How to Choose the Best Loading Dock Leveler for Your Dock System in Philadelphia, PA

The industrial and commercial facilities are flourishing in Philadelphia, PA. Most of the loading docks are efficient enough to carry out their respective undertakings but could be greatly improved.

The only secret to this proficiency is the utilization of the loading dock system. This refers to the different dock equipment being used to facilitate the smooth and faster completion of tasks. These pieces of equipment include the dock barrier, truck restrain, shelter, seal, overhead rolling steel door, leveler and lift.

One of the most important equipment is the dock leveler and it serves as the bridge between the lip of the dock the floor of the delivery trailer truck. It smoothly fill-in the gaps between the two (2) points to provide a free passage for continuous access from the trailer truck to the storage area and vice versa.

If you are in Philadelphia, PA, you will observe that the best distributor of the high-quality and durable dock levelers is the Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, a division of DuraServ Corp.

We are the largest distributor of loading dock levelers in the world in representation of the top manufacturers of the loading dock equipment and hi-speed doors. We also have the expertise to install the dock levelers on a durable and safe manner to be undertaken by our highly skilled technicians. We are the most trusted loading dock equipment distributors grounded on our 40 years of experience supplying not only the Philadelphia, PA area but also its neighboring and adjacent counties.

We have a wide array of dock levelers such as but not limited to the following:
1. Kelley KA Series Air-Powered Edge of Dock Leveler – it featured a patented airbag lifting technology. It also has a push-button operation that eliminates manual lifting.
2. AFX-C Air-Powered Dock Leveler – this one is an ideal and economical solution for doc applications that needs the basic air-powered dock leveler performance.
3. AFX® Air-Powered Dock Leveler – this model is the original Kelley air-powered dock leveler, which revolutionized the dock leveler equipment and the dock system.
4. AFX-S Air-Powered Dock Leveler – has the same proven air-powered performance, design attributes and warranty as to the AFX® but with the 5” high, full-width and constant structural steel barrier.
5. AB Series Air-Powered Dock Leveler – it has its inherent high volume, low-pressure airbag lifting mechanism supported by its structural safety legs that strengthen the dock leveler.
6. Serco SA Series air-powered edge-of-dock leveler – this equipment is unique because it is boosted by the air-powered lifting system that provides for maximum efficiency.

These loading dock levelers are the most proficient ones and you may choose whichever you want that suits your budget and needs.

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