What are the Negative Effects of Summertime Heat on Improperly Prepared Loading Docks in New Orleans, LA?

As we approach this June-August summer season, early predictions seem to indicate a much warmer season compared to last year, and New Orleans loading docks can be instantly turned into a nasty venue to perform during the hot summer months.  

However, the pleasant news is that you can assist employees fight exorbitant summertime hotness and other environmental factors by taking the appropriate procedures to strengthen your New Orleans, LA docks.

Supplemental heat stress on facility workers and melodramatic drops in productivity all develop and result from within non-air conditioned in warehouses, dissemination centers, and industrial facilities with a bit or no air movement, sun exposure on the dock itself, and trailers that can grasp in the exuberance of 100 degrees internally.

What is the danger of Heat in Loading Docks?

When the climate temperature of the surrounding air is 95 degrees or greater, studies revealed that the welfare of the three types of energy transfer such as radiation, convection, and conduction pause working to lower body temperature.  

Evaporation is the body’s only remaining defense mechanism to cool down itself.  Heat stress is an extremely serious problem since occupational exposure to heat can also result in the following:

  • heat stroke
  • heat exhaustion
  • heat cramps, or heat rashes
  • risk of injuries in workers
  • disease 
  • even lead to death 

What are the solutions to resolve this problem?

With such heat-related problems repeatedly on the horizon as the summer months get nearer, Overhead Door Company of New Orleans, a Division of Duraserv, contributes clever and efficient solutions that will help lighten heat stress on your workers at the loading dock or even prohibit it altogether. 

We have a variety of products to help you with this NOLAS’s heat problem such as HVLS industrial fans, energy-saving fans, insulated sectional dock doors, and energy guards. 

1. HVLS Industrial Fans

High volume low speed (HVLS) industrial fans are the go-to solution for rotating greater columns of air that then disperse outward to steadily maintain employees cool and comfy during their shifts, daytime, or night time. 

Strategically inclined at just the proper locations in your facility, HVLS industrial fans can lower the surrounding air temperature anywhere from 4 to 7 degrees and that can have a huge effect on the entire productivity of facility workers.

Overhead Door Company of New Orleans offers a variety of HVLS industrial model fans: 

  • SERCO ATEC HVLS Fans – Patent-pending five-blade design optimizes airflow by increasing lift off of the blade surface, and designed with a remote digital touchscreen that offers floor-level diagnostics.
  • Serco ATEC Fan – creates a 2-3 mph breeze that delivers the equivalent of a 7-11 degree reduction in the perceived temperature and can reduce energy consumption.
  • KELLEY ATEC HVLS Fans – beneficially In the colder months, HVLS ceiling fans can be run in reverse to circulate hot air that becomes trapped at the ceiling level
  • C-Class Commercial Fan – Where style and functionality meet, its lightweight, low-profile design makes it versatile enough to mount in a variety of spaces. 

2. Turbo-ES™ Energy Saving Fan

The high air temperature that’s been trapped in a trailer for many hours, days or even weeks without a way to disappear can be intolerable for any warehouse or facility worker.  

The compact Turbo-ES Energy Saving Fan makes a focused column of air that forces heated and stocked-up air out of a secured trailer the moment it opened and works hard – up to 1,275 CFM – to oust uncomfortable air with much healthier fresh air.

General Highlights:

·         Maximum Output: 1275 CFM 

·         Energy-efficient motor: Powerful 1/3 HP, 120V, 3.0 Amp, 

·         Articulating arm: Dual (Sold separately)

·         Handle Design: Easy-grip (Convenient Adjustment)

·         Power Cord:  10′ Extra Long / 3-prong 120V plug

·         Thermally Protected: Available 


3. Insulated Sectional Dock Doors

For internal environments that necessarily require to stay cool at or near the loading dock, a new product line-up of our New Orleans Dock Leveler Repair Service Office’s Overhead insulated sectional dock doors to maintain the cool air in and the hot air out:

  • Overhead Door- Model 418 Insulated Steel Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Model 422 Insulated Steel Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Model 426 Insulated Steel Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Model 432 Insulated Steel Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 591 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 592 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 593 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 594 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 595 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 598 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 598 Insulated Sectional Door
  • Overhead Door- Thermacore 599 Insulated Sectional Door

4. Serco Energy Guard™

New Orleans Loading Ramp Service Office’s energy guard, functions as a perimeter seal along the rear and sides of loading dock levelers. Its covering process does not allow hot air from infiltrating the loading dock through spaces between the concrete pit walls and dock leveler. 

Design Highlights:

  • Seal Made: Triangular Shaped Open Cell Foam
  • Design: Triangular Shaped Seal & Pocket
  • Attachment: 1” Aluminum Retaining Bar
  • Assemblies Availability: Primary Seal Assemblies/ Secondary Seal / Rear Hinge Seal Assembly/ Vertical Seal Assembly

NOLA, or in short, New Orleans is hot and humid, so the temperature is a concern for most loading dock businesses. Our New Orleans Dock Leveler service office has the doors and seals to make sure your climate-controlled facility stays climate controlled. If your warehouse or dock isn’t climate controlled, your employees will appreciate our products. They can help make the warehouse bearable.

Whether your loading dock business is new, or you just need to upgrade to a more thermally adaptable, cost-effective, and high-tech designed loading dock, our team of factory-trained and fully qualified service technicians can do a LOADING DOCK DESIGNING SERVICES to make your loading dock anti-heat and stress-free, and safe for your loading dock workers at our New Orleans Dock Equipment Service Offices.

Maximizing productivity, safety value starts with intelligent loading dock design:

  • Improve Productivity
  • Improve Safety
  • Reduce Capital Costs
  • Eliminate Costly and Time-Consuming Surprises

At Overhead Door Company of New Orleans, we are poised to provide the Big Easy with all their commercial door and dock needs. We have the products and services to create the safest and most efficient dock and warehouse possible whether you are retrofitting a replacement door or starting from scratch in a new building.


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