifts, loading dock seals and shelters, and HVLS fans are in good hands with peace in mind.

  • Protecting the trailers using restraints

During the unloading and loading process, use vehicle restraints to safeguard against thievery. Loading dock safety equipment like Overhead’s Serco Pit-Bull Truck Restraint Model Sl90 can be attached to the trailers to keep them separated and avoiding any trailer creeps which will lead to accidents or hazards. Another, the safety device also prevents trailer hijacking. It is connected to the facility building with an alarm system, if released without authorization the alarm sounds ‘on’ to alert the facility workers and the authorities.

  • Safeguarding facilities with seals and enclosures

Choose the right seals and enclosures to ensure it is protected from outside elements and guarding against energy loss during the loading and unloading. Overhead’s Serco S600 Dock Seal w/ fixed head pad, are the ideal choice seals that can provide a positive seal between internal and external environments, and maximum security level of protection.

  • Improve Lighting Visibility

Better visibility inside the trailer dock area will improve productivity and avoid accidents or hazards from happening. Try the High Impact LED™ Dock Light from APS Resource, which delivers a maximum light output that can be mounted remotely or easily retrofitted to existing dock arms.

  • Improve employee welfare

Comfortable employees are productive employees. Good and properly well ventilated warehouses protect the health of employees against sickness and hazardous working environments. Use Overhead’s SERCO ATEC HVLS Fans, high-volume/low-speed industrial fans to provide healthy air circulation and safeguarding the facility’s working conditions keeping employees warm and dry during cold, wet weather.

  • Use advanced technology 

Gone are the days of manual operation, using push-button loading dock levelers are the latest trends. By upgrading your loading dock equipment like Overhead’s Hydraulic Dock Levelers or Air Powered Dock Levelers, it will speed up workload efficiencies and lessen the maintenance costs, and gain big dollar savings.

While not all chain systems are created the same, an advanced and systematic approach from the start of the loading dock operation till the end process will almost always have good results of having an efficient loading dock system. Considering these systems has many factors and elements involved, knowing how, implementing, and working together systematically will improve the integrity of the overall supply chain in New York.

Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey, a division of DuraServ Corp, is East Jersey’s commercial door and operator provider for industrial applications, which can help you make your loading dock system efficient and improve the company bottom line at our loading dock New York, and loading dock New Jersey.

Call us today at 609-642-4864, or through our website.

We have the technical expertise and products to make your warehouse and docks safe and efficient. Our Middlesex County branch serves as the home of many medical, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing companies. From our headquarters in Jamesburg, NJ, Overhead Door Company of Eastern New Jersey is poised to serve all of New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas.You can make a service request or visit us personally at our service areas: New Jersey, Jamesburg, Edison, Union, Cranbury, Lakewood, South Plainfield, NJ, and New York.

How a Loading Dock System Keeps a Safe and Secure Supply Chain Moving in Connecticut?

How could something so tiny be such a problem? Presently, as the COVID-19 pandemic grip nations all over the world that spare no one, including the supply chains related to food-related logistics services and other vital goods in Connecticut.       

The devastation result made widespread ripple effects, as felt in the different sectors and industries.

American organizations and agencies have been taken measures to respond to, and eventually overcoming this pandemic. As each company struggles to survive, with great urgency COVID-19 protocols have been conceptualized, developed, and implemented to answer the new, novel, and bigger challenge in face of this pandemic situation. 

One of those best companies like Just-Rite Equipment, a Division of DuraServ, developed protocols and guidelines to cope, adapt, and eventually survive. Safety, security, and loading dock regulations issues are some of its high priorities. The implementation would somehow, or at least lessen the devastative negative impacts which would affect the company bottom line and the very existence of any business. 

Below we listed some solutions to address the efficiency in loading docks applicable on different business industries and sectors both locally and globally:

At the start, when COVID-19 struck the American nation the supply chain had a dramatic impact involving required measures, curtailed travel, quarantines, closed borders, and other restrictions.

