Why Choose DuraServ Corp. for Building and Designing Texas Warehouses and Distribution Facilities Loading Dock Systems?

We depend on effective food chain systems, much emphasis is given to the logistics sector, without it, the economy of our nation would collapse. When it comes to the logistics sector including the transportation of goods, products, or items, it is only fitting to design an effective and efficient loading dock system that serves its function.

Building and designing warehouse and distribution facilities’ loading dock system in Texas is best done by the experts. DuraServ Corp. will help you with the right equipment, and materials to build your dock system.

DuraServ Corp., the leading service provider in the loading dock, door, and equipment industry, will help you build the loading dock that can serve your business needs. Here is some loading dock overview, and how we can make your loading dock design in Texas, one of the best:


What is a loading dock system and its function?

A loading dock, also known as a loading bay, is usually an opening/s in a building’s sidewall or side area where goods, items, or products are loaded and unloaded by trailers, shipping containers or transport vehicles.

The function of the loading dock is to provide convenience in moving of goods, items, or products both outside and inside of the facility to maintain order and safety. The loading bay is the busiest part of the warehouse.

Systematic design in an orderly manner to provide minimum risks in endangering worker’s safety and equipment is essential. Additionally, using the right equipment, devices, and safety measures are highly recommended.     

How to design a loading dock?

Designing a loading dock is complex and hard, only the authorized and certified experts like DuraServ Corp., specializing in loading dock installation in Texas can provide a loading dock solution for every business needs. Below we have a simple fundamental guide of how to design a loading dock. 

Planning and conceptualizing loading docks involves the following:

1. The Location

There are several considerations when planning the facility vicinity or site location such as:

  • efficient traffic management
  • road layouts  
  • truck dimensions
  • road material-made
  • compatibility with different seasons 

An effectively designed site location is capable of providing systematic management, smooth operational traffic flow, and personnel safety measures, considering different types of transport vehicles, workers, and project time frames of the whole loading dock operation. 

2. Total Number of Loading Docks

The number of loading docks should be based on the project’s business plan. The business plan is the skeletal framework of the project or business contract. Several factors are considered such as:

  • scheduling of traffic  
  • processing of goods/stored products
  • loading and unloading products, goods, or items 

3. Dock Platform

The dock platform design should be flexible and resilient and provide more benefits, enhance company profits in the long run. Full consideration of the different types of transport vehicles, models, dimensions, and height when they deliver shipments, in and out of your loading bays such as: containers/vans 

  • trailers
  • refrigerated trucks
  • delivery vans
  • city vehicles
  • volume transports

4. Loading Dock Equipment

Loading dock equipment is essentially important like dock levelers, they bridge the gap between the loading bay and the transport vehicle. There are three types of dock levelers:

1. Mechanical Dock Leveler

2. Hydraulic Dock Leveler

3. Air-powered Dock Leveler

Our Dock Levelers Texas, offers several types of dock leveler models for our customers to choose from. To learn more about our dock leveler models, click the link at https://bit.ly/duraservcorp-dock-levelers.

5. Overhead Doors

Overhead Doors protect the entrance and entry access and provide security to facility assets.

There are several types of Overhead doors in the loading dock industry, to name a few:

  • Rolling Steel Service Doors
  • Sectional Doors
  • High-Performance Doors or High-Speed Doors   

Our High-Speed Doors Texas Sales Team can provide the right Overhead Door solution for your loading dock. You can directly call us today at 800-994-2361 at our Rolling Steel Door Texas. 


6. Dock Shelters and Seals

These dock shelters and seals provide sealing to the gap between the building facility and the transport vehicles. There are also different types of dock shelters and dock seals in the market that can give optimum seal protection for your goods, products, and items from external environment contaminants and hazards.   

Our Sectional Doors Texas provides a comprehensive 24/7/365 service to major clients with large facilities from coast to coast across the United States and in key markets in Canada.

For our dock seals and dock shelter products, we offer several models for our customers, have a glimpse by checking us out.

7. Safety Equipment 

They are the different types of safety equipment used in the loading dock, to provide more accessibility and safety in moving goods, products and its workers. Such as:

At Commercial Doors Texas, we can provide all types of Safety Equipment for your loading dock design needs.

What are the parts of a loading dock?

Though warehouses with loading docks follow standard designs, each company has its design and specifications to suit their solutions. Below are some of the most common parts of a loading dock:    

1. Incoming docks – also known as unloading area or receiving bay, an area where a shipment of goods, products, or items are received, either from another company location or external sources.       

2. Outgoing Docks – also called the outbound area, an area in the facility or warehouse where a shipment of goods, products, or items are going out for delivery, either from another company location or external sources.

3. Shipping Area – an area in the facility or warehouse where goods, products, or items are prepared before proceeding to the loading area.

4. Packaging Area – an area or part of the warehouse where goods, products, or items are packed, verified, or processed as to the type of business.

