Why a Loading Dock Planned Maintenance Service is Important?

Some facility managers failed in their business because they overlooked a big factor that seems too small to neglect – Planned Maintenance Service.  

Planned Maintenance Service is synonymous with the famous old saying, ‘An Ounce of Prevention is better than a pound of cure’. A business will survive by preventing business catastrophic events and scenarios to occur by applying in advance a maintenance service program. Most facility managers are successful in the first few months of the business operation, however, to sustain and maintain is totally a different level of a business challenge.   

Primary factors to be considered is in the business plan. The business plan should not be taken lightly for just a business outline but be reviewed every now and then in order to ‘feel’ the reality of things happening in a business. Additionally, at the onset of the business activity, the facility manager should be able to visualize possible outcomes and predict the consequences of any business scenario.       

Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, since 2001, we have been known for providing high-quality and dependable commercial doors and loading docks to customers in the Mid-Atlantic regions to discuss why a planned maintenance service is important in businesses, especially in loading docks.

WhyPlanned Maintenance Service in Loading Docks?

As known loading docks is one of the most challenging to manage and control in almost all in the business industry due to its complexity and large scale of its business activity. Common problems encountered on loading docks include high-cost fixes, loading dock equipment, and machinery breakdowns, and routine/regular maintenance.

High-cost Fixes.

A bunch of problems would pop-up unexpectedly when equipment or devices simply fail to function, such as replacement or upgrade cost, a decrease of work downtime, and employee safety.   

A simple damaged vehicle restraint that would not function properly will result in accidents and hazards towards the workers and to the equipment and machinery, which eventually will lead to a major inoperable loading dock breakdown. 

However, with planned maintenance service the costly repairs and insurance paper works can be prevented by eliminating the problem before it happens. It is the best and most cost-effective maintenance solution that meets business needs.

Loading dock Equipment/Machinery Breakdowns.

Loading dock equipment such as dock doors, restraints, and dock levelers are used and beaten up many times over on a daily basis. In due time, they will have problems and eventually will breakdown. As based on a factual study, 70 to 85 percent of all machinery and equipment breakdowns are ineffective maintenance. 

Loading dock planned maintenance service can protect dock equipment and machinery from such breakdowns through a routine or regular checks by a professional team of technicians and engineers. Keeping them up in their best forms and functions as though brand new.   

Optimization of Efficiency. 

Overall, planned maintenance service minimizes downtime, maximizes productivity and protects your investment. By preventing accidents and hazards from happening, the downtime rate will be minimized. Parts and accessories can supply the needed equipment and devices that need to be replaced in no time. Productivity will increase with no work lost time, enhancing workers to improve productively. And lastly, company investment is safe and protected.       

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At Just-Rite Equipment, a division of DuraServ, has a team of professionals offering design consultations with you outlining timelines, costs and the care of your purchased product. We offer annual maintenance programs to assist you in extending the life of your loading dock business.

If loading dock repair is required, our service department is available for an over-the-phone consult to possibly troubleshoot your issues prior to an onsite repair visit. Our emergency response repair team is prompt and experienced in all makes and models of any door. We are available 24 hours for loading dock parts and service. 

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