Afterward, every loading dock should reappraise, think over, and implement protocols and regulations to adapt to the new system, which should be taken of high urgency. Security and safety concerns should be considered as top priorities to ensure company assets such as loading dock seals, loading dock shelters, restraints, and HVLS fans are in good condition and safe.

  • Safeguarding Employee Health and Welfare.

Your workers are your priceless assets, protect their well-being and health by using Kelley’s Industrial HVLS fans. Kelly’s high-volume/low-speed industrial fans provide healthy air circulation all over your loading dock areas and keep the facility working conditions and its employees comfortable. Productivity will increase, reduces energy costs, and improves the work morale of the workers. 

  • Protecting trailers using restraints. 

With a lot of companies using only ‘skeletal force’ personnel in securing your loading area, thieves are open for target opportunities like trailer hijacking.  Safety equipment like Just-rite Equipment’s Kelley AC-16 Autochock In-Ground Restraint can provide reducing the probability of landing gear collapse, creeping or vehicle walking of cargo vehicles, and the continuous restraining force to the chocked wheel, thus safely securing trailers even with less security personnel around. 

  • Choosing the right shelter enclosure and seals.

Secure your goods and products with the right shelter enclosures like Serco S3200 Snap-back Dock Shelter. It maintains secure and safe access during the loading process when the vehicle approaches, and if the vehicle is off-center, it moves back and upward to prevent costly damage to the wall and shelter. Then after the vehicle leaves, its gravity-biased design returns the frame to its original position.

Moreover, it seals and separates the internal and external environments and maximum security level of protection.

  • Consider Advanced Lighting Visibility.

By using High Impact LED™ Dock Lights, better and highest amount of visibility of the loading area can be achieved. Burglars and would-be-onlookers would avoid, or not even dare to target your warehouse goods or equipment. It can be easily retrofitted to existing dock arms or can be mounted remotely to deliver a maximum light output to keep the dock traffic flowing. 

  • Always Updated to Latest Information.  

Read, read, and read..everyday! Yes, since this COVID-19 virus is novel and new, any information about this virus is important. By being updated and aware of federal government initiatives, protocols, and other imposed issues concerning the supply chain both globally and locally, your loading dock business will always be ready and prepared for any worst-case pandemic scenario.     

Given the Covid situation, our ideas can be considered for your loading dock business to keep it a safe, secured, and fully operational loading dock business. While some of these may involve loading dock equipment and elements like vehicle restraints, loading dock seal, loading dock shelter, and HVLS fans, they make up the core pieces of your system. By efficiently working the system, these can enhance a fully functional overall supply chain, safeguarding your workers, avoiding loading dock burglaries, and gain profitably for company bottom line in Connecticut.     

To know more how we can make your loading dock system safe and secure during this pandemic situation, give us a call at Sterling, VA (703) 450-2800, Baltimore, MD (410) 536-0505, Jamesburg, NJ (609) 448-6550, and South Windsor, CT (860)528-1036, or through our website, our emergency response repair team is prompt and experienced in all makes and models of any door. 

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, since 2001, we have been known for providing high-quality and dependable commercial doors and loading docks to customers in the Mid-Atlantic regions. Our team of professionals offers design consultations with you outlining timelines, costs, and the care of your purchased product from Just-Rite Equipment

We have additional add-on products to enhance the performance of your loading dock rollup doors, loading dock overhead doors or any commercial doors. Our loading dock repair team is available when you just need something quick and our hours and shipping are convenient as well. You can make a service request or visit us personally at our service areas: Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, Connecticut, Lower Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

How an Efficient Loading Dock System Keeps Your Supply Chain Moving in Houston, TX

Commercial facilities are in dire need to utilize high-performance loading dock equipment and safety devices.

