How Frequent Should You Schedule Your Garage Door Maintenance in New Orleans, LA?

The concept of learning how to undertake the maintenance of a residential garage door is vital to sustaining efficient operation.

Well, it is a common idea that when a garage door breaks down, your car will be locked and trapped inside the garage, right? 

To prevent this type of adverse situation, you just need to observe the preventive maintenance of your garage door.


What is a garage door?

A garage door is the gate of a car garage, whether its a wooden type or a steel frame. It is designed to protect the car and keep it safe from outside intruders.

Since a garage its part of our home, it protects our personal possessions and keeps the family secure.


Why is it important for a commercial/residential garage door to undergo Preventive Maintenance?

Commercial/residential garage doors need to undergo preventive maintenance to sustain a smooth and safe operation. You won’t be burdened by frequent parts replacement due to damage caused by wear and tear. 

The New Orleans Garage door opener is one of the most important and overworked fixtures of a garage because it opens and closes the garage. To learn if you need to replace your door opener, the following must be present:

1. It creates a rusty sound like noise

2. It operates slowly in a sluggish motion 

If this is the case, a new garage door is highly recommended. 

It is important to have your garage door serviced at least once a year if no complicated issue occurs. Maintenance service will surely prolong the life of your garage door as you lubricate the mechanical parts and areas of the door including the tightening of the bolts and screws as well as proper adjustment to the spring door tension.

On the other hand, if your garage door is regularly utilized, it would be wise to have it lubricated every three months to prevent grinding sounds and stammering. 

This not applicable when we are speaking about the garage door rollers. Rollers together with the garage door hinges should be lubricated every six months to keep them operational. 

If your garage door is already ten to twelve years old, you might need to consider total replacement to prevent costly repairs and replacement of the moving parts.

An annual garage door tune-up is also recommended to ensure reliability, quiet operation and safety.

July 2020 Article 1 - Overhead Door Ribbon V5 Collection Garage Doors

What are the types of Garage Doors? 

  1. Sectional garage door – made up of panel sections connected with hinges to other panels. Not all sectional doors are manufactured equally meaning some are assembled with the best quality parts like this brand.  
  2. Roll-up garage door – the door rolls up to the ceiling. for the best quality and durable door.
  3. Slide to the side garage door – this one functions by pushing the door to the side
  4. Side-hinged garage door – hinged at the side of the frame
  5. Tilt-up/ up and over canopy garage door – door tilts upward without folding or rolling
  6. Tilt-up/ up and over retractable garage door – door is lifted and suspended independently from the frame

These are just regular types of garage doors but if you are looking for the most sophisticated ones, you may check this list of high-performance garage doors

Where do you find a reliable preventive maintenance service in New Orleans, PA?

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Signs Your Garage Door Opener Needs Replacement in New Orleans

A garage door with a beautiful design adds an aesthetic value to your residential home. It increases the fair market value of the real property as the garage door fits the architectural curve of your home.

However, a garage door should be properly assembled with the attachment of a garage door opener. The aesthetic value of the garage door is not that valuable if it has a defective opener.

The garage door opener is primarily subjected to wear and tear because it works regularly as the door is being opened and closed. Worse, if the opener also lifts the door on top of its mechanism of just opening the garage door. In short, it should always be checked if the counter-balance spring of the garage door is still functional to make sure that the garage door opener is not burdened with the weight of the garage door. Just like any other mechanical device, it breaks down immediately when it is being subjected to an undertaking other than the feature it was designed for.

That being said, a garage door opener is the first one to be impaired because of its nature that it works several cycles every day. Needless to say, the garage door opener is the only part of the garage door that should be replaced frequently to ensure its efficiency, utmost safety, and security to all the personnel.


What is a garage door opener and its benefits?

A garage door opener functions to open and close the garage door. It exerts an effort to manage how the door opens or closes. Usually, the garage door opener holds the door tightly closed that door lock is not needed anymore.

How will you know your garage door opener is going bad?

Simply, the door becomes jammed up and it produces a malfunctioning sound that results in a slow door movement as it squeaks. This squeak sound is a forewarning that the garage door opener is about to break down.

This warning sign is not something to be ignored, otherwise, with the failure for the proper maintenance and repair, it will end up jammed, and worse, it might detach and fall. In short, you could not open the door easily as it jerked stranded. To force open it, you should wrestle it until you will be able to move it sluggishly.

If your garage door breaks, your back will surely suffer from the pain.

Can I replace my garage door opener?

Absolutely yes. When doors get stocked and become hard to open while generating an annoying sound, it is either the garage door opener that needs a repair or replacement.

These warning signs may result in an accident, that is why you need to replace it promptly.

The older garage door openers are manufactured solely to open and close the doors. But with the advent of technology, electronic garage doors with a wifi attribute coordination.

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