5. Storage Area – an area or part of the facility where goods, products or items are kept or stored safely for processing with timeframes, inside the facility.

What are the commercial doors installed in loading dock systems?

When it comes to commercial loading dock doors, the possibilities of choosing the right door are endless and complicated.

Fortunately, our commercial door installation experts at Duraserv Corp. can recommend the best solution for your loading dock. You can choose from some of the top brands in the commercial door industry players like Wayne-Dalton, Rytec, Albany, Hercules, and more.

To know more about our commercial loading dock doors.

Who to trust in designing and installation of loading dock systems?

When it comes to a company to trust, only the market leaders in the loading dock industry – DuraServ Corp., since 2001, has the reputation as the largest distributor in the world for the leading manufacturers of dock equipment and hi-speed doors.

And while our name might be relatively new, our experience and expertise are extensive. Some of our key employees have over 40 years of experience and represent some of the most knowledgeable people you’ll find in the loading dock and door industry.

To learn more about our loading dock design services.

What are the industries served by DuraServ?

DuraServ Corp. has close to 20 years of experience in the loading dock, door, and equipment service industry, and has extensive expertise in working with a diverse customer base with large and complex facilities. 

Customer challenges are common like providing a safe environment for employees and customers to minimizing downtime, and we work closely together with them to find the best solutions in different industries such as:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Retail Outlets
  • Auto Dealers and Service Centers
  • Property Management Firms
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Third-Party Logistics 
  • Food Processing
  • Food Distribution
  • Beverage and Bottling
  • Manufacturing

Considering you may have decided and ready to brainstorm with our loading dock design experts, you can directly contact our 24-Hour Service line – Call Us Today!800-994-2361, or through our website.

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What are the Different Kinds of Loading Docks in Texas?

Our loading docks are considered to be one of the busiest parts of the business hub with the area always brimming with activities. With our workforce frequently loading and unloading various items and materials to and from different delivery vehicles, efficiency and safety is key to keeping everything under control.

But how are loading docks important and how can they increase productivity in our workplace? Our loading docks are the center of receiving and transferring the goods to and from our delivery trucks, so choosing the right kind of loading dock design saves us time by helping us get the items to their destinations faster without much hassle and less cost.  It also increases safety and efficiency in the overall workplace. 

However, solely having a loading dock is not good enough for business owners. They also have to make sure that they have the right kind of loading dock design and equipment that meets their business needs. 

How can you choose the right loading dock and what are the different kinds of loading docks? There are several factors to consider when choosing and/or designing a loading dock for commercial spaces. One has to take into consideration not only the kind of dock doors that would be most suitable for their warehouses but also the right dock shelter, safety equipment to put in place and the overall design. From roll-up doors and high-performance doors, business owners have certain selections to choose from for their dock door and frame designs and door solutions. They can also choose among the different safety equipment that companies have available. 

Southern Dock Products,   the best company in the loading dock industry, have everything from different dock levelers to various safety equipment like lighting and truck restraints. Business owners can also choose to be more environmentally conscious and be more cost-effective by choosing items that are energy-efficient among the energy-saving after products the company offers.

So what are the different kinds of loading docks and how to determine what is most suitable for your business? The most common type of loading docks is the following: enclosed loading docks, flush loading dock, open loading dock, and the sawtooth loading dock.

An enclosed loading dock design allows the entire truck to park inside when loading and unloading goods. This design requires its own ventilation systems to get rid of the truck exhaust fume and pollution caused and produced by the trucks inside the building. This design is ideal for when product protection from elements and security of the products is the top priority. This design, however, is the most expensive is since it requires investment initially and maintenance. It also takes a lot of space for when the delivery vehicles park inside.

Flush loading docks are the most common type of loading docks. This dock requires little space since it just serves as an opening flush with the outside wall of the building and has the same foundation as the wall, allowing for trucks to smoothly attach itself to the dock. 

Open loading docks designs, as what the name entails, is an open loading dock on the other hand that doesn’t have any enclosure to surround the truck. This results in items being exposed to the elements and zero climate control for it is hard to heat and cool an open area efficiently. The design is also vulnerable to theft since it doesn’t provide adequate protection to the items, neither to the materials nor the workforce.

For warehouses that have limited maneuvering space outside, the sawtooth loading dock is usually the solution. The design allows trucks to park in an angle without using much space outside since the delivery vehicles are already lined up in the direction of the driveway. This design however also limits the use of dock space inside for the staging area between docks is usually not useable.

Loading dock designs should always be analyzed thoroughly. The kind of trucks that come and go, the items that are to be loaded and unloaded, different safety equipment that has to be put up, all of this should be considered. Business owners have to think about what their specific business needs and has to discuss it with a professional to help them design the perfect loading dock for their business.

For quality loading dock products and loading dock equipment in Texas, Southern Dock Products is the best company to call. Contact us today at 1-800-994-2361 or visit our website at https://www.southerndockproducts.com for more details. For service requests, visit https://www.southerndockproducts.com/service-request.