We know for sure that the turnaround rate of a particular business transaction is fast-track to uphold the high standard of efficiency engagement to crash a closed competition. That is why most of the facilities relevant to warehousing and distribution, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, refrigeration, parking garages, manufacturing, high-security facilities, heavy industrial application, energy-efficient facilities, transportation and transit, retail, and auto dealers and service centers are utilizing the top of the line loading dock equipment with the inherent features on high-quality materials and assembly as well as the high-impact durability attribute.

It would be very difficult to look for experts who have the general knowledge and skills to address the different and distinct concerns encompassing the above-mentioned commercial facilities not to mention the high-volume works being undertaken on the hourly-basis, right? So chances are, you will be hiring several companies to engage their so-called experts to effectively and promptly resolve your loading dock equipment issues.

For instance, if you are in Houston, Texas, your Supply Chain will not efficiently be carried out without the use of the loading dock leveler and lifter in consideration with the fast phase engagements that even cover the whole year round continues transactions. You need more manpower to lift all the heavy works even though you already have the corresponding high-end carts and strollers. Because of this burden and to advocate proficiency and effectiveness, a high-performance, high-quality and faultless equipment installation to be superintended by competent technicians is badly needed.

What makes the loading dock specifically efficient is the use of a high-performance loading dock leveler and lifter because the turnaround time of a single transaction will be cut short and more cycles of transactions will be undertaken in due time. This is a “no brainer” idea because common sense will already dictate that this particular equipment will manage and handle the heavy stage of the work.

Thanks for Southern Dock Products, a division of DuraServ Corp. because of undying commitment and continued provision of high-quality products being installed by the well-trained technicians, the work in the commercial facilities are being undertaken with ease, comfort, and safety. We have the right products and staff to keep your dock safe and efficient. As a division of DuraServ, we have the advantage to serve our clients all over the country utilizing the popular national product brands.

To name a few, our loading dock leveler and the lifter will ensure the smooth transfer of the high volume goods from the trailer truck delivery directly towards the storage area and keep the supply chain moving professionally and competently.

We provide a one-stop-shop in terms of loading dock system equipment and services. With our high-end products complemented by our years of experience and boosted by our high-skilled professional, we can surely address any issues of your loading dock equipment.

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10 Ways to Secure Your Loading Dock from Any Accidents in Cedar Park, TX

The loading dock system is the modern and most efficient method to increase business productivity and profitability.

However, it is unfortunate that mishaps or accidents transpired at the dock due to a combination of factors.

The loading dock system is the integration of different pieces of equipment that operate simultaneously in sequence to carry out a proficient delivery of services to and from the warehouse storage areas.

These accidents are usually due to the lack of maintenance and repair of the equipment due to the financial burden being experienced by the management. Of course, these instances are on top of the unprofessional installation of these pieces of equipment.

The sole reason why the warehouse facility management is lenient about these vital undertakings is that they find it expensive to have their equipment maintained and repaired regularly. As a result, people get hurt or even die due to the occurrence of accidents.

In essence, the accidents are not inevitable and they can surely be prevented. The following are the highly recommended 10 ways to secure your loading dock from any accidents in Cedar Park, TX:
1. The installation of the loading dock system is vital and it should be professionally carried out by the professional technicians who are highly skilled to ensure a sturdy and turbulence-free installation;
2. The setting of the equipment thorough maintenance in a quarterly or annual schedule.
3. The undertaking of regular equipment evaluation, which equipment has to be replaced completely or in parts.
4. Outright equipment parts repair or replacement. If the equipment could not perform its 100% functionality, its defective parts due to wear and tear be repaired or replaced immediately to prevent any occurrence of accidents.
5. Conduct safety measure orientation with the workers. It is an indispensable undertaking for the benefit and advantage of the personnel because they will be able to undertake the basic process on how they are going to address minor problems to ensure their safety.
6. Conduct of seminar to all the personnel as to how they are going to clean up the equipment every after use and report any observation to the management to keep the later abreast of the status of the equipment.
7. The warehouse facility management has to avail of the high-quality products and services of a trusted company to secure the safety and security of both the goods and the workers.
8. Conduct of inspection should be undertaken to identify the sets of equipment to be repaired or lubricated.
9. Placement of danger zone notice. The loading dock leveler area is one of the most dangerous space because since the leveler lifts the goods, it would be risky to stay near the area. After all, there is a tendency that the leveler may break due to the heavy loads.
10. Truck restraints should always be checked for defects to promote reliability because the delivery trailer trucks are supposed to be positioned steadily but if the truck restraints are somewhat flimsy that they could hardly secure the truck to its neutral position, a potential risk is apparent.

