How to Keep Your Warehouse and Distribution Center Loading Dock System Safe in Philadelphia?

A warehouse facility is significant for storage or stockpiling inventory especially if clients are anticipating an upcoming demand for a particular product in the months ahead.  The warehouses play an important role in a supply chain. 

What is a Warehouse and Distribution Center?

A warehouse is a structure where goods are stored for safekeeping and a longer period. On the other hand, a distribution center stores goods a short time. Aside from a storage facility, a distribution center offers several other services such as but not limited to order fulfillment, packaging, and cross-docking.

However, most of the facility practitioners use these terms interchangeably. 

What are the risks in the Loading Dock area?

There are lots of risks in the loading dock area like:

  1. Vehicles that are not properly restrained;
  2. Loading dock levelers not installed firmly that causes falling equipment and goods;
  3. Overheating of equipment and machinery due to lack of maintenance and repair;
  4. Floors are not well-maintained that cause falls or slipping.

How to avoid accidents during the loading dock operation?

To ensure the safety of all the workers and to protect goods from spoilage, high-quality and durable loading dock supplies are highly recommended to be utilized.

Professional technicians and a trusted distribution company should be available like the Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, a division of DuraServ Corp. We can professionally install and maintain your loading dock equipment as a leader in loading dock solutions in Philadelphia. Our division is the largest distributor of popular and leading manufacturers of loading dock equipment.

Loading Dock Safety Tips

It is strongly advised that the guideline for the occupational health and safety policies be observed to ensure the safety nets in the loading dock. 

A regular maintenance schedule is important to ensure the efficient performance of a loading dock leveler.

Personnel training is also important to equip all workers with the basic know-how on what steps to take during the accidents. 

Where to get the best loading dock equipment, installation, and repair service in Philadelphia?

On top of the distributorship of the loading dock equipment and supplies, Overhead Door Company of Philadelphia, divisions of DuraServ Corp., loading dock sales also provide the maintenance and loading dock repair services.

Our technicians are well-trained to conduct the proficient loading dock installation of loading dock equipment. 

To name a few, we offer the dock leveler and lift with the following varieties:

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