What are the Different Kinds of Loading Docks in Texas?

Our loading docks are considered to be one of the busiest parts of the business hub with the area always brimming with activities. With our workforce frequently loading and unloading various items and materials to and from different delivery vehicles, efficiency and safety is key to keeping everything under control.

But how are loading docks important and how can they increase productivity in our workplace? Our loading docks are the center of receiving and transferring the goods to and from our delivery trucks, so choosing the right kind of loading dock design saves us time by helping us get the items to their destinations faster without much hassle and less cost.  It also increases safety and efficiency in the overall workplace. 

However, solely having a loading dock is not good enough for business owners. They also have to make sure that they have the right kind of loading dock design and equipment that meets their business needs. 

How can you choose the right loading dock and what are the different kinds of loading docks? There are several factors to consider when choosing and/or designing a loading dock for commercial spaces. One has to take into consideration not only the kind of dock doors that would be most suitable for their warehouses but also the right dock shelter, safety equipment to put in place and the overall design. From roll-up doors and high-performance doors, business owners have certain selections to choose from for their dock door and frame designs and door solutions. They can also choose among the different safety equipment that companies have available. 

Southern Dock Products,   the best company in the loading dock industry, have everything from different dock levelers to various safety equipment like lighting and truck restraints. Business owners can also choose to be more environmentally conscious and be more cost-effective by choosing items that are energy-efficient among the energy-saving after products the company offers.

So what are the different kinds of loading docks and how to determine what is most suitable for your business? The most common type of loading docks is the following: enclosed loading docks, flush loading dock, open loading dock, and the sawtooth loading dock.

An enclosed loading dock design allows the entire truck to park inside when loading and unloading goods. This design requires its own ventilation systems to get rid of the truck exhaust fume and pollution caused and produced by the trucks inside the building. This design is ideal for when product protection from elements and security of the products is the top priority. This design, however, is the most expensive is since it requires investment initially and maintenance. It also takes a lot of space for when the delivery vehicles park inside.

Flush loading docks are the most common type of loading docks. This dock requires little space since it just serves as an opening flush with the outside wall of the building and has the same foundation as the wall, allowing for trucks to smoothly attach itself to the dock. 

Open loading docks designs, as what the name entails, is an open loading dock on the other hand that doesn’t have any enclosure to surround the truck. This results in items being exposed to the elements and zero climate control for it is hard to heat and cool an open area efficiently. The design is also vulnerable to theft since it doesn’t provide adequate protection to the items, neither to the materials nor the workforce.

For warehouses that have limited maneuvering space outside, the sawtooth loading dock is usually the solution. The design allows trucks to park in an angle without using much space outside since the delivery vehicles are already lined up in the direction of the driveway. This design however also limits the use of dock space inside for the staging area between docks is usually not useable.

Loading dock designs should always be analyzed thoroughly. The kind of trucks that come and go, the items that are to be loaded and unloaded, different safety equipment that has to be put up, all of this should be considered. Business owners have to think about what their specific business needs and has to discuss it with a professional to help them design the perfect loading dock for their business.

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