These are the basic concept of how to prevent any accidents and how to manage them in case they happen to avoid further burdens.

To ensure the very step before the loading dock system installation, it is highly recommended to avail of the products and the professional service of the Overhead Door Company of Austin, a division of DuraServ Corp. We have years of experience complemented by our high-quality training in this field, which is enough to provide you with the peace of mind. Moreover, we distribute selected and high-end products only of the most popular manufacturers in the US. We have a wide array of products to choose from that are all assembled with high-quality and impact-resistant materials to meet and comply with your standards.

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How an Efficient Loading Dock System Keep the Supply Chain Moving in Jacksonville, FL?

The world is shocked by the sudden pandemic that affected all walks of life. Essential now is loading dock equipment, gates, doors such as garage doors, high performance, and roll-up are essential functions to buildings and facilities across the area of operation. The service and installation of these equipment are even more critical now as the nation deals with the COVID19 situation.

Securing your warehouse starts at the loading dock. A secure loading dock protects your warehouse and expedites the flow of incoming and outgoing trailers. Necessary medical supplies and equipment as well as necessities such as food and hygiene kits are in demand and must be manufactured, purchased, and delivered. Loading dock repair should be available in case the need arise since almost all businesses are closed due to Covid19.

American Roll-Up Door Co. provides services to homes, food and beverage and grocery facilities, distribution facilities, medical facilities, manufacturing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, research and development facilities, police and fire departments, etc., all of which is essential for daily living and operations and require a team of technicians, support to remain professional and client-focused this time.

Protecting the supply chain at the loading dock:

  • Proper installation of loading equipment
  • Proper Planning, Coordination, Management, Maintenance, and Safe Operations to end-users loading dock and doors
  • Protect trailer contents during unloading. 
  • Choose the right seal and shelter enclosure
  • Ensure proper sequencing

Here are the things to consider in maintaining the efficiency of your loading dock system:

  • On-Time Service

Your loading dock is an integral part of your business. In case your loading dock got damaged and needs an urgent replacement of parts or repair, American Roll Up Co being your one-stop-shop loading dock equipment includes 24/7 parts and service to make sure your operation will smoothly back to normal.

  • Be Proactive

Having no idea as to when this pandemic will end, you have to make preparations for the unknown future. Your& loading dock equipment is indeed your ally in all your warehouse and business activities. Make sure that it is functional and see to it that your loading dock leveler, as well as your loading dock lifts, are all in excellent condition.

  • Be Prepared

Maintain secure and safe access for all individuals that operate within the facilities. Warehouse supplies must be moved and delivered without delay. You should be on the lookout on any possible breakage or malfunctions; hence, you should have direct access to the services of a loading dock Houston TX company. Also, install loading dock safety equipment as a precaution to keep your dock facilities and employees protected.

One of the most reliable suppliers of dock levelers and lifts in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa areas is American Roll Up Door Co. Our equipment and products are certified to meet the highest standards of safety and are designed to work efficiently under the toughest conditions such as extreme temperatures, heavy usage with high weight capacities, and exposure to corrosive substances. We sell, install, and service everything we provide – and do it better than most. Our mission is “to be the most trusted sales and service distributor in our market” and we live by it!

Maintain the Operation of loading docks and door systems, we offer:

  • Parts and Service
  • OEM parts 

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